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Uri (Maine) on 09/04/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Let me say that the garlic treatment works very well and is a hell of a lot cheaper than laser surgery. I started by cutting up small slices of garlic and placing it on the xanthelasma for about 10-15 min. At fist it did appear to get larger but after about 4 days it began to decrease in size. I felt that the slices were not effective enough so I decided to crush a clove of garlic using the side of my chefs knife and then absorbed the oil/juices on the knife and clove with a q tip and applied to the area. This had a dramatic effect and results were noticeable the following day. I applied at night and only for a few min and showered in the morning so I didn't smell like an Italian restaurant at work.

My only guess is that the people who can't get this to work don't have xanthelasma or did not treat it long enough. I will warn you that there will be a stinging sensation while the garlic is applied but I did not find it as painful as some have described and it became more pronounced when I improvised how the garlic was applied. I recommend starting slow like I did but I have no basis for that recommendation other than common sense. My only guess as to why there is no scientific evidence/studies to back this treatment is because there are no profits to be gained by the medical community if it's proven valid.

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Replied By G.K. (India) on 01/13/2016

I apply garlic for 10 minutes on the yellow spots due to cholesterol on my eyes for three days. After2 days it was looking better. But after that there is redness and swelling on my eyes. Where I apply garlic, itching is too much. Xans swollen then ever. I think I have reaction on my eyes because of this remedy. What should I do to stop this?
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Replied By Harwinder (Wappingers Falls ) on 04/08/2016

Hi I used the garlic treatment on my eyes spots. It's working but few days it's come back and I feel bad now.