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Christopher (Great Oakley, Northamptonshire. England.) on 05/11/2018
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Mullein tea for asthma and COPD:

On a daily basis I take OACV [organic apple cider vinegar] with a pinch of cayenne pepper and the juice of 1 whole lemon.

In addition to this I recently added 1.5 Ltr bottle of Volvic water with a half teaspoon of borax. The reason I chose Volvic water is because it seems to be the only water with 32mg silica per Ltr (it states it on the bottle). I can't find any other water containing silica.

In addition to this I make 1 Ltr of Mullein tea in my cafeteria, which has a fine filter needed to separate floaters in the tea, which I sweeten with raw honey.

Since adding these recent additions to my daily intake of health remedies I have stopped using Ventolin and DuoResp Spiromax inhalers because I no longer wheeze and cough up daily dollops of phlegm. Also and perhaps more importantly, my BPH problems have noticeably decreased. I no longer need to urgently find a toilet when I feel like a pee and I now sleep all night without getting up to pee several times during the night.

I have purposely waited for a month before coming on here to tell you in case it was a fluke, but I don't think it is because I feel so well and everything works as it should (and I mean everything).

The Mullein tea I buy online and I use 2 tablespoons full (heaped) per litre. I drink a mug of it after my OACV mix and drink the rest during the day. I make the brew in the evening and leave it for use the next morning so it has infused all night.

I use a gym and swimming pool 3 times a week and I am 78 years old this year.



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Replied By Rose (CA) on 12/09/2020

I started the Organic ACV - a tablespoon at night. It helped only a little. Purchased some mullein tea and made that... It was helpful combined with Breathe Easy Yogi tea gave it a better flavor and it did help.

Then began using a nebulizer with H202... that was difficult. Burned my throat, caused a paroxism of coughing but in about 2 days the phlem was less. Wheezing was reduced and I was breathing a little easier and not heaving every time I tried to do something.

A friend told me his wife used a diffuser with essential oils and H202... so I purchased that and began using that instead of the nebulizer... which was easier to cope with and I can let it run all day if I am near the diffuser. The one I got came with 10 essential oils... Then I purchased an essential oil specifically for COPD... that hasn't arrived yet. Also got one called Respiratory Rescue from Garden Essence. That is also working. Airways are clearer, I can move about without feeling so winded and exhausted. Wheezing is nearly gone. 2 capfuls of H202 in the diffuser with 10 drops of the essential oil. But I have a ways to go yet.

Then I wondered if COPD could be reversed and also what caused it. I was a smoker in my 20's... but I'm now 73. Could it be that I am experiencing this from a bad habit I had some 50 years ago? I wondered and so did some research. You will be surprised at what I found.

Here is a video... this explains why a person can be suffering from COPD even though they quit smoking many years ago.

In case that video is taken down... here is a link to a blog. Website offers info on conventional and alternative treatment along with a focus group. This person also wrote a book which is the 3rd edition.

The book:

I'm new to Earth Clinic... but I am so grateful for the suggestions that are offered here. The H202 was the first good solution but the journey toward recover is not over yet. I hope this new info will help others.

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Replied By Rose (CA) on 12/11/2020

After reading a bit more on that website I had found as well as this earth clinic website. I think I also need to use the nebulizer with the H202 and also use it in the diffuser. It has to get into the lungs and bronchials to kill the bugs.

When I first began trying to combat this ailment, I thought maybe I had CHF... so I had done some research and found 4 supplements to help with CHF. On the COPD website listed in my first comment, I found there are specific supplements that will help for COPD... He mentions them also in his book. But, I have to say the ones I am using that help with CHF also help with COPD. All I'm saying is, don't skip the supplements that are mentioned. There are also breathing exercises that can be done. So, when you combine everything, its a full protocol that can help.

Another thing, I wanted to know is if COPD could be reversed. The guy who wrote the book says it can and he did heal his mom's COPD which also included emphysema. I sure hope it can cuz it is a debilitating ailment.

This is the website with the essential oil/homeopathic remedy I found specifically for COPD. Its a bit pricey... and comes from the UK. I'm still waiting for it. Instructions on how to use it are included.

Just saw this one today for emphysema. I have not purchased this... but I might later if I feel it necessary. First wanna see how the COPD remedy will work.

If you are a smoker... you've got to quit smoking. The video listed in my first post explains why and how it can lead to COPD.

Replied By Rose (CA) on 12/11/2020

Have to mention this tho... The 1-star reviews of his book on Amazon are pretty brutal. I'm in the habit of reading those first cuz sometimes you can get the real truth about a product. Some of them are nonsense, but some are not. You'll have to decide for yourself.