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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy: Benefits and Side Effects


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Posted by Lisa (Fl) on 05/11/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I started the 35% FGHP 2.5 months ago. I was desperate as for 2 years I have been begging my docs to find out what was wrong with me. I spent a year and a half at my primary docs having one symptom after another. Mainly my glands were swollen in my neck and would not go down. Lymphs in my chest and neck the same. She just kept putting me on antibiotics. Persistent, knowing there was something wrong with my body, I asked to be referred to the mayo clinic. 6 months if specialists, blood tests, ultrasounds, CT's, Mri's etc. Nothing that would be causing my symptoms. Getting worse all throughout, I had spent so much money and I quit going.

Long story short, I ended up in the ER as I collapsed to the floor. My blood pressure had dropped so low that my kidneys shut down. Was diagnosed in Hosp with acidosis, nuetropenia, parvo virus B-19, pneumonia, and my body was so full of bacterial infections, it almost killed me. 9days on strong antibiotics that it took several weeks to get my strength back. (A couple of things ..found microadenoma with brain MRI although non secreting and have watched it..along with very tiny nodules in neck and chest...were too small to biopsy.)

Since being released I changed primary docs. A year and 2 months after, my symptoms returned. Begged my primary to not let this get to where it did before. But here my glands in my neck have been swollen now for months and have had ultrasound of carotid artery, several chest CT'S..blood work etc and just antibiotics again.

So 2 months ago I was told about this therapy. I started it and informed my doc about it and he said he had no problem with me trying it. The first day 3, drops (of 35% FGHP), second 4, third 5 and 4th 6 etc. On the 5th day I threw up just yellow bile. Felt fine after I threw it up. Kept in increasing drops (btw I had more energy than I'd had in a long time), and when I reached 14 drops, I threw up again, only this time I couldn't shake the nausea. Took myself down to 13 drops...still nauseated pretty bad...then 12. Couldn't seem to stop the nausea so I actually backed off to 1 time per day at 10 drops. That seemed to be OK.

Then I read about the inhalation method so I started doing that 2 x a day along with the one time a day drinking it. Breathing seemed easier as I am a smoker , (trying to quit), and no more nausea. Stayed there for awhile (maybe 4-5 days), but now noticed the areas that were swollen glands and lymphs again, seemed like they were almost tingling and seemed to be opening up of some sort. Feeling like this was an positive sign, I now am going back to drinking 8 drops 2 x a day and 1-2 inhalations. Since I started feeling like these areas were opening up (from feeling clogged or stopped up with constant sinusitis), I am now feeling my neck and throat swell it feel like it is swelling and has raises my concern now that possibly all song this problem was in my neck or throat and is definately alarming me. I am not giving up in this therapy...whatsoever as I believe in it and up until I started using it I was on my way to another hospital stay like before. (They say I have a challenged immune system), put me on plaquinel for the last 5 years but the mayo took me off it and 5 months later is when I was in Hosp).

I am awaiting CT scan results of my chest from last week, and now I am certainly going to call my doc today and ask for ultrasound of my neck again. Been a year and a half since last one...or some test that reveals what might be going on in my neck and throat. This therapy has been my only feeling of saving grace. I had nothing to lose as the docs were not finding anything . I have been reading all the stories and this site has given me hope that I will soon find out or be rid of, what has come back to make me I'll again. I'm going to try to get back up to 3 x a day drinking this...but my question is...what if I can't get passed the 14 drips again, will staying on a lessor amount still do what 25 drops can do for you, or am I hindering the treatment by...like the h202 book said...you don't want to stop it cause u have stirred up all the bacteria in your body and by stopping it could cause other problems because now it has no where to go. Any feedback would be helpful and very comforting.

Thank you, this site and all of you are my daily dose of hope. Lisa

Posted by Sandy (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada) on 01/29/2012
4 out of 5 stars

My 22 year old son was diagnosed with lung cancer just before Christmas 2011. Twenty percent of one lung was affected and spots on the other. He preferred not to go through chemo but is very open to alternative therapies. A friend of his sent him the link to drinking H2O2 and my son asked me to check it out to see if I thought it would be worth a try. After much study on the initial page regarding drinking it, your page came up promptly when I googled food grade hydrogen peroxide. I was encouraged by the testominials from others who had suffered from different cancers and found success by using the H2O2 therapy. So I told my son if he wanted to, we'd try it. Between his initial diagnosis and the time we started the therapy his CT Scans showed that the cancer was growing and that his bloodwork was showing extremely low oxygen levels in his body. Because I didn't know what to expect in the way of side effects for him, I started him out on a very small dosage of only one ounce of 3% f. g. diluted in 8 oz of juice 3 times daily at first, just to see how he would tolerate it. When he didn't suffer from any nausea or vomiting with that amount, we decided to pull out the big guns and start with the dosage schedule for the 35% f. g. therapy. We started out with one small drop 3 times daily in 8 oz of juice or milk at times when he seemed to experience heartburn from it. We are up to 7 drops 3 times daily as I write this update. My son's most recent CT Scan just this past week showed that between the last scan and this one, miraculously, there has been NO GROWTH of the cancer this time and his bloodwork showed that his blood oxygen levels are now THREE TIMES what his recent levels have been! He does have a conventional oncologist who is open to trying whatever her patient wants to try in the way of alternative therapies as long as she doesn't see any harm in them. She was surprised and delighted upon seeing the results of his latest scan and bloodwork. We have also found that his cough has been more productive lately... Along with phlegm he has been coughing up actual solid pieces of what look to be burnt steak. We all think it's better for that horrible stuff to be out than in! My son is encouraged and more hopeful than he's been since his diagnosis. He continues to up his dosage daily, excited to kick the crap outta those cancer cells and get them outta there! Along with ingesting the 35% strength in juice we have also used 3% f. g. in his ears, several times over a couple days span, in order to ward off an oncoming cold last week that would have increased his upper respiratory discomfort for sure. It worked to unplug his ears and lessen the nasal congestion he was experiencing within a few doses. He was having the hardest time breathing at nighttime so we decided to try the dosage for 35% f. g. H2O2 in a cool mist vaporizer, for inhalation at night. We used 2 ounces in approximately one gallon of distilled water... NOT tap water. It must be distilled. He had a much easier time breathing... Right from the first night we plugged it in! So far we are pleased... Still guarded and trying not to get too excited by these successes yet.... But pleased, for sure, with the outcome we've seen. And his doctor was too. For the cancer to have stopped growing in between scans this time and his oxygen levels to be up so much... Without having changed anything else in this equation... We have to assume it is because of the H2O2 therapy. Oh... I might mention that one of the mild side effects he has experienced so far, is that of a rash on his arms. We feel that particular symptom is due to his body eliminating toxins through his skin so we haven't slowed down on the dosage increments because it's been quite bearable for him thus far. We will certainly keep you abreast of any regular updates in regards to his condition. For the best information on ingesting H2O2 make sure you go to http://drinkh2o2.com/#drinking-hydrogen-peroxide This site should clear up any questions you have on dosages and dilutions. Good luck to you all. Please keep posting your stories so we can all be encouraged by seeking support from each other. Thanks EC for the wealth of information on your site.