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Sharing Kefir Grains: Australia

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Posted by Kefaus (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/14/2011

I have kefir both water and milk grains as well as kombucha. They are free however a postage cost of $10 will incur for each.

Replied by Dianne
(Albany, Western Australia)

Hi. I would love to get my hands on some 'Water Kefir Starter grain'. Does anyone out there still have some to share or know of how I can get some here in Australia? Thanks so much!

Replied by Cheryl
(Salem, Ny, Usa)

You can find great kefir grains from Dom in Australia - just google Dom's kefir. Mine came from him, through a friend who carried them from AU to London to here! He has great info on his site, too.

Sharing Kefir Grains: Australia
Posted by Allycat (Bowning, Nsw Australia) on 10/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have kefir grains that I would like to share with anyone in Australia, for the cost of postage.

Replied by Annette
(Canberra, Act)

Hi I am interested in making kefir and would love to take you up on your offer of kefir grains

Replied by Anita
(Victoria, Australia)

I have fantastic Water Kefir grains, which I'm willing to share for postage costs. Email me- gamgo ~(AT)~ optusnet (DOT)com (DOT)au

Replied by Allycat
(Bowning, Nsw Australia)

Hi Annette, I have not checked this thread for a while so I only just got your message. I have kefir that has only been used in organic raw cows milk if you still want some. I get into Canberra weekly but am happy to post them.

My email is egrace(at)aussiemail(dot)

Replied by Possiblecandidasufferer
(Chicago, Il)

Hi Everyone, after reading Lisa's post on kefir I have been researching it and would like to give it a try. I live in Chicago and noticed most post say to ask someone for some for a small symbolic monetary fee. I figured this is a big city so why not ask somebody here. So if anybody would like to give me some please contact EC for my email. Does Whole Foods sell grains suitable for making kefir??? Either way can someone please help me.Thanks in advance!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi PossibleCandidaSufferer, No, WF does not carry kefir grains. They carry a starter but it is not the same at all. It will work for a few rounds and then it's done. With kefir grains, they are living beings and they actually self-propagate. When they multiply, you can give them as gifts to family and friends. Hence why you see so many kefir enthusiasts offering them.

You can google kefir groups. There are a couple of groups on yahoo of which I belong to one. People offer kefir grains there. health.groups.

Hope this info helps.

Replied by Lindi
(Fertile, Mn)

For anyone looking to buy kefir grains you can order them from I ordered mine a few years ago and from those few grains I continue to give many away as they continue to reproduce. FYI, since making my own kefir I never buy buttermilk anymore, I replace it with kefir and it works great. I also drink at least one glass a day, I love it and love how it makes me feel. No more tummy aches for me!!

Replied by Bev
(Long Beach, Ca)

Hi Lisa, Well, you answered a question that I was wondering about. I went to my local health food store and they only sold Kefir starter by Yogourmet. I bought it not knowing it is not as good as cultured grains. I followed the directions and added a quart of milk, covered it tightly and let it set overnight. I wanted to make homemade cheese. What do you think I'm going to end up with? Smells like buttermilk or yogurt. Thanks for all of your posts.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Bev, Yes, you now have kefir if you bought kefir starter. It just won't be as full of probiotics as the kefir that the grains make but it's still good and better than commercial. I make kefir cheese from my kefir. Just use either cheese cloth or a nut milk bag which really works great. It makes yummy cheese. Also, don't just throw out the whey. It's loaded w/ nutrients. I save it and will soak my beans in it. Animals love it too! Hope this helps.

Replied by Kathy_
(Loveland, Colorado, United States)

After reading all of the wonderful health benefits of home-cultured kefir I'm really anxious to try it myself. I suffer from a chronic illness and am on social security disabilty and money is very tight. I'm wondering if there is anyone who has extra kefir grains that they would be willing to share. I live in Colorado and would be willing to pay for shipping. Thanks, Kathy

Replied by Jack
(Birmngham, Alabama)

Kathy: I will be glad to send you grains. Shipping about $4.50 or so. email me at: frst2601 at hotmail do com if you still need the grains.

Replied by Johnson326
(St. Paul, Mn)

I just started making and drinking kefir for my sudden onset of skin outbreaks on my face. I'm really hoping this will help along with a clean diet. Can anyone offer me some reassurance or personal experiences? It would be greatly appreciated!

Replied by Sr
(Wagstaffe, Nsw Australia)

Hi Alley Cat, I'd love to receive some milk kefir grains. I'm at Wagstaffe NSW. Would you be willing to help me out? thank you, SR

Replied by Daniel
(Springfield, Ma)

Can you add kefir yogurt (not the grains) to milk and produce kefir yogurt? Thanks! Daniel

Replied by Jr
(Coloma, Mi)

Is it okay to give Kefir to my dog?

Replied by Georgie
(Cape Town, South Africa)

SHARING KEFIR GRAINS: CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how to find kefir grains in Cape Town, South Africa? More than willing to pay for them. Many thanks, Georgie

Replied by Anita
(Victoria, Australia)

I have good healthy Milk Kefir grains, which I can post anywhere in Oz, for $10. A lifetime investment in your health!

Replied by Allycat
(Bowning, Nsw)

Sr from Wagstaffe NSW - email me your address and I will post some to you, egrace(at)aussiemail(dot)com(dot)au. My email is also on a previous thread. Cheers Ally

Replied by Lucia
(Sydney, Nsw)

Hi, does anyone have some water Kefir grains to share?

Replied by Carmel

Would love to hear from others who are new to kefir growing and drinking to share experiences as we go along. Have been making my own yoghurt for a while and will now try the water kefir then maybe the milk. Please get in touch at rychhmo at a o l d o t c o m. Thanks.

Sharing Kefir Grains: Bangkok

Posted by Kath (Bangkok) on 08/31/2013

Getting Kefir in Bangkok... Nicole at Radiance Wholefoods on Sukhumvit Soi 22 shares Kefir grains with people. That's BTS Asoke or Prom Phong. The shop is open Monday to Friday 9-5. She also runs a Meet up in Bangkok for veganism / raw foods.

[email protected]

Storing Kefir

Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 08/20/2015

Those people that are making their own kefir - I hope you can answer me on this. I make my own kefir in glass but I will soon be travelling and I want to take my kefir with me, but glass is too risky to travel with, so I would like to use plastic. Can I do this, will the kefir be okay , thank you for any advice.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Suseeq,

I think it will be fine. I "lost" my kefir grains in my fridge for a couple of months. I finally found them in a tiny plastic container. Usually I use glass. Anyway, they were fine and the kefir I made when I found them was fine.

You have probably thought of this, but I would leave some grains home just in case. Losing kefir grains to lost luggage, or some other travel related issue would be a shame if you had none left at home! :)

Happy travels!

~Mama to Many~

Where to Buy: Canada

Posted by Jessie (Vancouver, Bc) on 03/20/2015

Chronic Yeast inections: I'd like know if anyone can tell me where to find "live" kefir grains? I've read eating fermented foods such as yogurt made of kefir can help clear up the bad bacteria.

Where to Buy: India

Posted by Namitgee (Mumbai, India) on 11/21/2014

I want to buy some readymade kefir milk. Where do I buy it? Who supplies it?

Where to Buy: Nz

Posted by Cat (Tauranga, New Zealand) on 09/16/2012

Do any fellow NZers know of someone who can supply milk kefir grains? I'm happy to pay for them but hey, even better if someone's got enough to give away! I'd be happy to pass some on when I have too many also - pay it forward I say :) I'm in the Tauranga area and can be contacted at lovetolive65(at)hotmail(dot)com = just put kefir grains in the subject. Thanks in advance, Cat.

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

Search on Ebay, plenty of people sell milk kefir grain on Ebay. You may be lucky enough to find a person in your country.

Replied by Barbara
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Hi Cat, I got them in Wellington. They also post. I didnt notice the grains on the website but they definitely have them.


Posted by Lardiver (Abbotsford, Bc) on 11/06/2014

I have an idea that I want to try and wonder if anyone else has tried this. My plan is to make my milk kefir and while it is still room temperature make yogurt and add the kefir to the mix before putting it into the yogurt maker. This if it works will give the yogurt all the bacteria of kefir, 20 some strains of bacteria instead of just the 3 strains of bacteria of yogurt. For those who don't know about bacteria, the probiotic pills you buy have 15 - 50 billion cultures of bacteria, yogurt has 100 times more and kefir has 400 times more. A lot of people don't like kefir so if growing it in yogurt makes it taste better then this will make it easyer for them to get the benefits.

Replied by Lardiver
(Abbotsford, Bc)

Good news. I made my yogurt with about 1/4 kefir milk added to the yogurt mix before going into the yogurt maker. 20 hours latter the yogurt was thickened and I had yogurt that was 400 to 800 times more probiotic bacteria than plain yogurt, plus about 10 times the bacteria strains. The yogurt is vinegary tasting so next time I will us 1/2 the kefir milk. So this means that for those who don't like the taste of kefir can eat yogurt and get all there probiotics since yogurt is easy to make. Next I have plans to make kefir cream cheese and kefir ice yogurt.

Replied by Gert

I like the thought of using kefir milk to make yogurt. My homemade kefir, even after a second ferment, is just not a taste I like. Also, my dh doesn't like the 'mess' it makes with it fermenting, straining, etc. I like homemade yogurt and, if this is really a good idea, then I'll make a batch of kefir milk, use it to make yogurt and then just keep using my yogurt to keep it going. I don't know if there is any science showing that the kefir bacteria/yeast/etc can grow in the yogurt process thereby making the yogurt more healthy. I like kefir because it can repopulate the gut and yogurt cannot. Can anyone give me a reason not to do this? If you have done it, can you tell any difference between regular yogurt and kefir yogurt? I use yogurt like sour cream on my oatmeal in the morning, wierd but a taste I like.

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