Bach Flower Remedy Treatments for Health

Multiple Cures
Posted by Stephanie Lyman (Orem, Utah) on 01/30/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I bought just one Bach remedy at a local health food store about a year ago mostly out of curiosity. The result was amazing because I didn't really notice this drastic change but instead after a few days I suddenly realized that the problem I was having had not been bothering me anymore. I couldn't pinpoint exactly when the change took place, it was such a subtle thing. I felt like myself in every way, except I was no longer experiencing the problem I had been bothered with. I began reading and studying different remedies and buying them one buy one in order of whichever one I felt I needed most at that time. Then I started giving them to my children. They are so subtle and yet so powerful that I can't say enough good about them. I think I have almost every remedy now and our family uses them regularly according to specific needs as they change from time to time. My children swear by them. They have been incredible for everything from self esteem to ADD to mood swings and so on. I believe that the simplest answers are almost always the right answers and that truth is given in plainness. This is about the simplest thing anyone could do for themselves- putting a few drops of a remedy in water and drinking it, but the quiet changes they bring about are powerful and effective. I love these remedies.