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Shannabelle (Gilbert, Arizona, Usa) on 08/02/2011

I am 7 months pregnant and would like to start taking EVCO internally. I currently use it externally as a moisturiser, and after reading all of the wonderful posts testifying to the great overall results, I would like to know if it would be safe for me to begin ingesting it. I am 34, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I eat a pretty healthy diet of fruit, veggies and some meat. I would like to get all of the toxins out of my body using EVCO befor the birth of my son. I plan to breastfeed and I would love to be as healthy as possible to ensure that he has the very best from me internally as well as externally. I would also like to know if it would be safe to use as a moisturizer on my newborn.

I stumbled upon this site accidentally five days ago and since then I have become a sponge. I absolutely love the community of people sharing their personal experiences with virtual strangers. Thank you all for giving your time and effort to help people be as healthy as can be the way the good Lord intended.


Replied By Laurenmichele1 (Carlsbad, Ca) on 08/02/2011

It is absolutely safe! It would do NO harm and only benefit you and your baby for the better! I recommend using it as a moisturizer for your baby instead of all the commercial ones with chemicals no one can pronounce... And it's less expensive! I started giving it to my little ones when they started solids too... Good luck to you!

Replied By Lily (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) on 08/03/2011

Hi Shannabelle, although I don't like to advise what you should take when you are pregnant I am pretty sure EVCO being a natural oil would be safe especially for external use on yourself and the baby when it is born. I know the South Pacific Islanders have been using coconut oil for an eternity without problems. I would keep the injestion of EVCO to a minimal amount to be sure, maybe about 2tsp daily. Hope this helps. Lily.

Replied By Christal (Austin, Tx) on 08/19/2011

@Shannabelle from Gilbert, Arizona, Hi there, I am currently seven months pregnant and Have been using Coconut oil since I was pregnant with my first child who is now 15 months old! I take a tablespoon a day and started doing so because I got a yeast infection during the first pregnancy and it cured it so I kept taking it, coconut oil is EXTREMELY beneficial for you, I give it to my son as well, not completely raw lol, but I make Creamy Buckwheat for breakfast and put a tablespoon of Coconut oil, make sure its organic and cold pressed and virgin, and I also add a tablespoon of peanut or almond butter and a tablespoon of ground or whole flaxseeds depending on what I have at the time, then I slice a banana and if I have other fruits like strawberries blueberries or bananas I add that! Its delicous and healthy and he loves it, I would drink Raw unpasteurized milk whenever possible as well! You can email me with any questions you might have about anything, I am going to study to become a naturopath.

My email is christaleddlema(at)

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Replied By Christal (Austin , Tx) on 08/19/2011

I forgot to add that Coconut oil is ALSO Antibacterial antimicrobial and antifungal!

Replied By Sarah (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 01/19/2012

Coconut oil for EVERYTHING!!!! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I rubbed it on my stretch marks, I ate a tablespoon everyday during my last trimester and used it for my perianal massage during the weeks leading up to delivery and during delivery... Her head was out in one strong push and the rest of her body followed with the next push! After I used it on her dry skin and my cracked nipples! She is now two and loves eating it whenever I let her! I use it to deep condition my hair and in the bedroom as a natural lubrication! Just make sure to get organic unrefined coconut oil!
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Replied By Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 01/20/2012

Sarah, if you don't slow down on that Coconut oil a bit, you may be needing a nanny around the house!!!

Replied By Lifab (USA) on 05/02/2012

To Lisa from Asheville, Nc:It's quite possible that you're suffering from a vitamin A deficiency. It corrected my continous bleeding when I had the same problem. Don't use synthetic Vitamin A (Palmitate) or beta carotene but natural vitamin A from fish liver oil. Good luck!

Replied By Juliana (Ghana) on 03/07/2014

How can I use coconut oil to have quick delivery? I am 34 weeks pregnant - can I take coconut oil?

Replied By Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 03/07/2014

Dear Juliana,

I am not aware of Coconut Oil being used to help have a quick delivery. It can certainly be part of a healthy diet, and a healthy diet will make it less likely to have complications in labor.

There are a number of "Birth Preparation" formulas that some have found very helpful. You take them the last 4-6 weeks of pregnancy and many find them helpful for better deliveries.

Dr. Chistopher's is called "Birth Prep."

Nature's Sunshine has one called 5-W

Mountain Meadow Herbs has one called "Gentle Birth."

I was not aware of such formulas until my last birth. I used "Gentle Birth." I cannot say if it helped or not. However, I did have very minimal bleeding after delivery, which surprised all the nurses a I was having my 9th baby.

Red Raspberry leaf tea, 3-4 cups a day, would also be a good thing to try (unless you get a birth prep formula that already has it in it.)

Let us know how things go for you.

~Mama to Many~