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Woog (Kl, Malaysia) on 08/05/2009

I would like to comment on vaccinations. My first child got 3 jabs because the pediarician threaten me and I was not informed nor educated on the matter. I heard from a direct-selling company founder that she did not vax her later kids and they were healthy. But that's all the info I got.

After d 3rd jab, seeing my 1 month old cry pierced my heart. I sat down and search all that I can online about vaccinations. I was shocked. It took me a long time to read and I never finished reading. There was just too much info, too much damaged. I didn't want to be another statistic.

Parents. I urge all of u to read up. My 2nd child never got a single jab and she is much healthier than the elder one. Do some comparison. Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Kids. My children never had to be admitted into a hospital nor have they ever need to visit a doctor. I breastfeed them fully. It's not eay nor it is always convenient. BUT it is worth it. Just a few years and u get helthy kids. Take responsibility on what you put in your child's mouth. Dun give them candies, colas, junk food and expect them to be healthy.

Fever, flu, coughs and childhood diseases are part and parcels of growing up. This site has a lot of great advises which I refer to aside from reading "How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of YOur Doctor" Always take responsibility for your own child. Research and ask till you find something that you are comfortable with.

Ppl, friends, relatives around me dun believe or support my decision but I have 2 healthy children to show. Never given them any medication. 4 and 1 plus children.

Keep up the good work EarthClinic. I am always recommending your website to my friends. I rather try natural remedies first. Never had to use drugs so it goes to show, natural remedies work.

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Replied By Loraine (Orlando, Fl) on 08/05/2009

This question is for Woong from malaysia: How do you get your kids in school without them being vaccinated. I have also heard many negative things about vaccines but am worried that my children would not be accepted in school if I dont get them vaccinated. Can you please advice.

Replied By Selena (Chula, Ga) on 08/05/2009

I have a form that I typed up for myself and a few friends that do not have their children vaccinated (as well as myself used for college and nursing job.) I would be happy to forward it to anyone interested. They can not force you to have your children vaccinated. I even used it 10 years ago for my daughter in daycare. BY the way...the daycare RN called me one morning and said all of the children in my daughter's group had broken out with a strange looking form of chicken pox. My daughter is the only one who did not get it and she was the only one who had not received the chicken pox vaccine, however she did get chicken pox 1 year later after I purposely exposed her to a neighbor's child with it. (Just like my mother did me). Vaccines are dangerous. Do your research and don't get your information from your doctor. Your children are worth it.
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Replied By T (Baltimore, Md, USA) on 08/06/2009

From Dr. Mercola's site - Legally avoiding vaccinations:

Vaccination Liberation - looks to be a great resource with letter templates, links to state laws, etc.

Excellent letter from a lawyer parent to a school board:

With the swine flu being so hyped and school starting again soon, we are potentially facing some big issues. We may encounter pressure, if not outright assault, on our sovereign rights over our own bodies and the care of our children. Arm yourself with knowledge now to stay healthy and to keep Big Pharma and government out of your bodies, your childrens' bodies, and your wallet.


Replied By Woog (Kl, Malaysia) on 08/07/2009

My kids are still young. I guess I will worry about school when time comes. I may opt to homeschool my kids. I can't publicly tell you my other option but u can email me if u really wanna know.

If you look up websites recommended in Earthclinic, you can find that in US, you have a lot of ways to handle the issue of vaccination and school enrolment. Pretty easy and convenient. You can also try to contact ppl from those websites.

Health is more important. Find a school that will accept your unvax kids. I rather haf the inconvenience of homeschooling them then to have to take care of them my whole life should they be damaged by vaccines. I haf seen damaged done but docs will never say it's from vax.

If they are no longer able to take care of themselves, how are they gonna learn in the first place. At anytime, I rather have a not-so-smart kids than have kids who are not even able to take care of their own basic needs like bathing, eating, etc.

Being in the US, you have great homeschooling materials. Here, it is not that widely accepted and materials are not all that cheap or available. SO you have an advantage.

Weigh your choices. Good Luck!

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Replied By Kathleen (Vancouver, Wa, USA) on 08/11/2009

IF, just in case...if there were mandatory vaccinations, especially for our children. What can a novice to natural remedies do to prevent harm from the vaccinations. I have read a few things online, but most would confuse someone who has never heard of MMS or a mixture of other supplements. What would be the most understandable method of protection. Thanks!

Replied By Woog (Kl, Malaysia) on 08/12/2009

Kathleen, what I did for my elder one was I fed her flax seed oil, coconut oil, spirulina, loads of Vit. C, all the good stuff I can afford or get my hands on. This was when she was a baby but as long as your child is willing to take them, feed them especially coconut oil. If you refer to coconut oil and it's benefits in this website or any other website, you'll find that it covers a lot of things.

My younger child, I refuse to let her be given even Vitamin K at birth. Absolutely nothing and she is stronger than the sis. Except for Roseola, she dun get fever. FLus, yes. Just give her water, vit c.

I'd question the doctors till I get a confident answer from the doctor. Read the inserts for the vaccine. Is it 100% effective? If not then give u something that is 100% effective? Will there be side-effects? Docs will most likely say mild fever, rashes, etc BUT is the doctor willing to support your child for life should your child get bad reactions such as seizure, paralyse, etc? Most likely you'd get kicked out of the doc's office if u were to question like that but hey it's your child's health and life we are talking about here. If your child can't function like a normal person, do you know who will take care of the child? YOU!!!

Read about nutrition, understand food. We can't be perfect but you have got to be strong-willed to not let your child consume too much sugary food, junk food. It's not easy. I am surrounded by ppl who hands out candies to kids to calm them but I am firm with my NO. Unless I am not aware, Ihave never seen my child licked a lollipop before.

Meat, as far as I can avoid them for my child, I will. My understanding is that meat takes 3 times longer to digest and sitting inside too long will produce toxic stuff so maybe when they are older.

Refer to Dr. Mercola's site, read Dr.Mendelssoh's book,,,, n d sites they refer. Find your balance.


Replied By Tamara (Boaz, Alabama) on 01/12/2010

Does anyone out there know if it is required to get your child immunized to go to school. They are telling us that if our children are not they cannot enter school. I do not want my child to be immunized.

Replied By Heidi (Fargo, Nd) on 01/12/2010

In most states there is a form you can fill out to state that you do not immunize. Ask for the form, or check online to get the correct laws for your state. We homeschool, and yet, we still need to fill out a form with the school district stating we choose not to immunize.

Replied By Boris (Mason City, Iowa) on 01/12/2010

Tamara from Boaz Alabama.

All you need to do is sign a paper that says, that for religious reason you don't want your children vaccinated. Ask the school about it they should have a form. We did this in Washington, Oregon, Iowa. so I think they can force you to take vaccinations, they can say that your children can't come to school if there is an epidemic I think, but you really don't want them at school in that circumstance anyway. Hope this helps.



Replied By Kathleen (Full Time Travler, Usa) on 01/12/2010

Hi about vaccinations. In Michigan you had to sign off with the school. My step daughter does not vaccinate her kids and all three are in school. Check with your school district.

Replied By Rena (Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa) on 01/12/2010

Hi Tamara, from Boaz, Alabama. You've been given good advice already about the religious exemptions. I just want to add that you can also get it at your local health department.

I'm so happy you made the decision you have. I wish my daughter had listened. My two grandsons are both affected from vaccines (although tptb will never admit it). My 6 yr old grandson has ADHD (a pre-curser to Autisim). My nearly 2 yr old grandson is about to undergo testing for Autisim. It breaks my heart to see any child damaged with vaccines.


Replied By Woog (Kl, Malaysia) on 12/24/2011

I am back to update that my 3rd girl is also totally vaccine-free and she has yet to see a doctor.. She's already 19 months. She is a homebirth baby so absolutely no vaccine, no vit k, no eye goops... Lotus birth... she is jaundice-free..

I am expecting no. 4 now and God-willing, this will be a homebirth too and totally no vaccines either...


Replied By Danielle (Jacksonville, Florida, Usa) on 04/30/2013

I am 28 years old and am pregnant with my first child. I was recently asked by my doctor if I wanted the TDAP vaccine. I haven't had a vaccine since I was a child and have always been against the Flu shots that are so widely pushed these days. This had me researching vaccines and I know that most pediatricians will want my child to start them. Honestly I don't know all of them and I know they have increased significantly since I was a child. I happened to come across Earth Clinic researching TDAP vaccine and I thought it would be helpful to ask advice from like-minded/open minded people.

By reading this discussion I see that a lot of you are against most or all vaccines. I am against most that they push on adults such as the flu, but haven't really had to think much about all the ones they are giving children these days. I know most pediatricians will look at you like your crazy for not wanting your child to receive any type of vaccine. I want to continue my research and was wondering if there are any websites that anyone recommends that list the vaccines given to children and what is actually in them? I also would like to find a pediatrician that would be open to the idea of not giving vaccines and open to homeopathic medicine if they exist. Any information on the subject would be greatly appreciated. I have already learned a lot from others whom have posted information on the subject, but anything new would be great.

Thanks, Danielle


Replied By Patti (Owensboro, Ky) on 04/30/2013

First of all, the doctor works for you! You are the boss. You tell them what to do and you need to start behaving like a boss right now. Make sure you are comfortable before your child is born. Your infant will be protected at birth from your own immunities. Wait until the child is at least 2 yrs old if you must give them the vaccines. Go to The Farmacy on facebook, they have alot of information. Your child DOES NOT have to have them to attend school. You will most likely have to sign a form, that's all. They cannot ask you why! It is your choice. Please take steps to learn your rights now, before you have this child. Autism is rampant, and they (CDC) will never convince me that vaccinations don't have something to do with it. Please continue to educate yourself and family members. Good luck to you.

Replied By Leah (Philadelphia) on 05/03/2013

Yes, start reading now. I used to be sceptical and then I heard they used mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. These are serious neurotoxins and yes they still use them for pregnant moms and babies (flu, tetanus and some others). Detailed discussion here:

Replied By Jacqui (South Australia) on 11/05/2013

Please don't ever purposely expose children to chicken pox! That reasoning went out with the flat earth theory. Getting chicken pox is no absolute guarantee to not get the virus again but now you have caused your child probable SHINGLES in its future! There is nothing wrong with vaccines if given ONLY when child is well, and only ONE vaccine per month to prevent system overload.
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Replied By Constance (Michigan) on 04/15/2017

Hi daughter is do to give birth in a few weeks and was given the prenatal whooping cough vaccine with more vaccines to follow after birth. I am concerned. I would love to connect with you and more so with my daughter....Do you happen to have a blog or other way to engage with you?

Concerned in Michigan......Constance