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mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 04/26/2020

Has anyone heard of chewing on Boswellia pellets then swallowing it, for curing the virus?
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Replied By Mama to Many (TN) on 04/27/2020

Dear mmsg, I haven't heard of that...would Boswellia pellets be the same thing as Frankincense "tears?' I use Frankincense essential oil for many things. It works for many things; I wouldn't be surprised to see it work for CV19! Love, ~Mama to Many~

Replied By JN (NYC) on 05/09/2020

Mmsg, I have been taking Boswellia capsules off and on for 5 years. It helps with inflammation and infection. My understanding is that COVID-19 targets inflammation. I was sick for a week. No cough or fever but never had an illness like this before. I took Boswellia, among other things. At the first sign of inflammation, including headache, I take it. It can cause bloating and stomach distress so it's not something to be taken continually.