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Jade (Murrieta, Ca) on 02/17/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I foster lots of dogs and cats and have occasional outbreaks of ringworm and mange. It was not uncommon for one of my family members to get ringworm from the affected pets. A nurse at a local hospital suggested we try head and shoulders shampoo...just wash hair as directed, and any affected areas. Within days the rash is gone.

We tried the same thing on the pets and got the same results. For ringworm, wash pet and let it soak for about five minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat every couple of days.

For Mange, apply shampoo to coat and work up a lather. Let sit for 10 minutes to kill mites. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat every three days as needed till rash is gone.

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Replied By Mgew (Texas, United States) on 02/24/2016

I used Head and Shoulders on my cats for ringworm. You cannot used this very much at all on cats. Maybe only twice. Once at the onset and then when they have healed to make sure that all the fungus is off their fur. I did used it more often and it made my cats itch and their hair fell out around their shoulders. The selenium can be super drying. Use an alternative treatment for the ringworm itself. I use about 6 drops of apple cider vinegar in 2 oz of colloidal silver applied twice a day on the spots.

Replied By Rachel (Ny) on 09/16/2016

The CS and ACV dabbing on the spots cured your cats of RW?

Just curious how long it took as I am doing the same doing a diluted APV and water wipe twice daily and also putting CS in their drinking water and food, about a teaspoon in their wet food twice a day and a teaspoon in their water daily, I use Mesosilver (Pure True Colloidal Silver) We just started 2 days in. Luckily it isn't spreading on them, Fingers crossed.

I hear it takes at least 5 days of CS ingestion to start clearing. We are taking it too so we don't get RW.

Anyone else have luck with Colloidal silver/Apple Cider Vinegar?