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Mae (Cape Neddick, Maine) on 01/04/2010
4 out of 5 stars

One week in...

I discovered OP while researching a natural remedy for sinus infection. I started with olive oil, three days later switched to sesame oil, then to VCO. While the sinus infection is in control, it is not by any means cured. I have also been using ACV in warm water with honey twice a day and neti pot 3 times a day. I wish I could say I have had the results some of you have had in eliminating tons of mucus. I will stick with it though.

My question is: I have read many blogs over the past week and don't see that anyone is talking about blending oils. I am thinking about mixing sesame with coconut. Is there any reason why I shouldn't?

EC: A few people have mentioned adding a drop of clove or wild oregano to their Sesame, Olive, Coconut, etc. oil.


Replied By Lisa (Closter, Nj Usa) on 04/03/2011

BEE propolis with Manuka honey along with the oregano oil (P73 WILD is best) and the ACV ;and the cayenne pepper in tandem will cure the sinus infection. I used to get them 7x yr. All that chronic sinusitus is from candida. Eat clean and no sugar or refined carbs. I take a plastic spoon (as bee propolis will stick to a metal spoon) and dip it into the Manuka honey- then add a full dropper of Bee Propolis... Slide it down ur tounge into the back of ur mouth(as it can stick to ur teeth). Do 2xday. The Bee pollen in both the propolis and from the Manuka (i get any type over 80%pollen )has an antiallergen effect.

Dont believe the drug pushing drug companies. GOD gave us everything we need. How do u think other cultures survived for thousands of yrs? why was evoo, and herbs etc considered currency? EVEN BEER! Modern medicine is yesterday news. They try diff things but then 10yrs later u always see that people have lawsuits due to drugs they took. ESPECIALLY Now! DETOX first, then inflammation will go away, then restoration occurs. All diease comes from inflammation and cellular degeneration. Oxidation is also important. BUT THE MOST BY FAR- IMHO- is normalizing/testing regularly ur Ph. of BOTH the BLOOD/URINE. EVERYone is finding that acidosis is the main contributor of cellular degeneration. Check it out.