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Posted by Rhonda (Delray Beach) on 08/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I'll be 68 soon. I use coconut oil for everything. I take a heaping teaspoon every morning.

I have horrible sinus issues and started putting a dab up each nostril sinusitis. GONE.

I use it as lotion and female hygiene for me and it does wonders. I use it for everything in moderation, of course. I buy the best coconut oil I can find. For me, it is truly a miracle oil. We're all different, what works for one may not for another but I'd bet there are many many who could benefit from coconut oil.

I use coconut milk in my smoothies.

If your hair is thinning try coconut oil and castor oil a couple of times a week I leave it on all nite. Love it

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Posted by Sue (Kemp, Oklahoma) on 02/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Coconut Oil, I use it for many things. I am just starting to use it for my sinuses that have been a big problem my whole life. I make my own deodorant using equal parts of coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch. I very been using this deodorant for 4 years because it works better than store bought. The lumps under my arms are gone since using it. I mix coconut oil with baking soda for a face and hand scrub. I mix coconut oil with dissolved epsom salt to soften skin, help reduce wrinkles and fat deposits. That will also help excema or soriasis. Coconut oil and magnesium has recently been very useful in the bedroom for this 60 year old teenager. I never want to be without it. I believe it's nature's miracle food and medicine. I would like to hear your replies to my comments. My name is Sue.

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Posted by Marie (Lawrence, Kansas) on 12/13/2015 2 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I've started taking the EVO myself and I've noticed some success. The brain fog and anxiety has definitely improved and the achy body has improved. I don't wake up tired anymore and I take it with my meals about 3-4 teaspoons. I mix it with honey sometimes. I am going to continue taking it, I'm hoping to see success such as my thyroid improving and weight decreasing. I enjoy the posts. They are great and good to know there are alternatives to your doctor putting you on tons of medications. Thanks to everyone's input.

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Posted by Linda (Southern Maine) on 11/16/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Deedee - from one Mainah to another, coconut oil is great. I'm happy to hear of its success for you and your husband (and your cat! ).

I used two drops of grapefruit seed extract in about three tablespoons of water for a facial wash. I guess I put too much G.S.E. in not-enough water because my face was burned by skin was dry, dry, dry for almost two weeks....coconut oil helped tremendously. It's great for so many uses! I <3 it.

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Posted by Deedee (Skowhegan, Maine) on 11/15/2014
5 out of 5 stars

After finding out how bad Canola Oil was, I literally threw away the rest in the trash, along with a tub of Criso {which I had used sparingly}, over time, and mainly for greasing my pans. That was about 6 months ago, and only use Olive oil, Coconut Oil and occasionally Sesame Oil. We always used a lot of Olive oil anyways, and we have always used real butter.

About a month ago I stumbled across the how good it was for you Coconut Oil raves, and started extensive reading, and insisting hubby read some also. He wants to get his cholesterol down. We now take about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon in our coffee in the morning. I normally drink 2 cups. It melts fairly easy with some stirring. When my tubs of coffee creamer are gone-then I am going to make the switch to using milk or better yet, cream, and get away from the corn syrup crap that they put in the coffee creamer. I started using it on my feet almost everyday for toenail fungus, and keep my fingers crossed it works.

Today I mix up a batch of tea tree oil and coconut oil for my feet, and toes.Tonite I will apply it to hubby's almost bald head. I've been using it on my face for the last 2 weeks, and as a moisterizer after shower. When I make my Cream of Wheat in the morning, I simply add a full 2 teas, as its cooking in the pot, add some cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar in my bowl.I know that any type of cereal, hot or cold, has never stayed with me, within 1-2 hrs I am starving again. I also use it to fry eggs, and in all cooking and baking.

I keep 2-3 big jars on hand. One near the coffee pot-one on my kitchen island, and one in the pantry. One small tub near the shower-one small tub in my foot basket. I will say my appetite has changed, going for good longer stretches, my cereal now stays with me, and I would say eating about 1/2 the amount I used to do, and feeling satisfied. So far I haven't gotten the blood sugar spikes up and down at all since the first week, that made me shaky, weak or felt like I was starving to death if I didnt get food into me right then-which would always lead to stuffing something quick into me while I waited for some food. Bowel movements have changed to much more volume also.

I/we hate going to regular docs, and will always search another avenue if its not an emergency. I don't know why it takes us so long to smarten up in life, but better late than never. I will say I have gotton a little queasy at times, so I just back off the amount, till I adjust, but will also try a lemon cleanse for the liver. After being on statins for a short period { heart attack}, that gave hubby bad side effects, since then its been all natural stuff-which of course the docs dont like. But he was quite firm in telling them just what he thought of their statins regardless of whatever nonsense they try to spiel off and suck people in. At least if he dies he figures hes had a good quality of life without the bad side effects. He has yet to get another test done to see what the numbers are, and I am hoping after a few months the coconut oil will raise his HDL. He goes to the gym-{ 4 yrs}, almost everyday, he quit smoking. I sure do hope this is the one thing that will straighten out the cholesterol and will keep you posted...

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Posted by Stephanie (Philadelphia, Pa) on 05/16/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have very good results with coconut oil. Grew back my hair with hot oil treatments, great for heartburn, great for weight loss. I mixed with my yogurt, oil pulling/teeth. Forget teeth whiteners! Bye bad breath. Good for sunburn..stay indoors, while sweat to death. Great for colds. Add a spoon to some tea. Lighten your complexion by mixing a little with shea butter once a week. Great butter substitute. Recently tried for asthma. Perfect results. Added and drank hot tea three times during an attack, completely disappeared...not even a wheeze. I swear by this stuff. My cat loves it to. great for her constipation/anal sac issues. I let her lick a little off a spoon. She's too smart for me to add it to her food. My only downside is that the more I drank it, the more I passed kidney stones. I had to slack off a little. I would like to use it for hemorhoids, but need to figure a how to?

I do have a question. Any reviews for Trader Joes coconut oil. It's the only one I use and it's the cheapest.

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Posted by Green Augustine (North Wales Uk) on 01/15/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I started researching coconut oil last year to help my sister with Alzheimer's. I also started using it myself as I was borderline under active thyroid and found my basal temperature went up from 36.1 to 36.6 on regular basis. For 2 years I'd suffered with sore eyes that felt as if grease was smeared across sometimes so badly I couldn't see to drive. My optician and my doctor both said it was dry eyes and gave me drops but they didn't help. I then went to a Consultant who diagnosed it as post menopause hormonal imbalance which meant my tears were not viscous enough to stick to the surface of my eyes, so I was given Visco tear drops which helped. About the same time I started taking the coconut oil and after about 5-6 weeks realised I was no longer having to use the visco tear drops. I ran out of the oil for 7 days and on day 5 I had to use the artificial tears again. Once I re stocked with Coconut oil, my eyes became problem free again. I was amazed. I can only think that the boost to my thyroid helped balance my hormones. And I no longer have pains in my joints which I put down to allergies! I recently got a stomach virus and doubled my oil intake plus having Kefir and lacto fermented vegetables like sauer kraut and I was was better within 4 days whereas most friends that had it were 12 days or more. For more good ideas read Mary Enig and Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions, full of life changing knowledge and research.

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Posted by T (Northeast, United States) on 06/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I began taking coconut oil internally for a skin issue. I can definitely verify that the results I've had are from coconut oil because I came off it for about 2 months and I went back on as soon as I noticed a difference.

The first thing I noticed was energy. I take the coconut oil (about a tablespoon) with my breakfast every morning, and my energy is through the roof. I used to feel like I absolutely needed a nap every day. Now, I'm awake all day no problems! I don't experience that usual 3pm dragging feeling that happpens to most of us. I just feel... idk more awake. It's really odd, but definitely great. I noticed my appetite has also been curbed. It's not in a starving way at all. It's as if the coconut oil helps my body metabolize my food more efficiently. I can relax and eat my breakfast around 10 am and the next time I'm craving a meal is at 6pm. I just drink water and tea between then, and I feel not "full" but satisfied. I don't really crave anything, I just feel sustained. Coconut oil has definitely helped my digestive system. I'm not sure if my recent weight loss is due to the oil or not, but I definitely did lose a noticable amount of weight. It's my body that I've loved, it just seems to have deflated the extra baggage. My bowel movements are also quick and easy. I'm more regular without feeling like my stool is too loose. Coconut oil just makes it a breeze to go. I also notice that my waste smells different, so that's a plus. I don't know if I can attribute this directly to the coconut oil, but in the months I took it, I definitely noticed overall mood stability, increased skin suppleness, reduced soreness after workouts, and it seems like my hair is growing in faster. Again, these are only results I've been able to note an absence of when I was off the coconut oil versus when I took the coconut oil.

A little shot of melted coconut oil in the morning honestly gave me a lot more than I bargained for! I love this stuff!

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Posted by Cara (Los Angeles, Ca, United States) on 05/24/2013
5 out of 5 stars

A few years ago I stumbled on this site when looking for more natural cures for common ailments. I didn't like the idea of using antibiotics all the time, especially when I would be taking 750mg horsepills several times a day. Yuck!

Oil pulling with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) has changed my life in several ways:

Sinus infections- I used to get these all the time! Since I started pulling, though, I feel any hint of congestion break, especially in the shower with that steam. I stopped pulling for awhile out of laziness and totally caught a sinus infection that was going around. Within minutes of pulling I felt the congestion start to break, especially in my ears! A little pulling, some cracking and popping in my ears and I was able to hear clearly for the first time in a few days! All the gunk started coming out. I need more tissues...

IBS-C- I was diagnosed with IBS several years ago but oil pulling I have much more regular and healthy BMs. My digestion is fabulous!!!

Teeth- People ask me how I get my teeth so white and when I tell them its not bleach they usually don't believe me at first! My mouth, teeth, and tongue feel cleaner and whiter for sure.

Energy- Overall my energy levels are so much higher when I oil pull. If I go without pulling for some time I'll go through a detox period where I may feel fatigued after oil pulling or break out slightly, but I know its a sign of healing.

I've read up and seen conflicting ideas about what it actually does. All I know is that it changes my body in a real way for whatever reason. I'm hooked... And tellin the world about it. Thanks Earth Clinic!

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Posted by Suja Biju (Dubai, Uae) on 02/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Pure coconut oil which we extracted at home provides nice aroma for kerala dishes. It won't increase cholestrol. It helps me in reducing the hair fall and the dry skin problems.

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Posted by Erin (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 01/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Oh Coconut Oil... Where to begin...

I have been using coconut oil for 4 months now on and inside my body. I will say first off that I do not believe in this systemic candida issue and these "die-offs. " I do, however, believe in eliminating processed foods from my diet, while eating locally, organically, and sustainable. It is a learning process. So organic virgin coconut oil is great stuff. Here is what I have used it for.

Yeast infection: I am currently suffering from repeated yeast infections... Check that... I am just not getting rid this yeast infection completely. I have tried the prescription pills and OTC creams. Coconut oil is great for relieving symptoms and the infection temporarily. It has been more effective than the creams or prescriptions thus far. My infection has always been minor/mild. I am getting insurance in a few weeks, so I have not been to the doctor recently, so it is undiagnosed, and I am very well aware that I could be misdiagnosing (but after hours and hours and months of reading, I don't think that I am). It began with diagnosed BV and antibiotics (so I know the difference).

Put some coconut oil in a glass, and put that glass in a stopped sink with hot water (about an inch worth). The oil will melt pretty quickly while you brush you do your bathroom routine. Dip an organic cotton tampon in, swirl it around in the oil, and put it on up there. It is pretty much instant relief for me. I leave it in 2-6 hours. After doing this for three days my symptoms will disappear but always temporarily. Basically it gets rid of the problem on the surface but not entirely.

May I suggest that EVERYONE read the V Book. There is a crazy amount of misinformation on this site. Read this book. The chapter on yeast infections is online so just google it. Learn about your body apart from only second hand naturopath advice which, if you understand the complexity of scientific experimentation- studies, you will understand that a naturopath (though sometimes helpful) is not a substitute for a doctor... Meh.. But to each their own. If you have reoccurring yeast infections, put some coconut oil up there to get you through and insist on a culture from your gyno.

Please do not get into these year/s long extraordinarily restrictive diets that drive you to the point of thinking every ache and pain is the candida monster thriving inside of you. Eating a little sugar does not cause yeast infections... Now, if you are drinking a liter of pop a day and over a quarter of milk with a bunch of cookies, etc...well...

Moisturizer/stretch marks: Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer. My boyfriend loves it. I would like to use it as a sexual lubricant as well.

After a month of regular use there is no noticeable difference in my stretch marks.

I do use it on my face and upper shoulders where I have the occasion pimple break out. Coconut oil does not reduce nor cause pimples as far as I can tell. I definitely do not breakout from coconut oil, but it does not seem to have much of an effect on existing pimples. Things are pretty much as they ever were, though I have received compliments on my skin.

Toothpaste: Google a recipe. I have been using it as a homemade toothpaste base for only a week now. Nothing incredible to report, but I do not think that I have bad breath.

Shaving cream: I only shave with coconut oil now! I put a little melted oil on my legs and shave away. It is great! Razor burn is not completely eliminated, but definitely greatly reduced.

Consumption/Internal Use: Okay... I have added 1-3 T in my coffee for... 4 months now, every morning. This does _not_ eliminate yeast infections. It does absolutely nothing as far as preventing/stopping yeast infections. No changes whatsoever from ingesting.

Eating this stuff does increase your metabolism. This means your heart rate will increase and your body temp increases so you will sweat more. I hate this. I have not lost weight (getting back into my yoga routine now.. Exercise and eating right is the only way to lose weight... There is no special tonic). The increased sweating (especially at school or in work when I tend to be more nervous) is terrible. I don't like it. I don't smell great from it either.

This is not a herx reaction or any kind of toxin die off. People that throw out "herx" every time someone has a negative reaction (most of them either allergic or due to severely depriving oneself of carbohydrates/sodium/sugar) make me insane. Look up coconut oil. It raises metabolism and heart rate. I do not have a mysterious systemic candida condition that everyone has and every single doctor ever attempts to mask from their patient's eyes in order to line their pockets with more yeast money. If you are sensitive to raised heart rates (I am and the first day was kind of rough so I had to start smaller and build up the dose) then start with just a little and work your way up. I am going to work my way back down on this one as I am not sure that a little increased energy is worth the sweatiness and warm sensation all day. We will see.

But most importantly, eating coconut oil does not do anything for yeast infections... At least not for mine. I will say that topical application as described above has worked better than Apple Cider Vinegar (did nothing... I started using Apple Cider Vinegar for everything and it did nothing for anything, but I do use it to cook), garlic (did nothing... Ingested and stuck some up there overnight a few times), yogurt (did nothing), probiotics (love for digestion but as suppositories they do nothing for me, and I have tried all of the most recommended brands made especially for vaginal flora harmony).

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Posted by Dianne (Houston, Tx) on 09/02/2012 6 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using virgin organic coconut oil, for several months now. I have been taking a teaspoon of it twice a day. It's properties are anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and I love the taste, and I keep finding more uses for it. My last visit to my general practitioner surprised both of us, my blood pressure was lower than it had ever been 120/60 and I am 70 years old. The only thing I have changed since I saw her last was the addition of coconut oil to my diet. I am now using it instead of moisturizer, and use it instead of conditioner for my hair. The results are miracleouse! Additionally my german shepherd who is 12 years old has been scratching and driving me crazy. I took her to the vet and thought possibly she had parasites. After spending $300, and several tests -- they could not find the cause of it. I starting giving her a teaspoon of coconut oil once a day, and just realized she is no longer itching. Additionally, she has lost her "doggie odor. " As there is not a lot about coconut oil on your site -- I wanted to share this. I believe it is one of the "miracle" foods!

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Posted by Coco Girl (London, England) on 06/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a thyroid problem for 9 years and before that I never ate sweet things. I became a sugar junkie and could not control my sugar cravings. Since discovering coconut oil I don't have the overwhelming urge to eat sugar and have much more energy. I also have lost some weight and feel so much better. I eat 2-3 dessert spoons of coconut oil and use it for my face and body. I have smooth beautiful skin and its so much cheaper than all those expensive products I use to buy. Thank you Earth Clinic for another amazing discovery.

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Posted by Umbrella Girl (Delhi, India) on 05/12/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there! I've been a fan of coconut oil for some time now - been using it on my skin for the past two months and my acne problem had almost disappeared.

Then I read about taking it internally and decided to try that for the other health benefits as well. I weigh 45 kilos, so Ive been taking only a tablespoon VCO a day in the morning.

The first day I felt nothing, the second I broke out on the right sid of my face something bad. It was a cluster of pimples that refused to surface and just sat there under the skin! It was very painful. The third day, I had more painful spots along my jaw and the left side had two more painful pimples. But I stuck to the oil, halved my carbs intake and kept up a topical application of VCO. By day four, the pain was less, and it kept getting better throughout the day! Now it's day five and the pimples are coming to a head, are completely painless and my complexion has brightened! Over the last year my skin had gotten pretty dark and I thought maybe it was the coconut oil that was pushing the day's tan along. But today, suddenly, my face is three shades lighter! It's strange, I was even in the sun all day today! I guess it's the internal coconut oil working to push out toxins.

Now that I'm taking the VCO internally, I find I have a lot more energy, my skin has a healthy (albiet, pimply) glow and I feel great! I apply VCO on my face and rub it in gently, leaving it on overnight and washing in the morning.

My teeth are whiter too! I simply brush with coconut oil every day, no Western toothpaste for me, haha! I had a problem with pretty yellow incissors and now they are slowly becoming whiter and whiter and my mouth feels super clean!

I love VCO!

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Posted by Mihel (Clinton Twp, Mi) on 01/09/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this miracle food for a month or so now, and it has benefitted me in ways that I can't fathom would be possible with any other store-bought stuff, such as lotion. In the Winter, my hands crack and get very dry and have broken skin spots all over my palms. Since I've been using coconut oil in my hair as a natural gel, a face moisturizer, chap stick, and lotion, just having the oil on my hands has made perfectly soft and healthy and crack-free.

I use the oil to make a toothpaste and natural deodorant, which works wonders. I also have been losing much bad weight by taking a tablespoon of it daily by mouth. I've been cooking with it, and let me say, it seems to bring out the flavor in my food, rather make it taste oily and greasy like other cooking oils. My partner has been taking the oil by mouth each day also, and it has cured his gingivitis completely. The oil is a godsend, truly. I find that it has boosted my immune system, also.