Lemon Health Benefits and Natural Cures

Lemon for Infections
Posted by Jen (Croydon, UK) on 02/04/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Fresh lemon cured my bladder infection! This may help those who find that cranberry juice/tablets don't work. I suffered from bladder infections for many years. I used to have it about every six weeks, and it was often triggered by eating food high in salt, sugar or fat, or drinking alcohol - it was a nightmare, I couldn't even have one glass of wine. I tried antibiotics, cranberry, everything - nothing worked. Sorting out my diet and cutting down wheat and sugar helped a bit, but I would still get the infection several times a year. Until I met a former fellow sufferer who told me to eat lemon wedges - as many as I could bear - next time the symptoms started. I followed her advice and I haven't needed antibiotics since! I still watch my diet but if I "have to" overindulge on food & drink, I have one or two lemons squeezed in a drop of water before going to bed and wake up right as rain. Interestingly, my sister, who is also prone to bladder infections, finds that cranberry works for her whereas lemon doesn't. For me it's the other way around, cranberry didn't do anything but lemon works in an instant. Hope this helps someone!