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Terese (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) on 05/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars


Daycare wanted to drug my son when he was 3. Want to know the ironic thing? Hillary Clinton referenced his daycare in her book, "It Takes a Village." I fought tooth and nail. I finally gave in and put him on ritalin, dexadrene (sp), concerta, strattera. These are all of the drugs I tried on him at different times. Needless to say my son almost died in the ER of an overdose. It's funny because it was supposed to be a "low dosage". You trust your doctor and do what they say because it is good for you right? WRONG! I didn't know any better.

I took my son's life and well being into my own hands. First I had to acknowledge the fact that I needed to have a spine and stop giving him empty threats. I let him get away with anything because I would get to the point where I was just so tired from working all day- I couldn't parent. I needed a break. I wouldn't follow through with things, etc. When I did he was just his bouncing self. I finally set rules, followed through, and there were consequences. Do not join CHADD. They are funded by drug companies. They will think you are a freak for not putting your kid on meds. I got absolutely no support there. I got pamphlets on why I should give my kid a pill. I do not believe they are there to support you. They are there to push drugs. Follow the money if you don't believe me.

First thing I did was watched Dr. Fred Baughman's video on ADHD. You can purchase that at - I bawled when I watched it. Completely amazing. It is worth every penny. You might be able to find it free online if you search well enough. You have to watch this video before you do anything else.

#2. I read every page and watched all of the YouTube videos of Steve Plog, founder of - READ EVERY PAGE.

#3. I got my son a lab test from Steve Plog's site for delayed food allergies. Delayed food allergies are different from your classic food allergies. My son was allergic to everything I was feeding him. Wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, beef, all citrus, peanuts. We had to do research on a wheat free gluten free soy free dairy free diet. No, he was not a celiac but we had to say that so schools would adhere to his dietary needs, but we started packing lunches anyway. You have to change your lifestyle and we did. That is what prompted me to go vegan but that is another story. He still eats chicken and loves bacon. The best book I found for making him goodies like pizza, breads, and cakes was by Cindy Moseley "Great Foods Without Worry". It was my saving grace.

#4. I read everything on the drugging of children on - Click on "Articles" and read.

#5. I absolutely cut out pop, all juice "drinks", anything with Splenda, Sweet N Low, NutraSweet--ANYTHING WITH ASPARTAME. Wanna know why? Because it is cancer! A sweet slow death. Don't believe me? Go read and see for yourself. I get all of the drink things from - He absolutely LOVES the chocolate drink. And what do we do without dairy? We drink rice milk and almond milk. Stop cooking with vegetable, soy, corn, canola, and animal fat oils. Cook with extra virgin coconut oil instead. Read up online about the benefits of extra virgin coconut oil. My favorite is

#6. Find a doctor who does not believe in drugging children (I know that seems hard but they are out there). Look for alternative doctors. Call around and ask around.

#7. You wean your kid off drugs. It is your responsibility. I am not a doctor, but I have lived almost 9 years of hell.

It is against the law for a teacher to reccommend that you drug your kid. If any teacher tells you to get meds. Ask her if she is a doctor. Tell her it is illegal to practice medicine without a license and that she could be fined and arrested for that.

I have slowly introduced certain foods back into my son's diet. The only things that makes him go through the roof are soy and beef.

I put my son on 2 - 250 mg pills of L- Tryptophan (NOW brand)and give him 2 time released melatonin (Source Naturals) pills every morning. He gets another dose at school before lunch. I pulled him out of regular schools and got him into a private school. He is a normal kid, just like everyone else. He also takes a daily vitamin at night. I have a flourishing 9 year old boy now in the 3rd grade. He also gets flax seed oil from -

Don't ever let anyone convince you to drug your child. You are the parent and you know what is best. Set rules and boundaries. Kids that are "over active" need structure, routine, rules, consistency, and boundaries. Even kids that aren't "over active" do. Let your kids be kids but be their parent.rnrnIf you have any questions feel free to post under me and I will check back to answer them.

P.S. My son in a public school was sent to the office every day. His scores were passing on his report cards. This year in a private school, and last year... he took his Iowa Test of Basic Skills tests. Everything except LISTENING SKILLS were at almost a 5th grade level. So, for anyone to tell me that I am crazy.... you can stick it where the sun don't shine for all I care. I have living proof that what I did with my own son works. Different strokes for different folks. I do not believe in ADHD. I believe in drug companies making a profit off kids being kids. Follow the money.

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Replied By Jill (Portland, Oregon) on 06/04/2008

I read the article on ADHD by Terese written on 5/13/08. I found all the information very helpful. I would like to talk to her and get some more information on how her son is doing now and how to start this process for my son. Thank you for your help, Jill
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Replied By Holly (Big Pine Key, FL) on 08/03/2008

Thanks for the info in ADHD. I am so excited to learn more on the subject. I know I had it as a child, but learned how to cope, and have a son now 10 diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. I have to share custody with his father and their family doesn't even want to hear about diet being an issue, so he gets lots of fast food and processed foods no matter what I try. so I try to do what I can when I have him, He was breastfed for 2 years, mostly for security and comfort during the last year, just at bedtime, we had experienced a hurricane and then his father and I seperated so the comfort was mainly before bed to help him to fall asleep. We had to move 5 times that year until i was able to get us settled. I raised him on my own for the most part until he was 8, his dad was moving away and back and away, and so on, now he is close by and so involved more which my son needs, but not having the same views on nutrition and such make it hard. I am chef and teacher, so food is not something I take lightly, but I am made out to be the bad guy when I get upset when I find out my son has been to fast food joints with his fathers side. I plan on trying many things on this site that I haven't tried, and if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to respond! May God's peace surround you always.
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Replied By Reid (Herrin, IL) on 08/06/2008

Sodas are made with High Fructose Corn Syrup. Corn is a GRAIN NOT a veg. They give corn to cows before slaughter to fatten them up. HFCS turns directly into fat NOT energy like normal sugar. HFCS not only makes you fat it damages the liver and pancreus. It was linked to mine and 3-4 other friends diabetes. I stopped all sodas diet or HFCS and my fasting sugar has went from 130 to 90.

EC: Soda manufactured in Mexico and India (along with a bunch of other countries) are made with sugar, not corn syrup. You can find these sodas at international grocery stores, just make sure to read the ingredients to confirm before you buy!

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Replied By Rosemary (Atlanta, Georgia) on 11/11/2008

Believe it or not, I work with a lot of parents whose children have ADHD. My 14 year old son just told me last week that he needs medical help. He is tired of not being able to concentrate and getting in trouble in class. He also has a predisposition for anxiety that he inherited from me, which does not help things. I have been trying out different vitamin supplements and ACV to no avail. He just recently began living with his father and I cannot control his diet. He would probably starve if I were to enforce the removal of sugars in his diet anyway, and just sneak junk food other places. It's funny how I have a whole lot of advice for other parents whose kids have ADHD, even though I never advocate medicine. But now that he is REQUESTING meds, I am flabbergasted and do not know where to turn. I will start to read the websites mentioned but I am really upset about this. Anyone with teenagers having any success, please respond!!!
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Replied By Jude (Louisville, Ky) on 01/18/2009

The Doctor wanted to put my son on ADHD medicine when he was 4 years old, I almost fainted I told him I would have to think about it, but I knew there was no thinking about it that was not going to happen I would have to find another way. This was in 1978 so I went straight to the library after about 3 hours I wasn't finding anything and then it hit me like a ton of bricks it had to be what he was eating. AT THAT MOMENT everything changed I pulled everything that was processed, sugared, refined or had artificial flavoring or colorings in it and got rid of it. He had whole grain cereal fruit and fruit juice in the morning all he wanted. fish,eggs salad,fruit juice in the afternoon and chicken, green vegetables and whole grain bread with real butter for dinner fruit and fresh veggies were always available at anytime.He had no difficulty with dairy so that was always there.He had a marked improvement in 24 hours and I don't know if people realize how much food dye is in kool-aid just removing that will make a difference but removing sugar and processes food for 48 hrs will show a big difference in kids. He is 34 now and I can still tell weather he has been eating right or junking it up. I tell everybody I know with small children if you cant make big changes remove food dyes, processed food and sugar. I know its hard to cook like that I used to cook everything on Sunday and freeze it and pull it out as needed you will get the hang of it after a while. I was hard when he started school because he would slip up sometimes but if I kept everything else in range it was manageable. There were no food allergies.
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Replied By Jennifer (Atlanta, GA) on 03/31/2009

Is Terese from Cedar Rapids still checking this website? I need to talk with her. My 3 year old son was just diagnosed with severe ADHD and severe ODD. The developmental pediatrician wants to put him on Clonodine. In an attempt to avoid medicating him, we have removed all processed foods, preservatives, food colorings, wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts, and fruits with high levels of salicylic acids. He has improved but we are still having issues with him at school (he has a one-on-one facilitator in a special program at his preschool). My husband and I are at our wits end. I was wondering if I could talk with or e-mail Terese who seemed to have some good ideas and got her son on the right track.
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Replied By Michael (Spokane, Wa) on 05/06/2009

I've been dealing with ADHD for 22 years now and I can tell you all without the slightest degree of hesitation that Ritalin is pure evil. As of late however I've reconsidered subjecting myself to the self imposed zombification that is induced by this medication. I'm scared shitless. Finding this site and these articles has been rather encouraging. I'm now aware of supplemental vitamin and dieting that may help alleviate the more...constraining aspects of ADHD. Obviously I don't sound like someone who suffers from it, but I assure you all that I do and it is a constant struggle...battles are not is a constant fight. However stubborness alone will no longer suffice. As for children I've read that you should have the doctors check their tonsils. Sometimes the removal of them can be beneficial. Also I've begun taking an anti-stress pill. It's a vitamin pill, not a drug. I've always been against drugs...I suppose drinking counts as well, so in light of my current lifestyle I'm something of a hypocrite.

Someone here wrote something about structure...and they are absolutely right about saying how children need it, regardless of their psychological state of being. Order within ones life often produces order within the mind. What you see your child doing is merely the tip of the ice berg. It is chaos...untamed wildness. If I had to compare my mind today to what it was then...

Today my mind is as a rabid animal. Then it was as a race car that kept going faster and faster. It is torture.

Unfortunately I'm rather absentminded so I've left my email on the off chance that someone has any questions about my life experience with ADHD. If you have the right questions I'm sure I can answer them. I'd like to help as many people as makes me feel useful, and by extension...normal.

Which brings me to my final point.

You are your childs best friend. Without you they will crumble. This is true with many children, but only with children who suffer from ADHD is it a certainty. No matter what you decide to do, you must be with them every step of the way. No amount of medication, drugs or otherwise, will be an adequate substitute for a parents love.

I speak from experience, because I have seen many others who were not so lucky as I am. You see...I thrive in isolation. But when I was a child and my mother had left my siblings and I for whatever her reasons were at the time...two years...the foundation on which our lives are built crumbles when the only person who loves and understands us abandons us. I can think of nothing so horrible as a child suffering from ADHD forced to confront it alone.

Of course I'm perhaps being a bit melodramatic, or over exaggerating things to make us seem as though we are as delicate as glass houses. But even if you won't believe how terrible it really is to suffer from this monstrous thing...understand that we are listening on some level. We do hear and understand what you say and how you say it. When you tell us you love us we hear that too...and it can make all the difference.

Right then...hopefully that helped someone.

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Replied By Taryn (Tacoma, Wa) on 10/12/2009

My son has struggled with ADHD since he was about 3 years old. He had constant ear infections for the first 3 years of his life. Antibiotics were given every time. I believe he has leaky gut do to these antibiotics. He would contsantly be sick, throwing up, diahhrea. The doctors never told me to replenish his body with acidophilus after being treated with the antibiotics. I since discovered with my 2 year old son that dairy was the culprit for the ear infections. Food allergies can cause many problems for your child. Elimination diet and a food allergy test not done by a main stream doctor. You need to find a Naturopathic Doctor that specializes in food allergies. Look on the internet in your area. Meridian Valley Lab in Renton, Washington does this test. You might even be able to get a test kit mailed to you and mail it back to them. Dairy, wheat, soy, corn, nuts are in everything and hard to digest. Doris Rapp, MD "Is this Your Child" is an excellent book for children with ADHD/ADD. There are many alternative foods out there for you, it just takes time to learn about them and change your way of eating. Every health problem you come across can be treated with what you ae putting in or on your body. Knowledge is key and reading all the info provided here helps. Both my sons have not been to a doctor except for a check up in 3 years. Not so much as a runny nose. This is after I changed our diet to allergen free foods. They can have these foods once in a while for special occasion and I can still keep them healthy. It is also important to take pro biotics (refrigerated), digestive enzymes, flax or fish oil (cold pressed) and good multi vitamins made from whole foods that do not have wheat, soy, dairy, corn etc. You and your children are worth it. Never give up!
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Replied By G Clark (Phiadelphia, Pa, Usa) on 04/14/2011

Thank you Theresa for your insite and personal experience with ADHD. I am currently having the same issues with my son. They are trying to diagnosis him with ADHD/ODD. He is hyperactive as well and doesn't listen to the staff at his school. After reviewing your post. I decided to do research as well as take your advise and Ted suggestions. I have cut out the sugar, processed food and artifical flavors. You don't say how often and how much of a dosage that was given to your son. Please give me any advise or further instruction that would help.

Thank you!! Best wishes!


Replied By Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/14/2011

G Clark, I have mentioned this a few times (I don't have any relationship to this Dr at all) but have you heard of the GAPS diet. You can google it. It has had some excellent results with ADHD kids. The reason I am looking into it is that my son has speech developmental issues and I think it will help. Basically Dr McBride is saying that the ADHD is caused by toxins in the body, namely the gut and to fix the problem you have to heal the gut and rid the body of the toxins. I would be interested to hear what you say after you see her youtube videos. Many of these kids have digestive issues (including my son).
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Replied By G Clark (Philadelphia, Pa) on 04/15/2011

Thanks for the advise Debbie. I have taken a look at the GAPS diet. I may give that a try as well. There seems to be a lot of perparing involved. I really appreciate the advise. Thank you!

Replied By Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/15/2011

G Clarke yes the GAPS diet is a lot of hard work. I am wanting to start my son on it as he has a developmental delay (will probably do it myself). I am trying to find the green coconuts. I just found some grass fed beef (to help make the broth).

Here are some amazing stories of people who have had great results:


Replied By Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 04/15/2011

Hi Debbie and G Clarke,

I have been following your thread and wanted to mention some things that might help you both in your journey. Besides the GAP diet there is amazing info by Donna Gates and her Body Ecology diet. She has a whole group dedicated to turn autism and ADD around through her diet. I have heard her speak and she is amazing and dedicated to this mission. She has been at it for over 10 years. You might want to go to her site and read about it. There's lots of really good info there. She offers recipes and you can get her book The Body Ecology Diet which I use myself and have given it as gifts to friends. She also recommends fermented foods. You can watch her making them on youtube.

I know you both are referring to ADD but this info might be very pertinent to you. I know Debbie that you mentioned you were trying to get green coconuts. Is that to make fermented coconut water? Donna's products are made in Australia and I know she is the only one to offer unpasteurized fresh coconut water which is bottled. It is offered here in the US at health food stores in the frozen section so you might want to check into that. Her group she has for families incorporating her diet, BED is called BEDROK. It's a support group for helping implement fundamental diet changes to families. Anyway, I hope this info helps you.


Replied By Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/16/2011

Thanks Lisa I will investigate the Body Ecology Diet. I did see the Donna Gates video on youtube with Dr. McBride. I had actually started making a sourdough fermented bread about a month ago but stopped because I got sick and didn't stir the starter enough and it "died". The fermented food products make a lot of sense to me.

G Clarke, something else that I have been doing and it seems to be working for my son is Vitamin C. When I started he did have the croup and some asthma (and ended up 1 night in hospital). I started giving him the Vit C to clear his congestion (Dr had prescribed antibiotics and he had had 3 doses of Prednisone) and had read that Vitamin C detoxes the body of heavy metals and I though it may help him if that were a problem. I was juicing lemons and adding honey and vitamin C powder - put the mixture in a small container on top of a cup of hot water long enough for the honey to melt and mixed it all together. I then used the plastic syringe for medications to syringe that mixture into my son's mouth. (About 1/4 tspn Vit C - 4 or 5 times a day).

I did notice a marked improvement in his speech in a couple of weeks. He wouldn't sing except maybe one word at the end of each line in a song if that and he had to be coaxed for that one maybe two words. He is about to turn 4. He has the speech of about a 2 1/2 year old.

Anyway it is now about 4 weeks after I have been giving him the vitamin C. He has started singing songs without prompting from me. I was waiting in the Doctors office a couple of days ago (I wanted his blood tested to see if he was lacking in any nutrients) and my son was singing on the top of his voice the song of Twinkle Twinkle little Star. admittedly he missed quite a few words but he has gone from only singing one word when I sing with him to belting out a song in the Dr's office with no coaching from me (and to applause from onlookers). He is also wanting now to sing other songs and rhymes - never interested before.

I can't quite believe it is a coincidence that he has improved so quickly. I definitely think the Vitamin C has helped to detox his body.

Also I have been giving him Cilanto (corriander) chopped up in a yoghurt & garlic sauce mixed in his food. Cilantro also is know to get rid of heavy metals in the body. I also give him probiotics and digestive enzymes every day.

His speech is still not there but there is a lot of improvement. I am also going to try either of the GAPS/ and the BED diets. I need to get the books and study which one we may be doing. In the meantime keep adding to what I am doing. As I type this he is singing Twinkle Twinkle to himself so something is working.

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Replied By G Clark (Phiadelphia, Pa, Usa) on 04/28/2011


Thanks Debbie and Lisa for your feedback and updates. I am going to start with the supplements and I will decide which diet that would be more suitable for me to start. I look forward to hearing any more updates and improvements. I will also post updates.

Best wishes! G Clark


Replied By Dial999 (Brisbane, Australia) on 10/26/2011

The moment he was born he showed aggression and the midwives said "We've never seen a baby do that before". My son has adhd. It seemed as if the lights were on, but nobody was home for his first 11 years, we couldn't seem to get through to him. He's 27 now. I did the diet, did the ritalin, did the chiropractor, did everything. Somehow, I knew that preserving his self esteem was paramount. In class he failed, with friends he failed, with family he failed. We had to get some success into his life. We tried a few things and found acting was what he could succeed at, others admired him. He took to computers and was the 'expert', others admired him. His diet was clean, that was a biggie that actually helped all of us in the long run. We decided to forgo the ritalin. I had to become an expert in child rearing, long before the Nanny gave us a few pointers. I was his advocate, having a few standups with doctors and teachers who didn't believe ADHD existed at that time. He's turned out a sociable, happy young man. He still can't organise his way out of a paper bag, which brings a few work related problems, but if his bosses can work out his strengths and use them, then he becomes their most valued employee. Same with his flatmates, if they can ignore the mess, he's great fun to live with.

My mum and sister have ADHD, and so do a lot of my friends (I'm the only one who understands them and will be their friend). As far as I'm concerned, ADHD is simply a variation of normal. Nature makes a variety of people so that we can survive. When war, tsunami, earthquake or hurricane hits, who is out there first on the front line with fearless and boundless energy? Not me.... Them. We need them. Don't try and fix what ain't broke, just manage them, small doses helps!

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Replied By Eeore (Sydney, Australia) on 10/29/2011

My son has ADHD, refused drugs, tried diet as teenager taken cannabis and developed schizophrenia went to doctors and the drugs started till he had put on heaps of weight and got type 2 diabetes. They then decided his time with them was finished and they changed their diagnosis ( after 2yrs) He has taken to alcohol ( lge qty - bottle rum a day- straight ) to cope and refuses all drugs even his diabetic meds and insulin. He now refuses to eat any vegetables and I try to make food with veggies grated in to disguise when he eats with us. He is 26 now - he has no friends as refuses to go out- and does not want to even talk to us. Any ideas from anyone that I might be able to suggest to him?

Replied By Toni (Florida) on 01/15/2021


Research Dr. Abraham Hoffer and his Niacin protocol. Vitamin B3 is essential to so many functions within our bodies and we simply do not get enough of it from our diet. He helped cure thousands of schizophrenia and other mental health problems throughout his career but was kept quiet by big p.

Replied By toni (florida) on 01/28/2021

Eeore, correction. Abraham Hoffer is the Niacin fellow to research.

Replied By Bess (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 10/29/2011

Hi Eeore - You mentioned that your 26-year-old son was diagnosed with schizophrenia, as well as ADHD. Have you seen these pages on Earth Clinic regarding schizophrenia?

Unfortunately, since you mentioned that your son consumes 1 large bottle of rum a day, I imagine any vitamins or diet would have limited impact. Is it possible for him to be admitted to a rehab facility? Once there, he will find others at rehab who are going through the same thing he is and he won't feel so alone. He may even find a buddy who can help him through life's up and downs when he gets out.

It must be very difficult for you - don't give up. Your son probably feels that the doctors let him down (sounds like they did) but I hope he is open to getting the professional help he so desperately needs. Take care, Bess

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Replied By Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 10/29/2011

Eeore for ADHD, research iodine supplementation. There has been great success with it. Also for schizophrenia Dr. Hoffer cured people with mega doses of Niacin. Go to and search "schizophrenia Dr. Hoffer".

The iodine does need companion nutrients with it. Go to the remedies section here and read up on iodine - the companion nutrients are listed.

Maybe once the ADHD and the schizophrenia have been healed you can look at the vegetables.


Replied By Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 10/30/2011

Eeore, Dr. Hoffer also had great success treating alcoholics with Niacin therapy so your son will be helped so much with the niacin alone. Here is a link to the article. Please research this website for Dr. Hoffer... Lots of great info. Also alcohol depletes your body of many nutients including Vitamin E so maybe you could add some to his diet and also colloidal minerals (liquid form).


Replied By Diane (Prince George, Bc Canada) on 11/22/2011

There is an amazing success story of a family with severe mental illness (suicide, attempted suicides, homicidal tendencies, extreme behaviors) who cured the symptoms using vitamins and were able to become "normal" and eliminate all allopathic medications. They are marketing the vitamins "Empowerplus" or EMP.

Replied By Linda (Lalaland, Thecreek, Usa) on 12/10/2011


There is a book which should do you a world of good, "Alcoholism and Nutrition", written by Dr. Roger Williams, MD. It is an old book, mine is a paperback. Dr. Williams had great success healing alcoholism using the tasteless, colorless amino acid named L-Glutamine, often added into food or juice, etc.

According to Dr. Williams, L-Glutamine stops the "craving" for alcohol, making it easier to quit drinking.

You might have to find it in a used bookstore, but if you will, I am sure it will be tremendously useful for you and your son.

Kind Regards,



Replied By Jennifer J (Denham Springs, La) on 03/22/2012

Theresa, I am so so glad I found your blog!!! I have been fighting the schools, Dr.s, myself, etc on drugging my child. This whole process started in Nov 2011. I finally gave in and took my son to a Nuro Dr who diagnosed him with ADHA, High Focusing Difficuilty, Lack of Impulse COntrol and ADD. So we went thru the entire list of drugs till we found Dexa something that does work. However, IT'S A DRUG! And it scares me to death. I am in the begining stages of finding a healthier way to treat him. He is seeing his PCP tomorrow and I will have him tested for delayed food allergies as you suggested. I just wanted you to know that I am glad I found you and your story. I want the best for my child and I do not think that the doctors know best for our kids. Thank you! -Jennifer
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Replied By ~angel (Chi Town, Ill) on 01/28/2013

05/06/2009: Michael from Spokane, Wa

Thank you so very much for sharing your story... You have no idea how reading it tonight was God sent for me! ;) thank you for making a difference..


Replied By L J (Los Angeles, California ) on 07/21/2014

People should know the negative effects of giving their children RITALIN.. It has been shown to give the child later an addiction to heroin and cocaine..current studies have surfaced linking Ritalin to drug addiction. It seems that after the RITALIN is ingested into the stomach it turns into a substance almost identical to that of heroin and or cocaine. Therefore creating a drug addicted child/teen from the effects of RITALIN. Parents beware of this pharmaceutical claiming to help fix your's a crime that these prescriptions are even in existence. Xoxo L J

Replied By Tricia (Inkster, Mi) on 03/03/2017

Thank you for sharing this is all I can say right now.

Replied By Asmaa (Vienna, Virginia) on 05/04/2017

Great job lady, I applaud you for work well done. I get inspired when I read such great stories. I love your dedication. Great job!

Replied By Ava (Pa) on 02/16/2018

Jill, was very hopeful after reading your article. How is your son now doing? Our son is older. He struggles with organization. very stressed when it comes to school.

also at times depressed. Was wondering if you tried fish oils. I believe in l trytophan and melotonin. However he does drive.