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ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 01/10/2022
5 out of 5 stars

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and you gonna have to get up before daylight to SHEET this ole boy. If you are long in tooth, you recall when we had meter readers that came to our house at the first of the month to read our electric meter. No more. We have smart meters that give off emf's that they can read from their office. Problem is you are digesting these EMF'S 24/7. We no longer have a monthly meter reader so I figured that we have a smart meter. Called the co-op and they swore on the bible that they do not use smart meters. We Rednecks, so we went on the internet to see what a smart meter looks like. AYSM? It looks just like our meter. Now that's strange so I called our co-op back and after the young lady started sweating under my grilling, she suggested that I talk to an engineer. Naturally, he was busy and would call me back. I let him know that he needs to take some Tumbs before he calls, because I was going to give him indigestion. Learned that you can cover your meter with Al foil and you safe and they have to come read your meter. Does that sound like something ORH would do? Yep, and I know the best lawyers in East Tn. ====ORH====
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Replied By Betty (CA) on 01/11/2022

How are you wrapping the meter back? Or are you just wrapping the front?

We were thinking a faraday cage for ours but chicken wire probably wouldn't be fine enough.


Replied By Jgny (Thousand Islands) on 01/11/2022

Please keep us updated! I hate these smart meters! I wonder if its what caused the increase in my tinnitus? Darn technology!

Replied By BevilNC (NC) on 01/11/2022

I refused to let them put smart meters on my house. But I live in the city limits so all my neighbors are in close proximity and the ringing in my ears that started this year is now so loud it is a constant distraction. It never eases up and during my recent fever it got even louder and has not backed off.

Replied By Betty (CA) on 01/11/2022

I read your comment to my husband who works with circuit boards and he says for circuit board sensitive parts they wrap the chips in nickle plated (for corrosion) copper mesh and also seal the edge of the mesh with a special sealant with anti wave component to protect from emfs ect. from going through the circuits. This might apply to wrapping smart meters to keep emfs/whatever else from still getting into the wires leading into the house? Just throwing it out there. I don't understand radiowaves and such like he does. I did get him copper mesh lined clothes and hat for when he ventures out into unknown environments for necessities :)

So, with that thinking we might go with copper.

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Replied By ORH (TEN MILE , TN) on 01/12/2022

BEVILNC, ORH here and we not supposed to talk politics on EC. But have you noticed that most of our health issues come from politics. A smart meter will give you grief. You take that on and EC is posting this as long as it's a health issue. It is a health issue because it is a political issue. I won't dwell on this subject. But most people are stupid. Most all our health issues come from politics. The Lord gave us am immune system. Fluoridated water and tooth paste did not come from God. It is man made to destroy your brain. The mercury fillings in your teeth for certain will destroy your brain. We grow a garden so we don't have to eat the garbage that is in our stores .

In 1987 NASA said the ClO2 is the universal antidote of all diseases. Big Pharma made them retract that. The country of Bolivia has 12 million people and 100/D were dying from Covid. A German doctor brought in ClO2 and cured the police and the military. The politicians then wanted the same treatment. Soon the entire population wanted ClO2. The death rate went from 100/D to 0/D. This is all fact. Look it up. We have a church family that has Covid and I offered to make and give them ClO2 and they have not responded. Suggest all forget about toe nail fungus and go after the stuff that will kill you. If I have not hit a nerve then you are what is called a NORMIE. That term is not a derogatory term. It just means that you do no reading and only watch TV .


Replied By BevilNC (NC) on 01/12/2022


You are right my friend, on all counts. Another issue we have constantly around here is the sky spraying (I won't call it what we all know it as since that would be flagged as political or fringe) but sure as I see those lines rain comes a day or two later. I have specifically noticed there are two very distinct differences in this rain and what I believe is natural rain: 1. It doesn't smell the same. When it naturally rains there is a very fresh distinct odor we are all familiar with 2. My mood feels very heavy, almost repressed and flat lined and I get agitated easily even if it was sunny and warm for days and days prior. Most of the ailments people on here are trying to cure are direct effects of things the gvmnt have intentionally and willfully exposed us to or allowed us to be exposed to. We have to wrestle out of the grip of all these "institutions" set up by and regulated by the gvmnt for profit and live and eat the way God intended us. I have little doubt if I could get out in the country or the woods for a while the tinnitus would be alleviated. Unfortunately even though I refused the meter almost all of my neighbors have them.

Replied By Betty (CA) on 01/13/2022

ORH, I have so much respect for you and Art! You both share so much and I thank you for that.

Weird this would show up as something I might be interested in reading today.

Copied this part of the article on emfs:

  1. Remove unnecessary electronic devices – Assess the electronic devices and appliances in your home and determine whether they're absolutely necessary. Get rid of those that aren't.
  2. Use Himalayan salt lamps – Himalayan salt lamps work as natural room ionizers. They emit negative ions into the air and effectively bind with excess positive ions, reducing EMFs and purifying the air.
  3. Use corded phones – Several studies suggest that cordless phones are more dangerous to use than corded phones or cell phones.
  4. Use shielding paint– Hardware stores now sell “shielding paint” that reduces RF and microwave radiation by up to 99 percent. These paints are for interior use as a primer and can be painted over with a standard latex paint.
  5. Reduce static electricity – Static electricity can be particularly harmful to people who are already sensitive to EMFs. You can minimize your exposure to static electricity by buying clothing and linens made of natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, instead of synthetic ones.
  6. Turn off unused circuits – Even when your electronic devices and appliances are unplugged, they can act like broadcasting antennae for the power grid. You can effectively turn off unused circuits to keep them from drawing power by installing demand switches.

Learn more about the dangers of EMF at

Replied By Carol. D (Michigan) on 01/26/2022


I found Earth Clinic about 10 years ago and have used it consistently for various issues. Love your posts and agree with you 100%. You are a blessing and just wanted to say thank you and writing your life story would be such a wonderful read. God Bless you and your family!

Replied By ORH (TEN MILE , TN) on 01/14/2022

HI U BETTY, ORH here and life is interesting. I's SJS and stay in trouble with D full time, because I speak plain. I spent my life as as a straightener outer and no one loves a straightener outer. In one mill the same people had run it for 17 years. Everything I did to get the mill going told them that for 17 years they had done stupid things. You try to ease things through, but they still get the message. After, you straighten out the mill then they want you gone. You have stirred the pot. I post some dumb things and get flushed. I post some great stuff and also get flushed.My mission is to get folks to think. If you follow my posts then you see that I do get folks involved . Now me and Art are two different guys. He studies stuff down to the minute. Me, I finger wave and go where my vibes tell me to go. Right now we are doing CDS because I have bought in hook, line and sinker. I think it is the best thing to come along in my lifetime. ====ORH====

Replied By Jacqueline (El Paso, TX) on 02/05/2024

Hi ORH! Would you please share a little more: What is Al foil and where do you get it.

EC: Aluminum Foil.