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Posted by Misty (Fullerton, California, USA) on 04/18/2009
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I have tried baking soda to alkalinize my system. This is because a recent colonoscopy resulted in minor surgery to remove a large polyp. I was told the polyp was a "pre-cancerous condition" and because of info I've gotten on the net, I decided to try 1/4 tsp baking soda in drinking water several times a day to neutralize an acidic blood condition. Apparently an acidic condition can produce cancer. To my surprise, a great deal of pain happened very quickly, in the joints and hip. I couldn't walk. It subsided when I stopped taking the baking soda and then started up again when I took it a second time. So there seems to be a link between pain and baking soda for my body (not necessarily yours). I am wondering if you know about this and can explain it, and also can recommend any alternative ways to bring the pH balance to a more alkaline state.