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Elizabeth (Nashville, Tn) on 09/11/2009
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Nasal Fungal Infection? I have had nasal issues for the past couple of years since I have had septoplasty done. Since the surgery, I have had alot of post nasal drippage and a "smell" coming from my right nostril. Now, I am self treating for systemic candida so I am almost certain this is stemming from that. I have tried using 50/50 peroxide spray, tea tree oil spray, 50/50 ACV spray etc.. and have not had luck. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to get rid of this? My main complaints are stuffiness (like my nasal cavity is swollen and itchy) and nasal drip (which is stinky!!) and constantly blowing nose. Sorry, don't want to gross anyone out. I'm going crazy here!!!!
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Replied By Kathy (Dubois, Pa) on 09/11/2009

This is going to sound very off-the-wall, but are you sure the doctor didn't miss a piece of gauze or wadding or something up there during or after the surgery?

Replied By Elizabeth (Nashville, Tn) on 09/13/2009

I have thought about that and have gone back to the Dr. multiple times. He has not mentioned anything being stuck up there. I notice I have a pocket along the septum which traps the mucus. Ugghhh..what a gross condition. My thoughts are, if I get rid of the source of the mucus ( bacterial, fungal, etc) than maybe I can get rid of these symptoms.

Replied By Doris (Oc, Ca) on 07/16/2010

Mom-in-law had nose-sinus fix-alteration as young woman early-1960's. Ever since, she suffered migraines, spent most her children's formative yrs on the sofa in excruciating pain. No dr could 'find a fix'. Now nearly 50 yrs later, retired out-of-state (still suffering), went for routine ear exam, dr took a fast ear exam, said something's in there. He did an in-office extraction of a bone chip the first dr left in. She is totally different. No one can believe the change in her. Just a regular ear-light/magnifier exam. Dr said he saw it easy, just pulled it right out with a tweeze.
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Replied By Linda (Boston, Massachusetts) on 10/27/2017

Fungal nasal infection, I read that cayenne pepper kills fungal infection. Take a q tip and swab nasal area with cayenne pepper
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Replied By Carrie (California) on 01/12/2023

After watching both Dr. Mandell and Dr. Berg on YouTube regarding sinus problems I started taking the following action. At night I avoid food (especially dairy) for the last couple hours of the day; after I brush my teeth before bed I gargle warm distilled water with a little Himalayan salt in it. I then use a Neti pot. When I do that, I am able to breathe through my nose throughout the whole night. They said things that led me to believe I might have a fungal infection in my sinuses and I think I've gotten it under control now.
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Replied By sam (miami) on 01/17/2023

If you complete NAET treatment course you sinus issues would most certainly disappear.

Also there are 4 sinus cavities: frontal (the lower forehead), maxillary (cheekbones), ethmoid (beside the upper nose), and sphenoid (behind the nose); which cavity sinusitis do you have? Sphenoid sinusitis is only treated surgically.