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Posted by Jordan (Imlay City, Mi) on 04/20/2011
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Better But With Side Effects

I have eaten way too much sugar for too long. Coke, candy, takeout food during the day.. Beer, wine, or liquor with juice at night (i understand these are essentially sugar) Well for obvious reasons I have been feeling like.. Well.. Poop. It got to the point were I felt I needed an alcahoiic drink to feel better at night (essentially a sugar craving). Well the past couple days the alcoholic drink, far from making me feel any better as it has in the past, has made me feel much worse. I realized it's gotta be too much acid in my stomach from the unhealthy eating habits I developed mostly a result of just not having fresh healthy food in the house and plenty of delicious but very unhealthy snack foods, sugar foods, alcahol, and juices (often sugary).

The other night I was feeling terrible and decided to drink some baking soda (sodium bicarbonate food grade). It most certainly worked and amazingly so. However the quantities stated in this thread were far far far lower than the quantity I took (also many times in the past). I would estimate my dose at 8 tablespoons. Now don't get me wrong I'm not encouraging this dosage, cause one thing for sure is I would expect some kind of a blowout (lol). Not like a Super Sale where you get good deals on stuff, but the kind that may give you quite a stomachache followed by amazing relief (hopefully - I understand this could be potentially dangerous and I'm only telling a truthful experience) Well as good as it worked for me most of the times I've tried this, there was once when I woke up with very bad stomach pain which went away after the obvious need. I have only taken this remedy on occasion and realize too much of anything can be bad. I have a feeling that taking larger doses regularly would be a bad idea, but I have to say that personally I think a higher dose is for me when its really bad like the other night (perhaps 1 or 2 tablespoons - 8 was admittedly a bit too much)Is it possible that 1 or 2 tablespoons is beneficial in cases where the cause is certainly known (high level of acidity from sugar) as in my case. I am absolutely not a doctor though and I'm sure there will be people who say what I did was very dangerous and would be happy to hear your thoughts.