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Posted by Emma (VT) on 07/06/2021


I have had a good overall experience with turpentine over the last couple of weeks. I took it because I've been dealing with slow bowels for years. Also fatigue. Tried many things before and nothing has really helped.

I am taking 6 drops of turp on sugar. I have been taking it three nights on, two nights off. I find I sleep much better and awake without the grogginess and lethargy I have been so used to for years. That is the biggest positive effect I have noticed and I love it. It has not helped my elimination time, although when I used an enema with it I think it really helps to clean out junk that I don't normally get out.

The one concern I have is that over the last week I have noticed my feet are especially sore and achey. Today my hands, wrists and forearms are very sore too, and I notice I have a ganglion cyst on one of my wrists, which I have never had before! I do not have a history of arthritis or damage.

Does anyone know anything about this possible side effect and if this is a normal temporary thing, or if I need to support my detox more somehow, or if I should stop turpentine?

Thank you for any advice.