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Severe Indigestion and Acid Reflux

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Posted by Mark ( Queensland) on 03/05/2022

I have been using Bi-Carb regularly for about 20 years with good to great results, I get severe indigestion and Re-flux. Drinking alcohol, water, eating basically anything whether it is meat, wheat products, sugar products, if it enters my mouth it gives me indigestion and Re-flux. I'm not a glutton, in fact I eat very little, I am a T2 diabetic so I shy away from the sweets, and I mean anything sweet, no soft drinks, I eat a little fruit and probably 1 slice of bread per month, I do eat 1 biscuit per day with coffee for lunch, but that is my lunch.

I would say my worst "habit" is potato but even that isn't as much as it used to be. 3 glasses of beer per week is usual, 1 Friday night, 1 Saturday and the same Sunday, an extra one if I'm cooking a BBQ. My problems started with a dose of "Hydrogen Cyanide" poisoning while working as a plastic fabricator. Many Doctors and Nutritionists have tried to help over the last 30 years and all have given up.

I could go on forever on things that have gone wrong with my health, 5 years ago I had a fairly severe stroke which I'm still having problems with including Dysphagia which only added to my stomach problems, BUT where here to report on the side effects of what you Americans call Baking Soda, We in Australia call Bicarbonate of Soda or Bi-Carb. To me Baking Soda is a mix of Bicarbonate of Soda and cream of Tartar, a different product, so that may need checking out. I love Bi-Carb, I have 1 teaspoon in water (since 2008 we have used distilled water) I use that 3-4 times per day (mix a 250 ml glass and drink 1/3 - 1/2 and leave the rest to have if and when I need it next.) and as I said that happens multiple times every day and sometimes at night also. I carry a small container with me at all times as the indigestion can be uncomfortable up to debilitating. I used to have a heaped teaspoon in a glass and drink the lot... I'm not sure if my stomach is improving or it's just my effort to use less, but honestly, I have never ever had a problem taking it internally or using it externally. (That's another story.)

Replied by Rhonda
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My husband had bad acid reflux and peptic ulcers later joined, a natural cure/ well what helps is Yogurt, bananas they actually help heal the lining of the stomach and the acid reflux is gone. Also decaffeinated green tea and chamomile tea.

Replied by Mala

Just curious, are you drinking distilled water? That could be a problem because when water is demineralized, subjected to the reverse osmosis process, or distilled, it is stripped of all minerals and becomes acidic. And it's actually harmful to health. Rainwater, believe it or not, is also acidic if consumed directly. When rainwater gathers in a pond or flows into a stream, the minerals in the soil remineralize the water and make it fit for human consumption. I had a lot of health issues because of RO water (water made soft by the reverse osmosis method). I have now switched over to a simple activated carbon filter which has a pore size of 5 microns. The activated carbon also improves the taste of water and removes odor if any.


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Posted by Phoenix75 (Carmel, Ca, U.s.a.) on 01/14/2010

I used baking soda, as an exfoliant, on my hands and arms; it made them super soft and worked wonderfully!!

Posted by Angelclare (Valencia, California, USA) on 09/25/2009

Last night I used a zapper to zap some bacteria, viruses and hopefully parasites. I turned the zapper up to 16 v for one hour. After I removed the wrist bands my wrists were extremely itchy and burned. After 5 minutes I thought of using baking soda, so I made a paste with a little water, applied to my wrists, and the itching stopped immediately. Kudos to earthclinic!

Posted by Carrie (Nashville, TN) on 06/08/2008

Baking soda and skin conditions: I have some areas on the right side of my body both arm and leg. They start out with a small pimple and the start growing. raised areas with rough thick skin. I mixed magnesium oil and baking soda together. What is good about this is that it makes a crust that stays on the area without using a bandage. All of the areas are now back to a small pimple and I hope they totally disappear.

Replied by Angie
(Amelia Island)

Hi Carrie,

I was wondering if your skin condition healed completely, and if so, do you still use the same application and would you recommend it to others? I have the same problem and baking soda with plain water only works minimally. Thank you for your advice. Angieb

Posted by Ttecha (Montego Bay, Jamaica) on 02/01/2008

Hi, I read the caveat that Baking Soda can deplete vitamins in the body. Recently, I started using it to clean my face instead of using soap. I use about 1 tablespoon full mixed and apply it directly to my wet face twice per day. Is this safe? I have combination skin but no matter what I used, my face would become very dry and tight after cleansing. Then I would have to moisturize which makes my skin very very oily afterwards. The baking soda seems to be helping with this problem. Thanks!

Replied by Sesame
(Minneapolis, Mn)

I suggest you try organic, cold pressed sesame oil as your skin moisturizer after washing with baking soda. I've had acne and skin trouble for decades, and I recently solved the problem with these simple, natural products.

You may also try using any good dandruff shampoo, since "combination" skin (oily yet with dry flakes)may actually be a form of dermatitis that creeps into your face from your scalp.

The sesame oil (buy at health food store)is so excellent for skin, you will be thrilled with the cleansing and tightening of pores (especially around the nose). Use very little. Use all over body either before or after shower, as you like. It removed the little bumps I had on my arms within 2 weeks. My skin is markedly improved. I've read that it cures gum diseases & athletes foot too. Fungus doesn't like it, but your skin & your whole system will love it. Sesame oil is a MUST! Good luck! :)

Replied by Tee
(Chicago, Il)

I have used both olive and sesame oil for my acne with no improvement. I want to try them both again after reading the recent posts on the two. As anyone ever heard of ozonated olive oil? If so what is a reputable place to get it from?

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Tee,

The reason you don't see any improvement is because the source of the acne is from what is going on internally. Remember, our outside is a reflection of what is going on on the inside. Perhaps, there might be some relief by using oils on the skin but rashes, acne, skin afflicitons will persist if we do not go to the core and eradicate the problem. This is done through diet if you wish to see any real changes. Of course most drs. are not going to tell you that. Instead, they will just give you antibiotics to "clear up the problem" which only exacerbates the whole situation leading you further into bedlam. Antibiotics destroy any good flora that exists in the body- if there is any after eating a typical standard American diet (SAD).

I considered my diet very good if not excellent but always dealt with rashes occurring and re-occurring and also very dry skin unless I slathered oils on it. Problems with my scalp and both oily and dandruff conditions. Melasma on my face as well. Upon re-evaluationg my diet and being clear with that, I have turned all of that around.

I hope this info helps. Lisa

Replied by Alilamos
(New Orleans)

Just a note on using oils as a face moisturizer. I started using organic cold-pressed (all oils you use should be) coconut oil as a moisturizer. I have used sesame oil in the past. I have oily skin, so need to be light-handed. The best way to apply oil is wet. If your face is wet and your hands are wet (sometimes I just wet my hands under the sink if I've already dried off and forgot to apply) the oil won't go on so heavy. I pat my oiled, wet hands on my neck and chest first which can handle more oil, then pat my face with my now only very lightly oiled hands. Then I pat my face with a towel to dry and absorb any extra oil. This has always worked well for me and I don't get any breakouts.

Posted by HerDon (Assonet, MA) on 09/15/2007

I suffer with sores the doctors cannot diagnose. They are itchy, bleed and sometimes get pus filled. They hurt so much that the pain keeps me awake. I've discovered that sprinkling baking soda onto the sores drys them up. It doesn't heal them but it makes the pain bearable.

Replied by Byron

I just saw your post and wanted tell you that you may have HS. It's a skin condition. You should see a dermatologist.

Posted by Shirley (Midwest, USA) on 09/10/2007

Borax Bath, ACV remedies -- I have two dogs; both are less than 5 lbs. One has itchy skin so I started using the borax solution bath on both dogs. In about 3 hours after the bath, the one with itchy skin was scratching again. I didn't know what to do at that point so I rubbed dry baking soda over her whole body. While I had her on her back applying the soda under her legs, she went to sleep. It was that comforting to her. Anytime she starts scratching and it seems it won't quit and I don't have time to do a bath, I have been using the baking soda. She seems to love it and her skin stops itching for at least 3 days.

While she was in her comfort zone of no itching, she was walking better, running and playing and wasn't so scared all the time. So the itching was causing some social behavior problems too. I have tried both recipes of borax and peroxide and then I've done borax and ACV, Her skin still itches after each but she does seem a lot better then before, not quite as much scratching going on. One question though.

Do you think if I added some baking soda to the solution that would help her since the dry soda does wonders for her? They do not have mange or fleas. Also I have been putting a teaspoon of ACV in their drinking water all summer. Their water bowl holds 2 & 3/4 cups water. I do add about 1/16 teaspoon of baking soda to the vinegar. For a couple years I was putting the medicine on their backs for fleas and ticks. Ticks are the worst problem here. I decided to put the ACV in their water and I then stopped the spot on- medicine. They have gone the whole summer without getting one tick on them. We live in a heavily wooded area with lots of tall grasses where ticks love to wait for a host to walk by so they can latch onto them. Both dogs play in the woods a lot because they are always looking for something to chase Using the ACV water instead of the medicine has saved me a bunch of money and made both dogs a lot healthier.

Replied by Valerie

Have you ever tried oatmeal baths?

Posted by Natalia (London, UK) on 08/10/2007

I use baking soda from childhood and specially as exfoliation for face even if it hurts its worth it and always add to my sponge to rub my body all over as it best cleans than anything else,and if half a cup of soda added to a cool bath(submerge with a head) it removes negativity and balances electromagnetic field of the body.My skin is very good i think as a result.

Replied by Strat64
(San Bernardino, CA)

I have never tried baking soda for bathing or to wash my face but it sounds good. I have been using 1/2 teaspoon with 1/4 cup of water for upset stomach lately. I have been taking this for about one week whether or not I have an upset stomach. My question is---will it hurt the stomach lining of my stomach??? I have never taken this solution before for upset stomach but it sure works for me. I know baking soda has other helpful uses---thanks.

Skin Cancer

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Posted by C (Ohio) on 03/28/2008

Skin cancer and baking soda: Some time in the middle of January I was checking the net info on cancer always involving fungus - the info from the Italian Dr. Simoncini. My husband has been out of regular work for about 2 years and we do not have health insurance but he has needed a spot on his side taken care of. Upon watching the online video showing that cancer always comes with fungus and that baking soda could alkalize and destroy the colonies we decided to give it a try. We started by mixing baking soda with water and spreading it on a large band-aide. That did not work so well because the baking soda turns hard as a rock. My husband decided to mix it with glycerin to see if that would keep the soda softer longer and it did. The paste is made by putting some baking soda in a small dish and adding the glycerin until you have a white paste thin enough to spread on a band-aide. It still gets hard but not near as fast.

The spot on his side was a bit less than a quarter and about the thicknesses of 3 quarters. It definitely needed attention. It first reduced in height and then started shrinking circumference. It did go through various stages that looked really bad. At times I wondered what was going on. (Note: It is not a process without pain.) It was working and so my husband wanted to keep on going with it. We kept making sure the bandage was changed. He was also taking baking soda internally for a while but then stopped that. By the end of March it is basically gone. The area has a bit more healing to do but that just takes time.

The plus's of this are so wonderful. 1. No surgery!!!! 2. No dealing with the side affects of surgery - like as muscle that doesn't work as good because it was cut. 3. It only cost the price of baking soda, glycerin and band-aides. 4. Peace of mind.

We do realize that the fungus can still be in the body. He is trying extra strong oil of oregano to kill any remaining fungus infection. But that is another story.

Skin Cancer Before and After

Replied by Sid
(Springfield, Missouri)

Better But With Side Effects

After reading your experience I tried baking soda on two different skin growths. One was just a flat, red, mole on my stomach. The other was a growth on my forearm that was about the size of a pea; it had a smooth top and didn't look like any pictures of skin cancer that I could find on the internet. I mixed baking soda and mineral oil and kept it under bandaids, refreshing it twice a day. For the first week both growths seemed to do nothing, but maybe get a little puffier. Both became a little itchy and I did scratch occasionally during while removing the old bandaid and refreshing the baking soda and mineral oil mixture, which scratching took away a little of the surface. They both started to form an open sore in the middle of the growths, so I applied hydrogen peroxide when I changed bandaids, before I reapplied the baking soda - mineral oil mix, which seemed to dry them out. The growths started to look like little volcanoes with a depression in the center. On one or two occasions the bandaid fell off and a scab formed so I used a sterile needle to pick away the scab. It took about four weeks and the baking soda had eaten away the growths. The one on my arm did not become irritated beyond the growth, but the one on my stomach wound up with the tissue a 1/16 inch around it irritated also. I finally quit treating the one on my stomach after three weeks because it began burning.

The end result is that the growths are gone, but in their places are burn scars. The one on my arm is limited to the place where the growth was, but the one on my stomach is larger than the original growth.

Interestingly, I showed my daughter my progress about half way through, and she told me she coincidentally had an appointment with her doctor to remove a few moles and another growth that he wanted to biopsy and she showed me that growth which was identical to the one on my arm. It turned out that it was just an abnormal deposit of collagen.

My conclusion is that my treatment chemically burned away my growths. I don't know to what extent the use of hydrogen peroxide contributed to that, or if it would have happened just with the baking soda - mineral oil application. Essentially I think I exchange growths for burn scars. I have no problem with this, but if the growth you intend to burn off is in a conspicuous place, be forewarned.

As far as baking soda and cancer, I think that cancer is the end result of the improper blood PH. From what I understand a diet that produces a low PH (high acid forming foods) is the problem which underlays most disease and I can see where on an emergency basis baking soda would help with cancer, but in the long run, if you want to be healthy, then you need to eat a diet that keeps your PH alkaline. This means a diet about 80% fruits and vegetables, no sugar or other refined or processed products, low amounts of carbohydrates, and low amounts of meats, plus get plenty of exercise that keeps your blood oxygenated. I think the information about the blood chemistry of health is just coming out, but certainly not from the medical establishment.

Replied by Violet
(New York)

My husband and I have an alternative health practice. We have worked and with God"s grace cured many types of cancer. Cancer always occurs with an acid ph. The microbes which naturally live in our bodies evolve to pathogenic forms with an acid ph. So the clue and cure for all disease is to alkalize the body. Bathe in Epsom salt and baking soda. Drink baking soda and eat lots of raw green foods as salads, green vegetable juice and drink huge amounts of alkaline water. Read the book, the Ph miracle and the book We Beat Cancer. We studied with the doctor who wrote the first book and cured the couple that wrote the second book. We cured my own lymphatic cancer. If you want to remain young and healthy eat raw with lots of green and less fruit. Cancer loves sugar. There are good substitutes for baking soda such as ph salts. Stay well and keep alkalizing

(New Zealand)

I was recently found to have BASAL CELL CARCINOMA on my nose. The day before Christmas 2015 had a biopsy which showed cancer cells. I treated it 50-50 with baking soda and coconut oil daily, covered with a small plaster.

Each evening, I cleansed it with APPLE CIDER vinegar and applied an antibiotic cream to promote healing.

Febuary 15th 2016 had a piece removed for testing and there was no CANCER there. Unfortunately, the hole left in the side of my nose is now being reconstructed, Hopefully worth the pain to prove it worked.

Replied by Rsw

Hi Barbara,

In the FWIW category, I saw a woman on another site who had diagnosed BCC, had it removed and it reoccurred. A Dr. friend of hers told her to take 250 mg. of Niacinimide every day. She did and it slowly went away. She now takes it everyday to keep any further BCC away, and she says it works. It might be something simple to try. Best wishes.

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 09/17/2012

I just wanted to amplify something that Ted from Bangkok mentioned in a recent post that I thought was useful advice. He said that he buys tablets in Thailand -- called sodamint -- that just contain sodium bicarbonate and mint. These are useful and convenient for digestion problems and are also very useful for alkalizing the blood in the same manner as Ted's baking soda powder and water remedy.

So I wondered whether they sold the same or similar tablets in the Philipines and I went to the pharmacist and found sodium bicarbonate tablets. It only cost me about about $1.00 for 100 tablets each containing 650 mgs of sodium bicarbonate. The other advantage of these sodium bicarbonate tablets is that they must also be food grade to be sold for human consumption.

Although baking soda, as the powder, is the better form (no caking agents, fillers, additives etc that are in tablets), the tablet form of BS is very convenient for people who have to work or people who travel alot etc, and is a useful method to help digestion as well as a useful way to alkalize the blood on a daily basis.

Tablets that only contain sodium bicarbonate and nothing else should be used -- and should contain no paracetamol, aspirin or any other drug in the tablet form.

Replied by Lucena

Hi Bill.. Thanks for the info. I might purchase that tablet too for travelling convenience. Is it available in mercury or any specific drug store? I will be in cebu. thanks.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Lucena... I just bought my sodium bicarb tablets from Watsons, but I'm sure Mercury Drug will probably have it too -- I asked for it at the prescription counter.

Something else I found on the internet today. I did an eBay search on "sodium bicarbonate tablets" and found some good deals -- 1000 sodium bicarb tablets (over a years supply) for only about $13.80 or about 570 pesos. That means that each tablet costs just over 1 cent or approximately 0.6 pesos.

Sore Throat

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Posted by Rin (Camas, WA) on 12/23/2007

My daughter has a bad case of mono. Her tonsils were so swollen they were touching her uvula and she couldn't swallow any pain meds. We were having her gargle with a salt rinse, with no real relief. We called my inlaws and they suggested rinsing with a tsp of bs in lukewarm water followed by the salt rinse every two hours. Amazing! My daughter's tonsils are a little less swollen and it took the pain away for her to sleep for a lot longer last night. I found your site this morning when I was researching bs rinses. The doctor's we saw never even suggested it.

Sore Throat
Posted by Joy (Denver, Colorado) on 07/17/2007

...I have tried plenty of the remedies on this site and they have all worked. H202 on a cold sore healed within 48 hours just dipped a q tip in 3%h2o2 and held on for 5 min 4 times a day. Baking Soda and water to gargle for extremely sore throat with swollen glands gone in 1 day. I gargled for about 10 minutes with my head tilted back 3 times thru out the day. Wow is all I can say about this one. thank you all so much this site is a blessing.

Stomach Ache

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Posted by Flordeldesierto (Middle Of No Where, Ca) on 04/09/2013

Instead of ingesting baking soda my mother-in-law has the remedy of rubbing on the outside of the tummy a little bit of baking soda mixed in any safe oil (I used coconut oil). I have never heard of this before, but it worked like a charm for my 2 month old's indigestion in seconds. In addition it also got rid of the reoccuring diarhea she had been suffering.

Stomach Ache
Posted by Kelly (Farmersville, California) on 06/17/2009

Baking Soda As Stomach Ache Remedy: About two years ago, a bunch of us went out to dinner, and I ended up eating too much. My stomach began to hurt and I immediately regretted eating the way I did. Afterwards, we all went to my cousin's house to watch the fights on TV. My stomach was killing me the whole time we were there. I tried walking around a bit, but it did nothing to help the problem. My cousin knew exactly what to do about this problem and mixed some baking soda in a glass of water. He told me to drink it down quickly. I drank about half of it and my stomach immedatley rebelled. I, honest to God, thought I was going to hurl! I managed to swallow the rest of the mixture, and before long, my stomach ache was gone. When we got home, I lay down on the couch, and when I got up, I felt much better. Baking soda tastes pretty nasty, but this remedy definitely helped me get over one killer of a stomach ache.

Stomach Ache
Posted by Ellyn (Framingham, MA) on 07/06/2008

I think my symptoms are/were caused by a stomach bug. I drank the recommended 1 Tbsp of baking soda with water (3/4 cup cold, tasted like very salty alka seltzer) within minutes I burped INTENSELY several times. I will try eating an apple later tonight to help. I do feel much better.

Replied by Ali

One Tablespoon...?!! Who recommended that? It's usually just half to one TEASPOONful that is suggested......

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