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Steve (MN) on 04/19/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I am an otherwise extremely healthy 40 year old man who has had 7 cases of confirmed diverticulitis over a 10 year period. I'm otherwise incredibly healthy, not over weight, exercise daily, and on the SCD diet. I've maniacally researched natural cures for an acute flare up after tiring from the Cipro and Flygyl routine offered by my doctors. I've also read countless books, scoured many articles and blog posts, and have met with three naturopathic doctors who specialize in diverticulitis/osis.

Here is what works for me. I share this in hopes you can pull any info and apply to your healing journey that may work for you.

At first awareness of onset, I rotate doses of 15 drops GSE [Grapefruit Seed Extract], 10 drops oil of oregano, 1 dropper of olive leaf extract. One of those supplements taken per hour. It's important to dose aggressively for the first 1-2 days while on a liquid diet. If you can get ahead of the infection early, you should be able to prevent complications. Once symptoms subside, the schedule changes from hourly doses to 5/6 rotating doses per day until symptoms are gone. This timeframe varies by individual, but 1-2 weeks is typical for me. I also incorporate castor oil packs placed on the inflamed area 1-2 times per day until symptoms are gone. It is important to supplement with a high quality probiotic following this treatment because your good gut bacteria will be destroyed along with the bad bacteria you are trying to get rid of. And remember that diet and food intolerances causes low grade inflammation which is a contributing factor in most attacks. The book “breaking the vicious cycle” has helped tens of thousands of people heal over the course of a few decades. I'd strongly recommend it to anyone suffering with diverticulitis like I have. Remember you can easily heal, but it takes time, planning, commitment, and dedication. It's not easy or fun, but it beats the alternatives of hospitals, prescriptions, and surgeries. Best of luck in your own healing journey.

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Replied By Dawn (United States) on 04/22/2020

Thank you Steve. I'm on the right track just need to get GSE and Olive Leaf Extract. Also looking for the book you recommended. Thanks again for your advise!

Replied By Hilly (USA) on 02/19/2022

I too used Olive Leaf Extract plus Oregano oil. I use the capsules. I personally like the Gaia brand because they are good quality. At the first sign of a flareup, I alternate 2 olive leaf extract capsules and then 2 oregano capsules two hours later, the first 2 days. Do it every couple of hours around the clock while not eating anything. It gets rid of my fever when I have a bad infection.

Steve is correct. You have to do this around the clock. A few capsules here or there are not going to work. You have to take them consistently around the clock the first sign you may be having a flareup. Like say every two hours. Even if you get up to pee at night, take either 2 olive leaf or 2 oregano initially. Alternate them.

This really works to get rid of the infection.

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Replied By Holly (TX) on 06/16/2023

Hey Steve! Thanks for your tips. I went out and bought these supplements for my hubby today who is having a huge flareup. We aren't sure what he should eat and drink. Any advice?