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Mimi (London, UK) on 10/06/2014

I have heard of other more gentle methods to remove these ugly yellowish marks under the eyes, both might just be "old wives tales"...:

1. Castor oil (100% organic): Just apply generously with a Q-tip as often as possible. Better still, use a small band aid with lots of the oil in it and cover.

I thought this could "do no harm" as the castor oil is good for the skin and is said to reduce wrinkles.

Started with testing on my hands to see if I got a reaction (it is also said to be good for the nails and cuticles). No reaction except really smooth :-) So moved on to doing as prescribed. Done for 1 week and the X are less yellow and fade into my colour skin more than in the past, they are less obvious, but not gone. Will continue and send news.

2. Lemon rind: I have not tried this because I figured I would do the castor oil for 1 month and move on to this one if that did not work. This is what I found on a French speaking site:

Cut small pieces of lemon skin (I would suggest an organic one), let them soak in vinegar for 3 days and nights. Then tape a small piece to cover the X (white side down). Wear for 3 nights. It seems that the contour of the X will slightly change colour indicating that one can press it out easily.

This was described on a french site, the woman was sharing the fact that when she was desperate about getting rid of these, a psychic recommended this treatment and she says it worked, X never came back.

Putting a piece of lemon on one's skin seems less dramatic than other treatments (I understand that the garlic really burns). I would have a tendency to test this on my hand before doing it on my face.

Hope these help, and if they do, please post for others who are dealing with the same problem.

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Replied By Joanne Maree (Sydney, Australia) on 02/26/2015

I tried castor spread all over my eyelids for eight weeks diligently, I did not even try the lemon. Mine has gone completely. My GP diagnosed the xanthelasma 20 Dec 2014, I bought the oil a day later and there is no trace of it. It was right on my eye line, the lashes had stopped growing where it was bulging. My doctor referred me to a skin specialist to have it removed. I have save a fortune thanks to this blog. The oil cost me six dollars. Giddy up. I smothered my eyes every night, it didn't seem to irritate like you think it would. Thanks.
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Replied By Jennifer (Toronto) on 06/15/2015

How long do you leave the castor oil on? Overnight? A few hours? Please specify, Thanks
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Replied By Fatihma (Maryland) on 01/19/2018

Hello Joanne,

Thank you for your post. Very helpful. I have been looking for a remedy for more than ten years now. I can't wait to try castor spread. By Castor spread do you mean castor oil? I am not able to find castor spread. Thank you.


Replied By Zaki (Ca) on 12/25/2018

I tried castor oil - did not work for me.

Replied By Spiffy (Southcoast, MA) on 05/10/2024

FYI - If the xanthelma is older than say 6 months....castor oil may not work. I suspect the acetic acid (ACV, lemon) or garlic route may be a better effort if the xanthelmas are older...