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Havanadaydream (Brandon Ms ) on 10/29/2022

Flu is helped by taking Oscillococcinum in a matter of hours or days. My son was burning up with fever, coughing, bad body aches and he started with the vials and was totally well by the next day. I was skeptical but now I'm a believer. I also saw the online reviews and most all comments are positive.
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Replied By Art (California ) on 10/29/2022


The reviews for this homeopathic remedy, Oscillococcinum for Flu, are pretty impressive! If it's a placebo effect, it's still impressive!



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Replied By Art (California) on 12/03/2022

About two or three months ago, an EC member suggested a homeopathic remedy for the Flu. I want to say thank you to whoever you are because it helped a close friend of mine. I was unable to find your original post so I could reply to it, so I am just posting what I found from using it recently in a good friend.

I went and read many reviews for this specific remedy and based on those reviews decided to order it since the Flu season was just starting and I wanted to add it to my arsenal of Flu fighters.

Very recently a close friend got what she thought was a bad case of the Flu. She tested negative for Covid-19 and told me she was feeling very badly. I gave her a basic dosing regimen of the homeopathic remedy and she started them immediately late that evening when I gave them to her.

The package calls for taking one full vial of the homeopathic pellets every 6 hours up to three times per day. Based on the way they divide the vials, it appears that 6 vials is a standard course. The pellets are significantly smaller than most homeopathic pellets. You just empty the vial in your mouth and let the pellets dissolve. Be careful when opening the vial so you do not spill the pellets all over. One side of the vial pries open.

My friend did not notify me until late in the day that she woke up that morning feeling really bad so she was suffering all day with this flu. Like many remedies, I think this one works best and fastest when taken at the very first signs of the flu. So it likely would have been better had she started early that morning with the remedy, but as it was, she told me she woke up feeling better the next morning and continued improving from that point forward.

If you read many of the 24,000 reviews for this product you will see that her results are typical of what thousands of reviews reported.

The product is called Oscillococcinum and I purchased it on Amazon. The active ingredient is Anas barbariae. Here is a link to the actual product that I purchased :,aps,167&sr=8-4

My friend told me it is the fastest flu recovery she has ever had!

I just wanted to share this simple and easy remedy with the EC community since it is flu season. Although some of the reviews suggest it may also be beneficial against Covid-19, I would not count on it for that purpose, at least not as a sole remedy.


EC: Found the post from October and attached it!

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Replied By Art (California) on 02/06/2023

I offered the homeopathic remedy for flu, Oscillococcinum, derived from Anas barbariae to another friend recently when he mentioned he had just gotten the flu, with a cough, severe headache, body ache and low grade fever. He tested himself for Covid-19 to eliminate that possibility and his test result was negative.

He took the recommended regimen of homeopathic vials and was better by the next morning and at two days says he is down to just a very minor headache! These results are similar to the other friend I gave this flu remedy to which are both similar to the thousands of positive reviews on Amazon for this homeopathic flu product.

Here is a link to the product they both used to very good effect :

This product has impressed me again with its ease of use, effectiveness and rapid recovery from the flu! These results are in line with the thousands of reviews from customers who have gotten very similar results to what I am seeing in both of these friends!


Replied By Art (California) on 02/07/2023

My friend called me this morning to tell me that when he woke up this morning, which is the beginning of his third day of having the flu, he felt back to normal and able to get back to his daily activities with no problems or remnants of the flu! He was quite happy. He said that he will use this homeopathic remedy for the flu from now on!


Replied By Hollyhock (America ) on 02/20/2023

So thankful for your post about Oscillococcinum!! I bought the pack of 30 because it's definitely flu season. I started feeling sick on Saturday, headache, stomach and diarrhea, I took the first dose at 2pm, second at 7, next morning I woke up feeling a little improvement and got in 3 doses that day. By Monday morning, I woke up feeling like my old self! What a relief!! :)

Replied By Art (California) on 02/20/2023


I am glad it worked for you too! You read the reviews on Amazon and our stories sound just like the thousands of positive reviews for this homeopathic product. It really works fast and very well and is worth having on hand during flu season because it makes the flu so much easier to deal with quickly! When you figure out how many courses you get per package, it is very inexpensive too!


Replied By Art (california) on 07/17/2023

I started feeling a cold coming on Saturday afternoon and it felt like it was going to be a bad one. At 3:00 pm, I used the homeopathic remedy, Oscillococcinum. It is intended to remedy flu like symptoms, but I thought I would try it on this cold. I took it every 6 hours as the directions recommend. By Sunday evening I was 95% better and by this morning (Monday) I had no symptoms. Even though this homeopathic remedy is intended for flu, it is worth noting that it works just as effectively for colds.

Oscillococcinum has worked similarly for multiple friends I have recommended it to and has been my got to for the flu, but is now my go to for both the cold and flu and I always keep it on hand.


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Replied By Art (California) on 09/19/2023

With Fall just a few days away and the associated cold and flu season upon us, I wanted to again mention the very effective cold and flu homeopathic remedy that has worked extremely well for friends, family as well as myself to stop the flu and colds very quickly if taken at the first signs or symptoms of either.

The homeopathic remedy is called Oscillococcinum. I now keep it on hand so I can quickly take it at the first inkling of a cold or flu. Here is a link to the product :,aps,127&sr=8-5

Please read some of the over 25,000 reviews for Oscillococcinum as they are highly reflective of how it worked for my friends, family and myself.


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Replied By Madelyn (Idaho) on 09/20/2023

Hi Art, I got Oscillococcinum last year, but always waited too long to take the first dose. I'm going to set it out on the counter so I don't forget next time. Did you find that you only needed 1 dose / 1 little vial taken at the first inkling you might be getting sick, and that was enough to prevent the cold or flu? Thanks :)
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Replied By Art (California) on 09/20/2023

Hi Madelyn,

I took the full 6 doses that came on each individual package/card as recommended on the box and generally by the time I got to the sixth dose after two days of usage, my symptoms were gone or almost gone. I felt bad at the time I took the first dose, so I didn't want to risk letting the flu or cold take hold. The results that I and friends have gotten are better than I have been able to do with anything else such as colloidal silver. My friends have told me the same and find it very effective.

I noticed in the reviews that some people do not find it effective, but the great majority of users do.

Interestingly a friend came by about two months ago after her doctor visit and wanted me to go over her after visit summary from her doctor. As I was reading through her summary, I saw that the doctor had listed several supplements to be taken for various health symptoms and it said for cold and flu like symptoms to take Oscillococcinum. I admitted I was very surprised to see that suggestion in her summary. Her doctor seems to be very progressive!


Replied By Hollyhock (America ) on 09/21/2023

I bought some Oscillococcinum after I read one of your posts about it. It worked for me when I started coming down with the flu last spring! I will always be keeping it on hand now!