Essiac Tea for Dogs and Cats

Recommended Brands of Essiac Tea
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 01/12/2016
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Better But With Side Effects

Nao (Jakarta, Indonesia)

At the present time of my writing I have the same problem finding the right essential frankincense oil as the percentage should be high and not as sold generally in health stores.

If you visit "The Truth About Cancer", in the blog you may find many leads to the right kind albeit it is in the US. I am trying to find a solution to the problem in Canada and will try US if nothing transpires.

While it is true that essential oils should not be ingested, expert advice is needed as many cancer patients have been helped with essential oils internally and externally. See also utube on essential oils for more info. For a little dog 1/2 to one drop seems enough. To make 1/2 drop, do one drop with the carrier oil and half the rest for the next time. I hope this is clear enough.

For instance, placing a drop or two on the site is the thing to do.

My advice is to ask Mama to Many on EC as she could give you valuable hints. She has a source that is reliable. Best wishes

Namaste Om