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Jrt Owner (Brentwood, Ca) on 01/15/2011
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re: pets with stomach gurgling, upset tummy - I hope this can help someone out there.

I have a female Jack Russel Terrier that has had digestive issues her entire life (she has the typical, very excitable JRT personality).

After having spent plenty of money taking her to the veterinarian's office, I have tried my own approach to try to prevent the stomach distress in the first place.

The vet suggested smaller, more frequent meals but that alone (plus a very strong antibiotic) didn't eliminate the problem.

I feel that what has made a big difference is giving her half of a probiotic multi-enzyme pill with each of her three meals.

Since I have followed this regimen she has had experienced only minor stomach gurgling on the rare occasion and Has seemed to recover her old appetite.

I plan on feeding her this way for the rest of her life as it was very distressing to hear her tummy gurgling so loudly and have her go off her food for days at a time.

If this helps you please let someone else know.

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Replied By Raberdash (Ely, Nevada, Usa) on 01/05/2012

This is absolutely the only way to handle gastrointestinal issues with dogs in my opinion. I have a young lab with whom I have used this protocol, and the results are almost instantaneous. I lapsed with the probiotics and she had a bout of vomiting and gurgling stomach. I immediately gave her a digestive enzyme and 1/4 tsp. of a probiotic for animals and two cold-pressed barley tablets in a little warm water, and her stomach settled immediately. You have to watch the barley caps, monitoring the dog's urine from time to time to make sure you don't cause calcium oxylate crystals because of an overly alkaline diet, but since I am feeding a high end bison diet, this isn't a concern at this time.

If you feed your dog raw fruits (apples, pears) only do so when there is nothing in her stomach and well before the next meal. NEVER feed fruit with anything else.

I try to feed raw carrots and romaine as treats between meals too, but it has to be well after the dog has digested the cooked dry food.

I have heard that the best time to feed a dog is between noon and 4 pm, since this is when their digestive tract is most prepared to process food. Since I feed twice per day, the second one is always between these hours, closer to noon than 4.