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Jennifer (Northumberland, England) on 12/02/2014

A doctor recommended that I read a book by Allen Carr called, "Easy way to stop smoking". There is another one called, "The only way to stop smoking, permanently". I read the first book and I can honestly say that I had just about quit before I finished it. When I had finished it, I found that I didn't want to smoke. I continued to do my normal things like going out to the pub etc. and I did not get any withdrawal symptoms like I had when I had tried to quit before. I couldn't believe it. Both books are published by Penguin and I hope you all will give them a try.

Unfortunately, Mr Carr did die of lung cancer but he stayed alive a lot longer than he would have done if he had carried on smoking.

Good luck to all who try this method.


Replied By Eddie (Pennsylvania) on 05/31/2016

Yes! Allen Carr's easy method book worked for me. If you've tried everything else and failed - READ THIS BOOK. My lung had collapsed 3 times over the years, had a bad cough and my wheezing at night would wake me. I thought I'd never be able to quit.

In the past I've tried Hypnosis and a special acupressure Ring in the ear - neither worked. Nicotine patches gave me a rash. Nicotine gum had me going to the Dentist with inflamed gums. Chantex had too many side effects for me to try. I even went to the local hospital for the free smoking cessation class - Right off the bat they stated "You definitely will not be able to stop smoking without some form of drug therapy."- NOT! I even Googled "what did you have to hear for you to stop smoking?" Nothing came up that helped until I read Allen Carr's Book. No scare tactics in it, just the facts - the real facts. I needed good logic and psychology to quit which the book provided - WITHOUT DRUGS! In the opening chapter it states not to quit smoking until you've finished the book - I liked that, so I took 4 days to read the book but on day 4 I quit and have never had a cigarette since! He explains how "the willpower method" will fail you. I read about this book from this post.

I thank you Jennifer.

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Replied By Wendy (Dublin, OH) on 03/10/2021

Yes, Allen Carr's book worked for me too! Have absolutely no desire to ever take up smoking again! Highly recommended.

Replied By Kathleen (CT) on 03/10/2021

I quit many years ago after reading Allen Carr's book. I had tried so many times before. I have never ever have any desire to start smoking again.
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Replied By Waltz (India) on 03/13/2021

Horsetail extract capsules is all you will ever require to quit smoking. The natural silica compounds in it does the trick.