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Laure (Middletown, CT, USA) on 09/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My dog Kodi (10 years-old) has had a sensitive stomach and she even has an allergy to gluten so I buy her special dog food without gluten in it. What she has from time to time is stomach gurgles and reflux vomiting. I give her aloe vera juice, which I take also for my digestion problems. I give her 1/4 cup of juice per day until she is better, that is when there is no more hint of stomach gurgles. I have been trying to give it to her on a regular basis, but she does not always want it so I don't force her.
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Replied By Max (Denver, CO USA) on 10/05/2008

I think 1/4 cup may be a bit too much. I take a tablespoon. I think for a dog, based on weight it should be less. Or at most the same.
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Replied By Kia (Kvc, Jamaica) on 07/23/2012

As far as I know, Aloe vera is harmful to dogs. You should consult the vet.

Replied By Latinfrommanhattan (New York, Ny) on 09/17/2012

Works great for my 15 yr old CAT who's always had a sensitive stomach. I use only half a capful in his wet food.
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Replied By Beth (Michigan, US) on 10/02/2014

I too give it to my senior cat, George. I buy the reverse osmosis aloe vera juice with the same manufacturer name as my senior cat. I found it in the health food store, but the big online retailer (named after a river in South America) has it cheaper.
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Replied By Asdasd (Nyc) on 08/24/2015

Please do NOT give Aloe vera to any pets! It's well known to be toxic to both cats and dogs.


Replied By Jenny (AZ) on 05/30/2022

The preservative "sodium benzoate" is toxic to cats, not dogs. Sodium Benzoate is in some brands of aloe vera juice. It is NOT dangerous to pets (IMHO). I have been giving it to my dogs and cats for many many years and have never had an issue with it. It had always been a benefit, and my pets tend to live very long healthy lives!

Replied By Trulyjen (Az) on 07/19/2016

It's possible that a part of the plant leaf is toxic, and not the juice. I've heard of people using the juice on their pets for years.
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Replied By Suseeq (Sydney Australia) on 07/20/2016

Aloe vera juice is good for our fur babies
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Replied By Brenda (Portland, Or) on 11/16/2016

What amount of George's aloe Vera would you give to a cat?