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Posted by Denise (Greenwich, CT) on 06/30/2008

I used 1 tsp. acv in apple juice 3x/day for about a year. Unfortunately, it didn't help my acid reflux, blood pressure or cholesterol. My bp and cholesterol got higher in fact. My diet never changed. I've stopped the ACV and both numbers dropped. So strange as I used _____'s organic ACV and they say it works for everything. I was so disappointed. Wish I knew why it didn't work for me. I also developed something called sjogren's disease A after using it which is dry eyes and dry mouth. I don't have symptoms ironically, but I do get these huge cysts in the orbit of the eye. They have also stopped since I discontinued the ACV.

Since everyone is discussing using ACV and baking soda, why not use Alka Seltzer gold? It is sodium and potassium bicarbonate. A naturopath doctor told me to use it back in the 80's when I developed severe food allergies. As soon as one started, I put alka seltzer gold in water and it halted the reaction immediately; 1000mg of Vit C does the same thing.

My daughter developed laryngeal acid reflux and was put on prevacid 2x/day. I didn't want to do this as she is only 13, but she is having problems with singing. The naturopath prescribe licorice tablets but it says it's for adults and can only be used for 6 weeks since it causes the bp to rise. Her skin is dry and she has mild asthma and she has been breaking out with little pimples on her back, chest and arms and face. It's so frustrating as I hate meds. They have helped her, but I hate any long term meds as I'm frightened they may cause cancer. I'd try the ACV but it may make her skin break out more.