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Vernon321 (El Paso) on 11/12/2014
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I have a four year old GSD and we have battled allergies her entire life. She has blown her undercoat and never really gotten it back. Her scratching typically requires antibiotics after she creates cuts and sores. She has been on Temeral-P which keeps her at bay, Prednisone, and other oral medications. We removed her from it all except Benadryl twice a day about two months ago.We have to cone her at night to stop her biting and scratching. From blood and skin testing her allergies are;

Cats, Fish and fish mix, poultry and poultry mix (duck, chicken), Kelp, Corn, Eggs, Brewers yeast, Oat, Soybean, all grasses except fescue, dust mites and others with lower reactivity.

We feed her Earthborn Holistic Meadow feast, her treats are dehydrated beef liver (only liver), celery, carrots, ice, beef bones, and I think that is it.

Currently we are supplementing her food with coconut oil twice a day, pumpkin with both meals.

I tried ACV and water 50:50 This resulted in a super soft coat but she continued scratching. PLEASE help us, we can't stand to see her miserable.


Replied By Lynn (Mississippi) on 11/12/2014

Try bee pollen.

Replied By Diamond (Ma.) on 11/13/2014

Lynn; Try probiotics.... I have two I take one every other day and the other on the off day. It's cats claw and grape seed extract. Good Luck

Replied By Robert (Reading Pa) on 11/20/2014

Lynn, What are you feeding him? Let me know.

Robert Lovemyamber


Replied By Robert (Reading, Pa) on 11/20/2014

Hi! Vernon,

It is no wonder this has been going on so long. The food you are feeding your dog is not species appropriate. Blueberry Fiber, Cranberry Fiber, Apples, Blueberries, Carrots, Spinach, Cranberries, are people food and are not dog food. They are indigestible to dogs and can cause allergies. STOP. The medicines you have been using, temeral-p , prednisone and antibiotics are immune system compromising and may seem to help in the short term but are harmful in the long run. STOP If you give your dog shots and flea & tick and heart worm meds. STOP. Supplements ? STOP. Feed your dog nothing but USDA approved human grade diversified RAW MEAT. You can get this at REEL RAW dog food co. delivered to your door. The premium diet costs a little more but it contains green tripe among other ingredients that will be very beneficial to your girl. If it seems expensive, think how much you will save on Vets. bills. You can find it on the internet. It is not usually chicken etc. she is allergic to it is the commercial dog food itself. NO KIBBLE, STOP Keep up with soothing dips you can find on this site, ask Theresa. No ACV where she is raw, it burns. I use peroxide for cuts. Don't give up, be patient and persevering, it will take a long time for her to get well but it will be so worth it. I went through it with my sweet Abby who even had seizures due to the flea & tick and heart worm poisons. Her seizures stopped and slowly things resolved themselves in spite of several Vets opposition who wanted sell me anti seizure and numerous other toxic cures and Prescription [ what a scam ] dog food. Switch your girls diet all at once, no tapering off . She may have diarrhea but don't worry it is the toxins being eliminated. She will go crazy over the food and get her energy and well being back and be more alive again. Like a car with a permanent oil change and tune up. Let me know in six months or so how she is doing. I really hope you see my message. Yours truly, Robert Lovemyamber


Replied By Robert (Reading Pa) on 11/21/2014

Hello Vernon, It's Robert again. Did I mention in my previous reply to STOP the treats also. Nothing in her diet but balanced raw meats and non-weight bearing uncooked raw meaty bones in proper proportion with her food and for treats. Do not expect overnight miracles, it will take time , be patient please. Lots of love, no stress and lots of exercise, along with the instructions in my previous reply, It is very important not to give in and give her something to make her happy , she will be happy being healthy again. So many people say , gee Ive been doing this for a couple weeks now and I don't see a change , here sweetie have a rawhide treat to make you happy. Don't do it. Concerned for her, Robert Lovemyamber

Replied By Diamond (Ma.) on 11/21/2014

I have noticed that most vets insist on me giving my cats either reg. cat food or with no grain cat food.I rescued a cat at the of eleven years old/ some one found her eating out of the dumpster, I have tried many types of cat food & she still likes eating out of the trash.When she eats cat food no matter the type or brand she continues to throw up so I decided to cook nice fresh chicken for her, she has no problem with eating this & does well at keeping it down, If I slip in vit's. she refuses to eat, so it's obvious she was a picky dumpster diver. :-)