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freeone (oregon) on 03/17/2023
5 out of 5 stars

This is very effective for sinus infections.

Goldenseal tincture, I have from Earthpharm.

Use 1/2 dropper in 1/2 teaspoon salt solution. I used a dropper with my head tilted to ceiling, one dropper of the mix into each nostril. It didn't burn at all. It helped more than anything so far. Also drank a cup of water with a 1/2 dropper of goldenseal tincture. As GS also has berberine it passes through the blood-brain barrier, it's powerful, and helping as mentioned -more than any other remedy.

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Replied By freeone (oregon) on 03/20/2023

I'm continuing my breakthroughs. I'm writing on this thread b/c I never had a sinus issues and then 10 months ago... pure hell, in fact this is a special tormenting hell. So I feel to reach out to others b/c unless you deal with it, you don't know how debilitating it is. Not sure if it was from Covid, but it started around when I contracted it. My new added remedy is Green Tea Extract by Life Extensions 785 mg.[no caffeine ] So this is a game changer, the first day it gave me headaches but sinus symptoms were less. Next day no headache, and hardly any sinus symptoms, and I at pasta with cheese last night. I know...right? I use the 1/2 golden seal 1/2 salt solution in a cup of water. I've only had to use one dropper in each nostril head at ceiling but I use it after eating [another game changer]. Today no need for the golden seal so it's really working.
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Replied By freeone (oregon) on 03/21/2023

The green tea extract is 725 mg. This is a high dose, but under the toxic level which are over 800mg. The Life Extension brand which I'm using has no caffeine, comes in capsules, and use one daily orally . As of today... my symptoms are almost GONE...So this along with the recent goldenseal droppers in saline in nostrils after eating, have changed my life.

I also use 1/4 teaspoon Vitamin C powder 1 to 2 times daily

ACV daily

Since hardly any symptoms last 2 days no goldenseal, as this is powerful and I'm only using if symptoms are significant.

The H2O2 and iodine did help, the baby shampoo did cleanse and drain but the draining was drip drip and lasted for hours so I don't know if I would recommend it, and I only used 1 drop of baby shampoo in salt in a cup of water. These remedies helped, but the symptoms still persisted.

To be sure ... check out any contraindications for you using green tea extract.