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B14a3w3 (Stewartstown, Pa) on 03/20/2011
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For 2 years I have been using a capful of peroxide, premeasured NeilMed salt, 1 cup of warm water and 3 drops of Betadine once a day to prevent allergy sinus infections. I use a NeilMed squirt bottle to shoot the solution into one nasal passage and it comes out the other... Like a netipot would do. Instead of 2-3 infections a year, I have none. It has also prevented cracked skin over the cartilidge on the inside of my nose from post nasal drip irritation. My doctor said it was safe and to keep doing it since it helps. I have had infections for at least 20 years prior to trying this solution.
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Replied By Mike (Surrey, England) on 02/26/2016

So pleased I noticed your post here. I have suffered from sinusitis and post nasal drip leading to chest infections for many years. This followed a nasal operation which I was told would eradicate the problem. It made the situation much worse! I had been washing out my sinuses with premeasured NeilMed salt which was very helpful. However, I have been adding 3 drops of Betadine in the salt solution for about 3 months and the difference is amazing. Far less nasal congestion, post nasal drip almost gone and no chest infections! I find the salt solution a little drying inside my nasal passages so I apply a small amount of coconut oil inside my nose on a cotton bud a little time after the morning sinus rinse. I have benefited greatly from your own findings. Thank you so much.
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Replied By Colette (Marin County, Ca ) on 03/19/2018

Yes!!!! The capful and a half of peroxide and salt saline rinse changed my life. I have not had a sinus infection or ear infection for years. Caution!!!!!!! There is a reason drs tell people to stay away from this treatment. If not used very carefully conservatively you could break down your silia. Without your silia your mucus membrane can't protect itself. The reason I tried it was unbelievable high pain level. Within 10 mi of my first treatment I knew it was going to help. Stop using as soon as the sinus swelling pain is down. Never use this as a daily rinse. As always just my experience. I am not a Dr.