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Raydel (Ontario, Canada) on 07/11/2021

My wife has been suffering with a Baker's Cyst for over 3 years. Just as she took steps to get medical attention, Covid shut everything down (2 days after her MRI). Finally, she got an appt with a specialist, only to be told they can't do anything and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. For goodness sake, we can remotely fly a model on Mars 40 million miles away, but can't fix a Baker's Cyst?

Her left knee is noticeably swollen (one of these knees is not like the other). :-) can anyone suggest a remedy/cure? My bride would be most grateful.


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Replied By Mama to Many (TN) on 07/13/2021

Dear Raydel,

We have had success using frankincense essential oil on cysts. I use it straight a few times a day on cysts. If the oil seems too strong for her, use castor oil as a carrier oil. It is also good to help reduce cysts.

~Mama to Many~

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Replied By mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 07/14/2021

Reydel, look up poultices made of French Green Clay, and/or Castor Oil.
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Replied By David (Anchorage) on 10/03/2021

There is a manual therapy called Fascial Stretch Therapy. They have a technique that mobilizes the tissue at the posterior knee. Speaking with one of these therapists may be helpful.
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Replied By Judith (Canterbury) on 08/26/2023

Castor oil packing using organic castor oil and heat would be worth trying. Leave pack on for one hour.