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M. (USA) on 03/05/2015


My father is 62 and has PSP otherwise known as Progressive Sub nuclear Palsy. The outlook is grim as he has basically been told they know nothing about the disease and there is nothing but a few clinical trials going on.

I looked into stem cell therapy but that all seemed pretty sketchy to me.

Any information that your might be able to provide would be very helpful. Thank you very kindly in advance, we sort of feel like we are on our last leg here. Very Respectfully.


Replied By Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 02/25/2015

Actually PSP like Parkinson's are of viral origins but maybe different kind of virus from Parkinson's. I have a simlar cases of PSP and she was cured for couple of years that I know of. Didn't follow up that case and lost track. The most important treatment is lysine every hour for one hour starting 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm, and 8 pm at least 1/2 teaspoon. This seems to work well in curing both Parkinson and PSP. But it must be done for a month or more. People often take like for every hour for 12 hours in desperation which actually work even better. There are other antivirals such as zinc EDTA or zinc gluconate or zinc acetate and lithium 5 mg taken in evening that seems to work also. Apparently as you get older the more likely you get these as a result of modern diets from cooking as a result lysine dont get in the body as lysine are easy to get glycation or denature from heat hence we get these diseases. If not cured maybe absorption issues from vitamin A deficiencies or lack of digestive enzyme from B6 deficiencies.

Lysine has no known side effects as it is considered essential amino acids. When I mean cured there were no signs of symptoms of PSP or Parkinsons Disease. Since I treated cases of this is few and all are cured I have no proof that it will work in other countries where diets are different and not enough people being treated as it is illegal to treat people. Also I give you the major remedies in practice other supplements were used but to keep things simple this is most important. Diets play important part of treatment but most earthclinic reader know that such as avoiding sweets, honey, fried foods, use of vegetable oils, ice cream, etc.


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Replied By Sheila (Woodland) on 03/23/2015

How much lysine is in 1/2 tsp? So it should be taken every hour for how long? 24. hrs a day? You were unclear. Thanks Sheila.

Replied By Gary (Arizona, Usa) on 03/13/2016

Has someone found out how much (mg or g) are in each teaspoon of the Lysine? My Mother has PSP and I want to stop this ASAP as she is degrading rapidly.

Replied By Amy (United States) on 01/24/2018

My husband has been diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) at the age of 48. I searched remedies for it here and found that Ted recommended Lysine. My question is, is L-Lysine the same as Lysine? I can't find Lysine online, only L-lysine. I should mention that I am looking for it in a powdered form, not capsules, as Ted instructs to take 1/2 teaspoon every hour for 12 hours. If I have to buy capsules, I will, but thought it might be simpler to get it in powdered form for ease of use. If there is any other resources/remedies or feedback that you could offer we would be very grateful! Thank you!

Replied By M in M (Md) on 05/22/2022

L-lysine is available in capsule & powder form and is very affordable from Swanson vitamins by mail.

Replied By Candyce (USA ) on 05/22/2022

Just wanted to ask you a quick question regarding the treatment for psp. Did you try it on your husband and did it work for him?

Replied By Allan (Rochester Hills, MI) on 05/30/2018

Dear Ted,

I emailed you several days ago and have not heard back yet. Please excuse my impatience but my wife has just been diagnosed with PSP and it has been very devastating news.

Please, let us know a little more about you and also about your PSP cures.

Thank you.

EC: Dear Allan,

So sorry but Ted had a stroke in 2015 and is unable to correspond at this time.


Replied By Teena (Melbourne Australia) on 05/31/2018

Dear Allan, it is great that you are supporting your wife's health. Please see earlier in this thread, you will see extensive advice from Ted. He believed the PSP is viral in nature, and the frequent dosing of lysine he recommended is for kick-starting the immune system. The zinc he recommended are also for the immune system. If you consider other immune boosters they are vitamin c, I would use a wholefood c, natural d3. Another antiviral is lugols Iodine. The zinc EDTA he particularly mentions makes me think chelating heavy metals from the body is of importance in this scenario, other chelation agents are chlorella, parsley and cilantro. I have to add when you are attacking pathogens they will release toxins as they die, some bitter herbs like dandelion, milk thistle should be used to support the liver through this. Rather than give a list of oils and their toxins to avoid, I will just say cook in cold pressed coconut oil or grass fed lard. Eliminate sugar, which feeds virus, and do not replace with artificial (toxin filled) sweetener. Add fresh green juices and organic herbal teas to clean diet. Avoiding wheat (inflammatory) until benefits are seen would be wise, as puts undue stress on immune system.

Best to you on this journey.

Replied By Candyce (USA ) on 05/22/2022

Hello I just came upon this site in trying to find out about PSP. I was recently diagnosed with it.. My question to you is did the lysine work for your family member? Thanks so much for any advice you can provide.