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Tassia (Berkeley, Ca, Us) on 10/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I got this thing called a Plantar Fibroma on the sole of my foot, suddenly, about 7 weeks ago. After I got the diagnosis a couple of weeks ago, I was trying out some ACV on my skin and it occurred to me that it would feel good on my feet -- and it did, it felt REALLY soothing and cooling, which seemed very good. By the next morning, the fibroma was almost gone. Here is what I did: I put a folded paper towel in a plastic bag (like a produce bag) and poured some ACV (that expensive, organic brand) onto that, then put my foot on the paper towel and tied the plastic bag onto my foot (I actually did both feet because it felt so good) and left them like that overnight. I kept doing this for about a week, and there is no sign now of a fibroma. Kind of amazing, as people have surgeries for this -- and then the fibromas come back anyway. I wonder if this would also help plantar fasciitis, as it seemed to soften and relax the entire fascia.
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Replied By Margaret (Albany, Ny) on 11/02/2009

I am so excited to read about this treatment because I have been suffering with several fibromas on each foot. I am actually currently using ACV to spot-treat plantar warts on my feet. The ACV is causing the hardened skin around the wart, and the wart, to peel away, a very good thing. But I'm nervous about now applying ACV to the entire foot, including non-hardened skin... did you experience burning or extensive peeling at all? I was surprised that you said it felt good. Thanks for posting!

Replied By Tassia (Berkeley, Ca Usa) on 05/15/2012

When I did the ACV treatment on my feet, I treated the entire sole of my foot (see my original post above) all night long for several days, and I had NO peeling or burning at all. Don't know why it would be different for others. I used brown organic apple cider vinegar, the kind with a "mother" in it, and the brand that is from an old-time health-food advocate. My sister has been putting it on a couple of warts on her fingers, taping a piece of ACV-soaked cotton on 24/7, and this method does appear to "burn" the wart off.
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Replied By Leslie (Maryland) on 02/07/2016

Planters Wart and Plantar Fasciitis are NOT the same as Plantar Fibromatosis (aka Ledderhose disease). The latter is not an inflammation or a fungus; it is the growth of a fibrous tumor (benign), is often familial (genetic - I.e. in the DNA [Tassia, take note re your sister]), and does not respond to topical creams or ACV. Luis, peeling away dead skin with ACV affects only the outer layer of skin and will not dissolve the internal tumor fibers. I've heard that some people have had success with radiotherapy under certain conditions. Unfortunately, when I got my first fibroma in the arch of my right foot in 1988, by doctor didn't tell me about the condition nor the risk of surgery. Sure enough, within a few months of surgery I had several more larger tumors on that foot; I've had two more surgeries on that foot, including a fasciectomy - but more tumors grew & are still there on the sides. Even as recently as 2005, having held off on surgery on my other foot as long as I could (the entire sole of that foot was one enormous tumor), I finally gave in and saw the doctor who offered no other alternative than surgery (including fasciectomy). A year after that, I have more tumors on the side of that foot. The doctor told me (after the fact) that a skin graft as final step in the surgery minimizes regrowth.

I also have Dupuytrens on both hands; only the contracture between base of my index finger and thumb on my right hand necessitated surgery - three years, and no proliferation of tumors in that spot!

My father & brother had Ledderhose (only one foot) and an aunt had Dupuytrens. If any of the men in my family had Peyronies, they weren't admitting it :-) ... Now my daughter has sprouted a fibroma on the arch of her left foot ...

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Replied By Mira (Denmark) on 04/06/2016

I would like to know how ACV shrinks a tumor that is underneath the skin, without breaking the skin? I'm referring to lederhose disease, which I have. Which is a plantar fibroma. All you guys who managed to get rid of yours with ACV, did you also have the lederhose disease or dupuytrens diagnosis and still managed to rid of the lump? If yes, I am going to try. Looking forward to your answers