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Glitzy Feather (Dallastown, Pa) on 06/28/2020

My hips/back 'click'. And when I bend over and come back up, pain is killer in right hip/back. Not fun! Am in physical therapy for Scoliosis which Dr thinks is what is causing my hip pain. I am not so sure! They say I have arthritis, Bursitis, Scoliosis, and Snapping Hip Syndrome. And no cures for any. Pain management. I hate taking meds. Physical Therapist suspects it is more muscles/tendons with me.

I see nothing on Earth Clinic about Snapping Hip Syndrome. Anyone ever deal with it? Correct it? Also, possibly Fibromyalgia. Yes, I am a mess. Tired of pain interfering with my life. Waiting on CBD oil I ordered to try for the first time for pain. Hope it helps but would still like underlying issues all corrected. Was told I did not need surgery for the scoliosis. May have had that all my life and never knew. No xray to compare it to.

Anyone else sound like me, and if so, do you have a suggestion for cures? THANK YOU!


Replied By Diane (CA) on 02/25/2023

Okay I figured it out the other maneuver I did that really helped. Laying down on your side of your affected leg. Bend your knees of your affected leg so that you're able to grab your foot from behind. Now stretch your other leg downwards as though you're trying to tiptoe. You should feel your affected leg's joint roll back in. Do this a few times and repeat whenever necessary. This was most effective for me.