The Benefits of Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

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Posted by Calmfire (New York, Ny, Usa) on 03/30/2010


Hi all!

I have been oil pulling for about 2 weeks now. Two times a day, a tablespoon at a time. I have been using virgin coconut oil. My teeth do feel cleaner, they don't look whiter yet, but I'm hoping that that will come. My gums no longer bleed when I floss, yay! I have experienced some side effects. I developed a sore on my gums about two days into it, but it went away. And then about a week into it, I developed a really bumpy, tender and itchy rash on my forearms. It didn't occur to me that this might be from oil pulling because I am using new bed sheets, but I thought to google it tonight and apparently I'm not the only one who has developed the same type of rash from pulling with virgin coconut oil...I think that it's called Keratosis Pilaris. Their thoughts are that it might be yeast being pushed out of the body. I'm treating the rash on my arms with coconut oil and cortizone right now...will update if anything else happens.

Replied by Savya
(Toronto, On, Canada)

Hi Guys, I am using coconut oil for OP since three days, I so happy with three days result, now my teeths are more whiter than ever and i am feeling good. I guess OP is working on my body. I will post my latest status from now on. I would say this website is god send gift for me. I will definately send this link to all of my friends.

God belss you all.... Keep smiling , keep Pulling.

Replied by Shannon
(South Park, Pa)

Hey, they same thing happened to my forearms but I never connected it. I just started oil pulling with organic coconut oil (3 times so far) and I have had a very itchy throat.... It feels like I am on the verge of losing it. I am oil pulling with my 6 year old daughter who suffers from severe sinusitis. She is a trooper and has made it up to 15 minutes.... Lots of drainage, but still a lot of congestion. I am hoping for good results! I have a few metal fillings in my back teeth... Should I be worried these are going to fall out?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Kate (Glasgow, Scotland) on 03/30/2010


I have been oil pulling with virgin coconut oil for just over 4 weeks, to try to address the chronic allergic rhinitis and CFS that I have had for the last 10 years. (I have tried unrefined sesame and sunflower oils with no results in the past). I have been using one teaspoon of oil (if I use one tablespoon, I have to spit out constantly as my mouth gets so full of saliva) and using wild oil of oregano on a 2 week on 2 week off basis, and OPing 2-3 times/ day. Ever since I started, my symptoms of chronic sinus pain/ headache and general exhaustion/ aching limbs have worsened considerably. I have the odd flash of exhilaration and huge energy but this is quickly replaced with having to slog through exhaustion and sinus pain again. After about 4 days the symptoms were so bad that I had to stay in bed for several days before I could function again. After 26 days I have now developed a severe head cold, with a huge, constant downpour of clear mucous, sore throat, swollen glands, and, of course, aching limbs and sinus pain, with continual fits of violent sneezing. I am on my 6th day of these symptoms. This is the first cold I have had in 16 months, and I was beginning to feel quite smug about how well my immune system was holding up while everyone else was getting sick.

I did not expect chronic problems to be resolved quickly. After all, I have had these problems for 10 years, so why would they disappear overnight? However, I am beginning to wonder if it is normal to have quite such an extended healing crisis. Has anyone else experienced anything quite so prolonged?

Any advice or shared experience gratefully received.

Replied by Alex
(Mumbai, India)

Kate, I think after a month you have made a point that coconut OP is not working for you. It's not working for me either but since I had only used it for a week I was looking for people who had been on it for a longer time to validate my observations. I feel more tired, dark circles around my eyes are getting worse, my skin is drier and crackling, sinus are swelling back after being cleared for a while, my whole body is stiffer but what alarms me the most is that my skin is loosing color! I have to admit though that I've been using coconut oil exclusively since one week not just for OP but in food as well. I wanted to know what was the exact effect of that oil on me. Following blood type diet, O type should avoid coconut products. I'm O type but I wanted to see for myself. One other thing that I find disturbing is that sticky feeling I get in my mouth and throat after using coconut oil. No other oil does that. I used olive oil and sesame oil successfuly in the past weeks for OP so I suggest you switch to those. OP can get you through some pretty harsh detox effects sometimes but even during that time you should see you general level of energy and positivity increase dramaticaly. If it doesn't happen then it's not detox and it's not working. For example, you won't stay tired all day, you can get extremely tired and will fall into deep sleep as soon as you lay down but feel rested afterwards, the need for extra sleep might go on for days and days but not slugginess, unless of course you don't listen to your body and stay up all night. I love the taste of coconut oil more than any other oil but since I got heart palpitations yesterday at the gym, I think I'll switch back to other oils. I might be saturated with saturated fats!

Replied by Karen
(Henderson, Nv)

Hi, I just now found out about OP and after reading some of the posts of those using coconut oil and getting some pretty strong reactions the first thing I thought of was that you may have had a yeast reaction. Coconut oil contains caprylic acid which is a known yeast antifungal. Just google it and you can read about it. I think you are having a die off reaction to the yeast dying off especially those taking it also in food. You need to go slower. Look up candida and the spit test to check to see if you have candida and then do everything you can to cure it cause systemic candida is deadly. Good luck.

Caprylic Acid (or Octanoid Acid) is an anti-fungal agent found naturally in coconuts and breast milk. In the commercial world, it is found not only in Candida cures but also dyes and perfumes.

Replied by Tammy
(Seattle, Wa)

Have the people that are having such strong bad reactions considered allergy to coconut or nuts in general?

Replied by Ali
(Swansea, Wales, Uk)

These reactions are perfectly normal detoxing reactions.

When we get a rash or feel nauseous, vomit or have diarrhea, we assume it is something bad, but these are all ways the body uses to expel toxins.

The body will 'grab' a cold virus (or in some cases, even 'make' one) to enable the body to detox. All colds are usually accompanied by lots of mucous and discharges. Even coughing helps the body to expel toxins from the lungs.

Many people, when they start to detox - and detox properly and more deeply, will get a 'detox' cold. Don't try to suppress it, just let the body do what it needs to do.

We don't always give our bodies the credit for being able to heal - always interfering and throwing drugs down our throats, which just ends up adding to the toxic burden.

Things like coconut oil are potent detoxers. It is better to start gently with it and gradually increase the dosage - both in oil pulling, and when ingested. People who start throwing the stuff down their throats will often get quite a major reaction and get frightened - it's not an allergy, it's a heavy detox reaction.

As with any food that encourages detoxing it is always better to start gently and let the body detox slowly, otherwise the toxins can flood and overwhelm the body and make people even sicker. They need to be disposed of gradually - safely.

We speak of 'die-off' reactions, but are they die-off, or are they really detox....?

For more information on slow detoxing, please check out 'Healing Naturally by Bee'.

Replied by Tee Tee
(Kingston, Jamaica)

I did some oil pulling today with coconut oil. Though I could only do it for 2-3 minutes I still felt the effect. I feel lighter, freeer, more energized, definitely more healthy. I have been fighting a cold/infection for a while and after OP, alot of phlegm has been coming up and each time I feel better and better. My chest is completely clear now, all congestion is gone. My sinses are clear too, no more congestion. My mind too feels more at peace.

Replied by Old Hippie
(Baton Rouge, La)

I tried coconut oil pellets approximately 2 years ago for one week. During that time, I had more energy and my appetite seemed to curb a little but... I broke out in maybe 30 itchy little rashes all over my body. The dark scars are still there. And no, I was not going to continue to use it to see if it got better. I was running out of skin room for more rashes.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

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Coconut Oil
Posted by Tracylove (Brooklyn, Ny, Usa) on 03/29/2010

I've been oil pulling with Coconut Oil for just over a week...and I feel HORRIBLE. My skin on my face has gotten dry (I also use it on my skin), I have black circles under my eyes, my throat is very sore and I've lost my voice. The worst is, I am constantly bloated and having awful heartburn...I am also eating like crazy, and always hungry. The heartburn only goes away after I've eaten something, which seems counterintuitive.

I am of the belief that this is detox, but not sure what exactly. I'm taking a day off from OP today, as I just don't feel good enough, and am still not feeling well. I'd like to make it through this, but not sure how long these symptoms last, or if I can take it much longer to see any benefits at all.

Any suggestions would help greatly!

Replied by T
(Maryland, Usa)

This doesn't sound like normal detox to me. I'd stop the coconut oil immediately, wait a bit and then try a different oil, organic sesame oil perhaps. Coconut oil is not for everybody, whether oil pulling or ingesting.

Replied by Jdixson
(Belgrade, Mt)

my understanding is that coconut oil is a natural yeast killer, you may have a high candida load, and feeling herx from the oil, look up the benefits of coconut oil, it is different than the others

Replied by Chick P
(Kodiak, Ak)

I am curious now, after reading what Alex wrote about the blood-type diet, and am wondering if those who have had side-effects from OP with coconut oil are having a reaction due to an incompatible blood type? Would anyone who has had a negative reaction mind posting if they have O-type blood? I am O and LOVE coconut oil, and use it in virtually all of my baking and have oil pulled with it a few times. It has the most pleasant taste of all of the types I have tried OP with but I don't want to use it if it would be bad for me! (Will do some research on this blood-type diet to become more informed on this subject.)

Also, maybe you are actually reacting to the type of coconut oil being used? If non-organic oil is being used, maybe the side-effects are actually a reaction to something that non-organic coconuts have been treated with which is being carried directly to your bloodstream... just a thought...

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I am type O but I haven't oil pulled with coconut oil yet, I will try soon. Some of the problems with oil pulling here were connected to the fillings in the teeth, I had those as well but before people just give up oil pulling I would suggest that you do the same I did and buy yourself a good book on oil pulling. It is not true that there is nothing to learn about the subject. I learned a lot and the most important was that the only filling that started to come out after I started to do oil pulling was because the tooth had some problems. I hope that all is well now....

Replied by Amy
(Sugar Grove, Va)

I've been taking the Virgin Coconut Oil softgels for about a month now. I am type o blood type & have had no problems at all. I also use the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a mosturizer, my skin looks great! My cellulite is all but gone my spider veins are even disappearing! I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a mosturizer for my face though because I suffer from bad adult acne. The Olive Oil cleared up my acne , took away the begins of all wrinkles & almost all of my acne scars I've had for years are gone. I love it! I'll be 36 next month & I look 10 yrs younger! I love this site! I wash my face with baking soda & water & use Lemon Juice as an astringent.

Replied by Ava

Hi all, I have a question about which products/brands you used for the fantastic results! Please let me know which products worked for you as there are a lot of products out there that contain extra ingredients that causes side effects.

Replied by Littlelight
(Healdsburg, Ca)

As this practice has its origins in Ayurveda, it might be better to chose your oil based less on blood type, and more on your predominant Ayurvedic constitution:

Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. You can take a quiz to find it out here:

And get some info on which oils are best for your dosha here:

You might find a better fit using this method.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Littlelight, I did both tests with a bit different results but I didn't manage to find the type of the oil I should use on the Chopra site? And anyway, if I am a bit of all of them should I use the oil suitable for the most strong type?

Replied by Sara
(Rialto, California)

Hi everyone I am new to this site and the first thing I read about was all the benefits you get from apple cider vinegar and I tried it for heartburn that I had. For awhile I had a really bad stomachache from the heartburn so I did the Apple Cider Vinegar and it went away.

Well about a week later I came down with a really bad sore throat I had trouble swallowing I was getting paranoid cause I cant stand to be sick so I grabbed my Apple Cider Vinegar and did a mouthwash and gargle. Well lol I did it straight no water and after I spit it out I took a breath and couldnt so I held my breath with constant swalling till I could breath again. I guess maybe I should of drank something right after but I didnt. So anyways I was so relieved that my sore throat was gone. I was so happy so to get to the bottom of all this if you are op-ing and you have side effects can you use the Apple Cider Vinegar to clear some of the symptoms I want to do the op-ing but need to know if I can do other things to help with the symptoms thank you and good luck everyone.

Replied by Ceecee
(Cape Cod, Ma)

My 10 y/o daughter has had a sore throat (but no strep) for 2 months. After finding this site I decided to try it for both of us. After 15 min. we spit and rinsed. My daughter started coughing up nasty phlegm for about twenty minutes! Afterwards she excitedly said-Mom-I can breathe through both sides of my nose! Sunday she woke me up at 7:00 and asked if we could do the oil pulling again because "it made me feel so good yesterday" I felt good after my treatment and enjoyed two full nights of sleep, which hasn't happened in years! Will post back in 1 week to report on daughter's sore throat. Love this site-thanks so much!

Replied by Pat
(Bay Village, Ohio, Cuyahoga)

I have been oil pulling off and on for about six weeks, mainly using coconut oil, yesterdat my gums and cheek swelled up like an abcess, I called my dentist and am still waiting for him to call back. I started op and think the swelling is going down already. Is this possible or am I CRAZY?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Just curious if your abcess swelling did indeed subside from the oil pulling. According to what I am reading, this is entirely possible.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx)

This is for tracylove from Brooklyn. Try switching to organic extra virgin coconut oil (or cold pressed if you are already using EVCO). Regular coconut oil that is not Organic or EV can cause reactions. Perhaps Ted or someone like him can elaborate, but with Organic EVCO it is absent of what can cause those reactions.

Replied by Veronique
(New York, NY)

Which is the better oil to use for oil pulling. I recently started and is using grape seed oil. Will I get the same benefits? I am not seeing much about this oil.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Sis (Camp Zama, Japan) on 03/20/2010

After being told about oil-pulling om 5 Mar, I decided to do some research on the morning of the 6th and it led me to your site. After reading the basic information on how to, I started that morning. The immediate effect for me: my teeth clean a lot better after op. I thought that it would be a lot harder with the oil in my mouth to get them clean. I have reflux and some of my tooth enamel has eroded over the years. My teeth were getting dirty a lot faster in the day and were a lot harder to get clean. Sometimes even after brushing three times, I still had spots that were not squeaky clean. Now I can run my fingers over my teeth after brushing and can actually hear the sound of my fingers slipping over my teeth after one brushing and they stay cleaner longer. That has not happened in years.

One thing I need you to clear up for me though:

On your site you say to do the op before brushing, but the site you have as a reference ( says to do it after brushing. I have tried both, and once again to my surprise, it was just as effective. I thought my teeth would be oily, but that was not the case, and they stayed clean most of the day as well.

If you get some of the benefit from the added lubrication of the membranes in the mouth, would it not be contradictory to op first and then brush? I actually have also done op before and then again after brushing.

I mostly use extra virgin organic coconut oil. Have used avocado oil twice. My measurements are not all that exact. It usually is about a table spoon. Sometimes more or less. I started with about 15 minutes but have gone as long as 30 or 40 as I was doing research on my lap top. However, doing op while doing something else is not necessarily good as you may not concentrate on doing it right for effect. I usually op in the am, but have done it three times in the pm also. Usually what gets in my way of the pm session is the time I eat dinner and then would have to stay up too late to op. Since I don't have to wait to eat after op, I may chance my eating habits and make sure I have four hours after my lunch meal, then op and eat dinner after wards.

While in the US for a conference, I will bring back a gallon of sunflower and sesame oil each as it seems to have to most benefits for most of the reader on your site.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Sis, after reading your post I went to the site you talk about and also thought about it. I think that the thing to do is to clean your teath before oil pulling for the simple reason that you remove the worst toxins and don't flush them around and around in your mouth. I will start to do it that way. Why keep the old stuff? One problem I am experiencing is a gag reflex which has been getting worse. In the beginning I could do it for maybe 15 minutes and occasionally for 20, nowadays always less than 10, no idea why but as I do it very strongly the liquid is white so maybe it works all the same. I don't notice any health improvements but sometimes things are happening even though you don't see them directly.

Replied by Dh
(Knoxville, Iowa)

After research I have concluded that brushing after op is necessary due to the fact that op is pulling toxins. Cleaning your mouth afterwards will rid your mouth of toxins just sitting on your teeth and in your mouth, while your body has recieved the benefits of the op and will still be detoxing and probably pulling into your mouth you will not be starting your day with a mouthfull of toxic oil which could have adverse affects on your oral health.

Coconut Oil
Posted by [email protected] (Los Angeles, California) on 03/11/2010

I have been oil pulling for a month. Started with sesame oil, than sunflower oil. It reduced my appetite. Yesterday I purchased Coconut oil. The results were unpleasant. I think I am allergic. My eyes puffed. My head felt dizzy. Nausea, and disorient. I used one tablespoon, with each oil. I did not experience discomfort with the other oils I used. Has anyone else felt this way with VCO?

Replied by V
(Portland, Oregon, Us)

Allergy to coconut is extremely rare; hardly any cases have ever been reported. Your reaction, esp. dizziness you mention, may have to do with the antifungal properties of the oil, with yeast and possibly toxic metals. Yeast "helps" the body by ingesting toxic metals and storing them out of sight of your body. Check out for more info on yeast and mercury. I know the dizziness well - have been detoxing since April and have just learned about OP. Will try soon and start with Sesame. Hope this helps - good luck :-)

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lindaa (Chipley, Fl) on 12/30/2009


How do you hold coconut oil in your mouth for 15 minutes?

Yesterday I lasted 2 minutes, but it really worked for plaque on my teeth and the white coating on my tongue was gone.

This morning I used the same amount (about a teaspoon) and I had the same problem as yesterday. Saliva poured into my mouth. I lasted 3 minutes. I had to stop and breath through my mouth frequently (I must be a mouth breather) I was a coughing, gagging, spitting mess, but it worked again:) My teeth looked better, my gums are getting a health pink already.

Replied by Lee
(New York, New York)

Linda from Chipley - Are you concentrating on the oil pulling too much? I melt it first (i like to add a little clove oil or peppermint oil to it) - then I leave the bathroom and make the bed, check email, etc. I actually forget that it's in my mouth. Just swish it around very gently and get busy with something else! Good luck.

Replied by Linda
(Chipley, Florida)

Lee, Thank you so much for the information. I was doing what you said in your reply. I was ready to give up. melt it first? lol, I never would have thought about that. I was watching the clock lol. So once again Thank you Lee.

Replied by Mike
(Virginia Beach, Va)

Coconut oil at room temperature is a solid. My brother swears by coconut oil for a lot of things, so he goes through it a bit. Things he's learned along the way is that virgin coconut oil is the best to use. Most that you find in grocery stores are refined, and can possibly be quite counter-productive. He also sets the jar in a bowl of hot water to melt it, which is really the only way you should melt it.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Danielle (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 10/15/2009


Hi. I have been oil pulling for approximately three weeks with coconut oil. At first with a little more than a tablespoon, more recently I have been measuring a tablespoon exactly. I do it in the morning once I get up before brushing teeth or eating breakfast. I rinse my mouth out afterwards and spit a few times.

Although it seems to be draining my sinuses, and the health of my gums have improved (better shade of pink, no more bleeding) and the white coating on my tongue has disapeared, my tooth sensitivity has been getting worse and my teeth have been turning more yellow. I can also see a line in one tooth now that looks almost like an internal crack and it feels like the outer layer of another tooth, near the base of the gumline has been scraped off. This seems to be the opposite of what most people experience.

I know that sometimes there is a worening of symptoms for a bit, but I haven't read any accounts of this happening with teeth, usually more with rashes, sinues etc.

Has anyone else had this problem? Did it get worse or better in the long run? Did your teeth become damaged? Should I stop oil pulling or continue on? I am afraid that my teeth are deteriating in front of my eyes due to some strange reaction that a rare few may have.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Replied by Jen
(Salt Lake City, Ut.)

I have been oil pulling with Coconut oil for about 6 months now and have noticed a lot of great results including increased energy and clarity of toughts. However the most significant is the improvement of my skin. I was haveing frequent adult breakouts of acne patches all the time, that I never had as a teenager, when one breakout would begin to clear another would begin. After oil pulling for about a month, my skin is clear and beautiful- no more breakouts. I also use Coconut oil as my primary moistureizer for my entire body and for cooking! I would like to say- if you begin to breakout a little more than usual in the beginning, don't stop, give it time- your skin will clear out! Good Luck and Thanks EC!

Replied by Craig
(Round Lake, Il)

I just started (4 Days)the 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in the morning, with diabetes the first thing I notice is that my skin became smooth like I have been putting lotion on. No longer dry and scaly, I think it is the coconut oil.

Replied by Rachael
(Georgetown, Ohio)

Danielle from Toronto, did your teeth every improve? I OP for two weeks and my teeth became so sensitive that I could not eat. I haven't OP for 2 weeks at all now, and my teeth still hurt. Never had these symptoms before OP. Just wondering if i should have stuck it out!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lisa (Layton, Ut, USA) on 09/21/2009


Healing Crisis with OP w/Virgin Coconut Oil My daughter and I just heard about and started oil pulling with VCO (done mornings, probably not a full tablespoon each time), while reading ______'s book and incorporating VCO into our lives. She almost immediately started coughing up (sometimes violently) all kinds of phlegm from her lungs and this has continued for about a week now (no signs of sickness such as fever, but she does have a sore throat from coughing it all up). Inbetween coughing, she does note that she seems to have more lung capacity than she's had since a bout with shingles about 6 years ago (when she was 20) that left her with a more severe asthmatic condition than she had when she was a kid.

We recognize this as a "healing crisis" and she'll continue OP. We'd just like to know if anyone else has been through this and how long to anticipate that it may last, especially since it's interfering with her whole family's sleep. She doesn't want to take cough medicine to suppress the cough because "better out than in" but wonders how long this might go. It's not constant but quite violent when it hits.

Also, she's still breastfeeding a toddler (only twice a day at this age), and wonders if there is any danger to him other than being disturbed by her coughing. Can a healing crisis like this affect breastfeeding or the breastfed child?

Thank you.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca)

This is just a thought. I would consider using the hydrogen peroxide method to really clear up all that mucus. It is absolutely amazing! Both my husband and I did it with incredible results and had our two kids do it as well. I didn't even realize just how much phlegm could be in a body! Chinese medicine has lots to say at the havoc it can wreak. Check out the H202 section.

Replied by Marah
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Just wanted to mention apple cider vinegar to you regarding the phlegm problem. I have been slowly coming down with a cold and my chest has felt congested for a few weeks now. Last night I took 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 tablespoons of non pasteurized honey. I drank it slowly, taking a sip at a time since I found it to strong to drink in one go. The results were amazing! By the time I was about half way through I felt the phlegm loosen in my chest and was able to cough most of it up. I thought this might help with the violent coughing because it really seems to help loosen the phlegm up.

Best Wishes!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Cecelia (Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.) on 09/16/2009


I was introduced to oil pulling by a friend who had tried it. I have been doing OP with CO for approximately 4 weeks now. I use 1 tbsp first thing in the mornings only for 15 mins, sometimes 30 mins and gently swish it around. When I spit it out it appears almost greeseless and like mother's milk. The first thing I noticed that I had gum bleeding which lasted for roughly one week and I always want to spit out a thick phlegm which would continue for about half an hr. On only a few occasions, I vomited phlegm after swishing a small amount mucus also drained from my nose. I can now feel air passing through my nasal passage which I cannot remember when I used to experience that and my sense of smell which was hardly functional is extremely alert. I have been diagnosed with sinusitis for some 30 years. I sleep much more easily and my energy level has also increased moderatly.


Coconut Oil
Posted by Welshangel (Caernarfon, Gwynedd, UK) on 09/10/2009

I have just had my first batch of coconut oil. what is the reason that you need to OP on an empty stomach? some say 4hr after you eat and 1hr after drink. if this is so, i can only do it early morning ? as i would like to do it twice a day if i do it after eating what will happen ? as im not swallowing the oil. also it's hard oil, would i be better melting it first ?

Thank you

Replied by Karen
(Loogootee, In)

I would say that the anxiety which followed your oil pulling is from your body detoxing from copper. I am getting rid of copper, and it causes anxiety as it comes out of your brain and liver, and goes into your bloodstream.

Replied by Lufelo4health
(Seagoville, Tx)

The coconut oil melts once you place it in your mouth. As you op, which is swishing the oil around in the mouth and through your teeth, the oil will become a liquid.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Julie (Leverett, Ma Usa) on 09/01/2009

I started OP about ten days ago with 1 tblsp of Safflower Oil for twenty minutes in the AM. I had no side effects except for a mild tummy ache after every pull. Within a week, I noticed that I was sleeping so much better. This is huge since I am always battling with sleep issues.

After reading testimonies from this site and talking with my friend who OP, I decided to try Coconut Oil. I did this one time, before bed, with 1 tsp. of VCO and I had a huge reaction! I woke up at 3AM with great pain in my neck, back , arms and feet, and my stomach was hurting. I also felt very anxious. It's hard to believe that I would have such a reaction, but there is no other explanation.. I have stopped OP for a few days, because I feel so terrible still. I even feel slight nerve pain around my face. It makes me think that I was triggering a heavy metal detox with the OP.

Has anyone else experienced such a strong reaction? I really want to get back to pulling with the Safflower oil, since this felt so healthful to me, but am afraid to start again with this pain in my body.


Replied by Sue
(Greenville, Nc)

I have been OP with 1 T. sesame oil and also taking coconut oil - 2 teas/ 3 x day as a supplement (not OP with coconut). The OP has been fantastic, however, ingesting the coconut oil has caused some pretty intense detox reactions. Since it has such excellent antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties, I suspect your symptoms are related to the release of toxins from these organisms as they die off. I've experienced heavy metal detox symptoms with the sesame oil OP, but they've been manageable with the addition of a oral chelator or metal binder like charcoal, zeolite, etc. My brain feels much clearer, I have more energy and the mercury staining on my gums has decreased greatly. Try using a different oil, like organic unrefined sesame for a while before using coconut.

Replied by Becky
(Springer, Oklahoma)

In response to a possible heavy metal detox, which sounds very plausable, chlorella is one of the top ones for metal detox. When you start with high doses, one can actually see/feel the metals leave one's body in b.m.'s You can also have your hair tested for metal toxicity.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Victoria (Sacramento, CA) on 07/24/2009

I started OP with VCO for 2 weeks ago; 1 tbls, 20 mins, twice per day (first thing in the morning and before dinner). I have been keeping a log of when I OP and how I feel about the experience of this. Reading peoples comments about this OP thing has been wonderful and helpful however I have not had these "remarkable" results as many have claimed. After doing much reading about the positive healthful results from using coconut oil and palm oil, I am convinced that using these oils is better than not using them. I am obese, diabetic and will be turning 54 this November. I have not seen any changes in my blood sugar levels but I do love the way my mouth feels after OP. The small amount of gum bleeding after flossing has completely disappeared and I do believe the OP has corrected this condition. I will continue with this form of treatment and keeping my log of experiences with it and I think I will try another type of oil after about a month of doing this. Does anyone else have similar experiences such as mine and can you tell me what other results you might be having? Are there any other suggestions people have?

Replied by Bevan
(Dunedin, N.Z.)

Mate, check out this vid on you tube.. "foods that kill" -- sounds like it could be usefull for you.

**i plan to start tryin OP tomorrow... see what rice bran oil does....

Replied by Felicia
(Santa Rosa, Ca)

As for your diabetes, please look into fenugreek and cinnamon supplements and organic apple cider vinegar. I have a close friend that I got on the regimen and he now has consistent blood sugar readings within normal ranges. He started with low and high blood sugar readings, they were all over the place. I wholeheartedly believe in apple cider vinegar for aid in many health problems.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Sarah (Hackensack, New Jersey) on 06/25/2009

I started OP today after reading all these wonderful testimonials. I used ____Coconut Oil, I am not too sure what went wrong but when I finally spat, the oil looked like thick white foam instead of thin and colorless oil as described above. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Replied by Kyra
(Cortland Manor, New York)

You haven't done anything wrong. That is the result you want to achieve.

Replied by Sarah
(Hackensack, NJ)

Thanks Kyra:) I really appreciate your quick response.

Replied by Sarah
(Hackensack, NJ)

Today's the second day of OP, overall I feel good but I saw some red rashes on both my hands, is it normal?

Replied by Christine
(Salisbury, Maryland)

hi sarah, when you pull with coconut oil it should turn white and thick that show's that it is working. The oil mixes with the saliva and the bacteria in your mouth and pulls it out and then after 15-20 minutes you spit it out and rinse your mouth out with water. It worked on my husband's sinusis and my blood pressure also my borderline diabetes. One Tbs. of a good organic coconut oil morning and last thing at night after cleaning your teeth is best, and don't put it down the toilet or sink because it will clog them.Hope this help's. from christine.

Replied by Sarah
(Hackensack, Nj)

Thanks a lot Christine:)

Coconut Oil
Posted by Marie (Houston, TX) on 06/22/2009

About a year ago i started oil pulling with seseme oil but after a couple of weeks I noticed black spots had appeared in clusters on my tongue. This seemed to be the only side effect, apart from that it had the desired effect. I stopped oil pulling until a couple of weeks ago (now with coconut oil) and so far, the black spots have neither increased or reduced in appearance. Any reason why the black spots appeared and whether or not they will spread? I love the benefits of oil pulling but i am too vain to walk around with a black tongue.

Replied by U.n. Soldier
(Vatican City, Italy)

Holy Cow! This oil pulling is amazing. That something so simple can have such huge benefits is just awesome. My gums have filled a sensitive hole in, in only 3 days! My teeth are white for the first time in my life! The first day I pulled with Grape Seed oil I slept like a baby the whole night through, which was just non existent for me. The other 2 days I have pulled with Extra Virgin Coconut oil. That is when the teeth whitening happened. Also pulled mucus out like a dam burst the first time. And get this, my molars which 3 days before did not all line up (they did not all touch at the same time when I clenched my teeth, or chewed)... Now they do! So tell how in the world is that possible! LOl I am in amazement, and happy, and sleeping like a baby with my new white straight teeth! Lol Give it a try, you will become a believer also:)

Replied by Hannah
(New Orleans, LA)

3 days in and I woke up with a black tongue for the first time in my life! I scrubbed it, rinsed, repeated, until it wasn't black anymore. It was freaky though. Ghost

Coconut Oil
Posted by Darlene (Atlanta, GA) on 06/11/2009

Question for Ted - Loosened Permanent Bridge and Slow Mucus Drainage

Hi: I was so excited to learn about oil pulling from this wonderful Web site that I started three days ago using cold pressed EVCO in the morning and at night before going to bed. I followed Ted's recommendation of OP between brushing. I have 2 questions for Ted regarding pulling metals out of my body:

1. I have a permanent bridge in the front of my mouth; after OP this morning that area of my mouth was feeling sensitive. I slightly pulled at the bridge and noticed what I think was slight movement. Should I stop OP, will my bridge fall out? I am unemployed at the moment with no dental insurance and no money to pay for an expensive bridge replacement. I have read the comments on EC and although few have reported fillings falling out, I would prefer not to be one of the few who experience this negative effect from OP.

2. Also, I have had chronic sinus infections and mucus build up for the past 10-15 years and have always taken over the counter medication (like Mucinex, Nasonex) or prescription anitbiotics to clear up the infections which never really go away.

After three days, I noticed a slight loosening of the mucus immediately after OP but it seems to build up again. Unfortunately, I have not had the immediate drainage or loosening of mucus that most people report. Could this be the result of so many years of very thick mucus build up and chronic sinusitis? Is there anything I can do to flush the mucus out faster? Should I drink baking soda and sea salt before or after OP, use a peroxide solution or other natural solution to help loosen the mucus? I can feel that it is still very very thick, as it slowly drains down the back of my throat. Will the mucus loosen more each day and eventually drain completely out as I continue OP?

Thank you,


Replied by Winki
(Cordes Lakes, Az, Usa)

Darlene, H2O2 35% food grade is the key. I've been an asthma sufferer since 3-4 years (36 now) I'm 2 months into usage of this old time cure. I've been expelling (detox crisis) beautifully. I can feel it pulling head as well as chest. My lung capacity has increased. I'm on maintenence daily dose and my 6 years olds are on low daily doses-diluted and in combination with vit-E/acidophilus, we also take v-A. If twins get mucousy-dry-A in a Tab. sp. mixed with unconcentrated juice and a cup of "GOOD" water. No distilled or reverse osmoses, but ph 8.5 for kids to 14 and 9.5 with older.

I even do inhalation treatment, due to being severely anemic, I alternate days in using h2o2 with floradix and molasses. This has been effective I believe. I get another cbc w/diff in 3 mos. According to my bio-feed, it's going well-pregressively well.

I also suffer with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, raynaud's, arthritis, ibs, spine as 85 yr old's. So, whenever I get a healthful tip without damaging side effects, I go for it. Just USE NECESSARY CAUTION and FOLLOW RECIPES CAREFULLY.


Replied by Brie0001
(Winter Park, Fl, Usa)

"...and a cup of "GOOD" water. No distilled or reverse osmoses, but ph 8.5 for kids to 14 and 9.5 with older. "

What is GOOD water? How do I get it? How do I determine what the pH should be?

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