Diatomaceous Earth: From Insect Control to Detox

Diatomaceous Earth Side Effects
Posted by Cat (Tauranga, New Zealand) on 09/30/2012
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Has anyone else noticed their bowel motions change to the point of not wanting to go for a few days at a time upon first taking DE? Along with this no bowel motion comes of course, a bloated stomach which is very uncomfortable. I still eat good food and naturally drink lots of water because of the DE but does this stuff clog up your system as well as benefit you in other ways? I'm sure it'll come right but how do I kick start myself again? Anyway, I have noticed my notoriously weak fingernails take off in the last few days but then again, we're into spring now and heading for summer so it may just be the winter respite is over and like all things, they are blooming again! *Food grade DE of course*

Where to Buy
Posted by Mary (Regina, Saskachewan) on 08/25/2012

Hi: I was wondering if you could tell me where u get your DE?

Thanks, Mary

Posted by Veronica (St Louis, Missouri, Usa) on 02/03/2012

Hi, thank you for your diatomaceous earth information. I wondered if after the post you noticed further health benefits. I am thinking of starting DE as you have and am a bit frightened of it.

Thank you,


General Feedback
Posted by Sheila (San Diego, Ca) on 12/23/2011

I would not recommend consuming DE to anyone with Mercury/Amalgam fillings in their teeth. DE will chelate.

When I took DE for the first time to cleanse, I immediately had a metallic taste in my mouth, at first I thought it was the taste of the DE, but I did some reading and found information on DE's chelation properties. I have since had my fillings removed, so I'm interested in trying DE again.

General Feedback
Posted by Nancy (Allentown, Pa, Us) on 07/18/2012

I'm trying to understand you- does this mean in drinking de will loosen or take out the mercury in my teeth? Because I have lots of old fillings and the dentist won't take them out because I'm allergic to anesthetics and my medical coverage won't approve oral surgery to remove them and fix the teeth I need to fix. I been drinking de for a month now. Hoping n praying due to many medical problems I have. I did read on ehow.com that de causes kidney problems n lung silicosis, cancer, has any1 read this b4. And I'm talking about food grade de perma guard. I really need miracles due to severe n many health issues. but if I must stop due to mercury in my teeth then I must stop it.

Fleas, Bed Bugs
Posted by Gloria (Chicago, Il) on 08/06/2011
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I have used diatomaceous earth now for a couple of years. It is incredible and safe (as long as you don't use the pool-grade stuff), and works.

I have used it for fleas by just applying it on a wood floor and sweeping it to get it in the cracks and along the baseboard. I also applied it gently to one of my cats.

Believe it or not, I also used this particular DE product to get rid of bedbugs by applying it along the baseboards in all 3 bedrooms. Bedbugs gone - permanently. I used a really small paintbrush to apply and spread it (it was time-consuming and difficult - furniture had to be moved, etc. but it was worth it), and I shaked it as little as possible to prevent any dust flying.

It also got rid of an ant problem I had - I hate killing anything, but I had no choice and over the course of several days the ants diminished until they were completely gone. I applied it in 2 places - where they were coming in my house, and the threshold to my kitchen that they were crossing over.

Where to Buy
Posted by Lita209 (Sanford, Fl, Usa) on 11/23/2010

I bought my DE at a pets health food store. You may want to try that.

Where to Buy
Posted by Robin (Huntington, Ny, Usa) on 11/21/2010
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Do a search on the internet-it is the only way I could find it. Buy a giant bag, because it stays and it is a fortune for shipping. We got it from a vendor through Amazon.com and Amazon guarantees the authenticity (I think). Anyway, be sure to get FOOD GRADE-it is not the stuff at the pool store. Oh, and people say to put it on floors then vacuum it up in a few days. I had some nightmare trying to get it off of my floors! It broke our vacuum-don't bother. I have been taking it for the parasite problem (mystery) 3x a day in water w/crystal light and I feel much better. My problem, however, is nowhere near done. I am going to try a raw coconut cleanse and using coconut oil (not hydrogenated??) Make sure it is pure and unprocessed. Let me know how you do. Good Luck.

Where to Buy
Posted by Tina (Toledo, Ohio, Usa) on 09/02/2010

Can you tell me where to get Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth? thanks

EC: Check Google Shopping
http://www.google.com/products search

or Amazon

Posted by Cleoppa (Cleburne, Tx) on 08/28/2010
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I've long been a fan of DE. I know it can do wonders, but it has been less than helpful with my recent problems. In trying to discourage fleas and roaches when I was on vacation, I spread it on my carpet. Not only did it not seem to discourage the bugs, but my vacuum cleaner started smoking when I vacuumed it up. There was still dust floating around for days (which really isn't healthful to breathe). I will definitely never try that one again!

Posted by Janie (Usa) on 12/21/2014

I used DE also to get rid of fleas. I had been trying for at least a year and nothing worked. I put DE everywhere in the house and everything was dusty. I left it there for about 7 days. The vacuum cleaner also broke when I tried sweeping everything up but at least my fleas were gone. I bought a new vacuum cleaner and everything is fine. I recycle all the DE from the vacuum cleaner and threw it in the backyard to get rid of fleas in the yard. I probably overdid it in the house and just use too much. If I ever do it again I will use less. I also noticed that it got rid of the ants that were nonstop coming through the window.

Posted by Roxana (Mesa, Az) on 04/20/2015

when using DE it should be lightly powdered and vac weekly. I have used it for six months with no problems to my vacuum.

General Feedback
Posted by Kari (Stephenville, Tx Usa) on 08/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Diatomaceous Earth is completely safe to use, as long as it's human/food grade and NOT pool grade. Most garden stores sell it as well as a plethora of websites. My only suggestion is to not put it on your carpet. Some people have a lot of luck with this, it mostly just made my vacuum cleaner sound [permanently terrible. It still runs fine, there's just a terrible noise when it's running and I can't seem to figure out the real cause (I've taken it apart down to the motor). Also, it's not healthy to breathe in ANY dusts, so wear a mask and remove your pets until the dust settles. Otherwise it's okay for you AND your pets to consume, it's okay to put some on your pets coat (although use caution, it can dry them out). It is a natural dewormer and will rid your animals of every worm EXCEPT for heart-worms. You need about 1 tsp for cats and small dogs, 2 tsp for bigger dogs... 1 tbsp for humans. It really has a lot of benefits. I strongly urge you to research it. I've found the best remedy for fleas is this... Make sure you've found a successful treatment for your animals. I had to switch spot-on treatments because the one I had been using for years was no longer effective. Then you need to treat the infected areas.. Best method for me? Frequent vacuuming. 3-4 times a week, every day if you can manage it. Make sure you throw the bag out or empty the canister outside. I also recommend NOT bathing your animals in chemicals... If you feel it's necessary to bathe them, try to use something like the original Dawn soap, and make sure the first place you get wet and put soap is around the neck... Fleas will always try to travel up to escape... You should never put soap or lots of water on your pets face, so treat the neck FIRST and get it good and lathered. If you wouldn't use it yourself, you probably shouldn't use it on your animals.

Where to Buy
Posted by Labes (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 07/12/2010

I'm still looking for the food grade diatomaceous earth for internal use. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I couldn't find by myself a store that sells it. I will appreciate the help of anybody. Thank you very much.

Where to Buy
Posted by Eddee (Salem, Or) on 02/14/2013

I bought my DE on EBay. The Shipping was free in the US. I am very excited to have learned about this and will be experimenting with many types of applications.

Where to Buy
Posted by Ginette (Thorold, On, Canada) on 04/24/2013

There is wholesaler here in Fonthill, ON Canada (outside of Niagara Falls, so it's close to you) that sells it as "fossil flour" info is: www.diatomitecanada.com or 866-650-1136. Good luck.

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 05/28/2015 2072 posts

This sure goes against the health minded professionals saying that our mass produced corporate agriculture practices are deficient in minerals.

BSM, raw or cooked Liver, Brewers Yeast, and Bee Pollen are the superfood exception to the rule of mineral depletion. Ionic Trace Minerals from Utah's Great Salt Lake is a superior source of major & trace minerals.

Posted by Angieb123 (Salem, OR ) on 06/27/2009
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Better But With Side Effects

I have been suffering with bird mites from coming into contact with infected birds. I have tried almost everything. I have tried Diatomaceous Earth and it seemed to work although I was tired of dust being in my hair and throat and I have these bugs all over me and the kids. Has anyone had any success killing bird mites?

Posted by Helpplz (Tempe, AZ) on 06/23/2009

This sounds like what i wanna try. So it is totally harmless to rub all over yourself and sleep in it? How long should i leave it on? Can it be purchased at a farmers co op or the home depot? Are you fully cured? How much should i buy? Anyone else have sucesss with this?

Posted by Pamela (Houston, Texas) on 11/22/2008
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I have suffered with fibromyalgia for years. And I have takens lots of Diatomaceous Earth. The DE works great for parasites but does nothing to relieve or get rid of fibromyalgia. I also know several others with fibromyalgia who used DE with no relieve. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and keep up the good the good work.

Food Grade Vs Industrial Grade
Posted by Marsha (Wichita Falls , TX) on 10/24/2008
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I lost a beautiful German Shepherd and the sweetest kitty because they ingested pool grade diatomaceous earth. Keep it away from your beloved pets!

Posted by Girl (Whittier, Ca) on 07/17/2013

Use a wax warmer with menthol crystals or camphor warming instead of wax. Close off room for a day or two.

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