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Twinsauntymom (Ca, U.s.a.) on 11/06/2013

Novel treatment for Peyronies Disease:

Hi, My husband had been struggling with quite severe curvature and indentation of his penis for over a year. We researched all over the internet looking for treatment, relief and hope. All we found at that time were expensive oral treatments, surgery (ouch) or traction devices.

Then we discovered the benefits of using castor oil, topically (that is, rubbing it on the skin) to dissolve scar tissue and ease the pain of arthritic joints - mine. We wondered if castor oil would also work on plaque - which is also described as scar tissue.

My husband had two rather large areas of plaque in the penile shaft which were causing him pain and distress. Knowing that castor oil can do little harm topically, my husband decided to try it. So, for several weeks, before sleep, he massaged castor oil into the areas where he could feel the plaque. He also would apply a cotton bandage to keep heat and pressure on the area overnight.

Within a couple of weeks he started to notice improvement. The indentation lessened. The curvature reduced and he could physically feel the size of the two areas of plaque reducing.

He has continued to use the castor oil 3 or 4 times a week. The scar tissue that he could feel is almost gone, his penis is now almost straight and not indented. The pain is almost completely gone. He is carrying on using the castor oil and we are seeing continued improvement, week by week.

Before you spend a lot of money on proprietary compounds or consider something as drastic as surgery, which may result in having to use a prosthesis to obtain an erection, I would suggest that you invest $5 or so in a bottle of castor oil and try it.

Do some research into the healing properties of castor oil to see why it is so effective. Give it a few weeks and see if it helps you too.

This is not an overnight cure. It will take time, but I would suggest it is well worth trying.

A couple of helpful hints. Cover yourself with a towel or an old pair of pyjamas for sleeping. The oil may well stain your bedclothes.

Make sure that you can get into the bathroom to wash when your hands are oily - finding yourself with oily hands and being unable to open either the bedroom or bathroom doors is a little embarrassing.

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Replied By Mike (East Brunswick, New Jersey) on 01/13/2014

Does his penis curve down or up (or at least used too ), And did his penis look inflamated towards the bottom of it? Im wondering because thats how it is all for me and im going to see if castor oil can help me.

Replied By Dave (Miami, Florida) on 01/26/2014

Wow. This is actually working out really well. So I've had this issue ever since I can remember which makes me believe it is hereditary. So anyways, I started applying castor oil every single night since january 15 and than I wrap any kind of napkin around my penis to keep a bit of pressure. For the most part though it's so it doesn't get on my underwear. Its january 26 now and I can already see very good results and my penis is beginning to straighten out. This stuff works great! Also for anyone wondering theres a very good chance you'll see castor oil marketed as a laxative which it is so don't be confused. Oh, and I also apply it all over my penis... no specific reason or anything it only takes a few seconds.
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Replied By Twinsauntymom (Ca) on 07/09/2014

Hi Mike,

So sorry for the delay in responding.

My husband's penis used to curve upwards and the tightening of the indentation also pulled the head of the penis to the left.

As Peyronie's seems to be an ongoing problem, maintenance of the castor oil treatment seems to be the way to go, for us, anyway.

So we continue with the application and massage, but not daily. More like 2 - 3 times per week to help prevent the plaque from becoming a severe problem.

As for the inflammation, no. There was no inflammation visible on his penis. However, we have used castor oil, topically, to relieve inflammation in other circumstances. For example, I have arthritic hips. Castor oil reduces the pain I have from that. I also have muscular spasms, again, castor oil helps to alleviate that pain. Also, I occasionally get red, inflamed, swollen ankles. Again, castor oil relieves the swelling, the redness and the pain.

We use the EFT mantra, "Try it on everything".

Best wishes.

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Replied By Asad (Pakistan) on 04/10/2015

Hey, thank for such helpful insight. I have exact problem and reading your great results with the use of oil I cannot wait to try.

One question I have is does the use of castor oil treatment has to be permanent? like for life long or can go away once penis is straightened? thanks.


Replied By Mikey (Central America) on 06/05/2015

Well it seems that castor oil is really helping some guys although I can't find any scientific evidence. I ve been massaging twice a day since I found that advise in another case, but you mention that is better to space them out every other day. I really look for some good advise please.

Replied By Ian (New Zealand) on 07/10/2015

Hi, I found this site and am not unsurprised by the comments.If you look at Edgar Casey's site, (Casey was a spiritual healer in the 39's in USA) he advocated castor oil packs, hence my thought to seek some info on the subject. Castor oil apparently has a unique ability to draw toxins out of the body particularly if warm. (Toxins are the cause of most ailments.) I guess the penis is a naturally warm environment anyway so the use of a hot water bottle wouldnt be required although you could try it for a hour at a time. Hope this helps.
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Replied By Marcia (Renton Wa) on 10/19/2015

Hi-----my husband and I found your information. Very interesting, as he also has this issue. He was wondering, if u and your husband had sex after applying the castor oil, as his urologist was indicating this was to be the case, in getting the penis lubricated, and the more often having sex, the better. Thanks.

Replied By Michelle (Canada) on 11/10/2015

Thank you so mich my husband was just diagnosed with it we will try the castor oil. Really thank you you've given us hope

Replied By Siva (Adlealide) on 11/14/2015

HI, Thank you so much for your information, I have been diagnosed peyronie 3 years ago. I tried couple of doctors & Specialists and they said to me there is no guarantee for cure. I will try the castor oil natural treatment and let you know the results. Really thank you, you've given me hope.

kind regards


Adelaide, south - Australia

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Replied By Ria (Usa) on 11/15/2015


Thank you much for this great information. Do you recommend food grade castor oil or the one that is for cosmetic and massage use (for aches and pains etc.?) I know Whole Foods carries the cosmetic/massage type but not the food grade. Also, do you recommend cold pressed or normal expeller pressed? I read an article on ncbi where they mention that if the oil is heat expelled it does not contain Riacin.

Is it still helping? Ria


Replied By Katherine (Langley, Bc) on 11/25/2015

Thank you for this idea! We are just discovering this with my husband and he is wanting an all natural route. Thank you again!

Replied By John (Sunnyvale, Ca.) on 12/15/2015

Is there one brand of castor oil better than another?
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Replied By Siva (Adelaide) on 12/15/2015

Hi Ria

I use Vrindavan organic cold pressed castor oil. it is also certified organic product. if you need the shop ( Adelaide, South-Australia) information and telephone number, I will provide it for you. please let me know. I pay around Australian dollars approximately$16.95. Some time, I pay between aus $14.00 to aus $ 15.00 when there are in special. Normally special are once in a month.

I am happy to help you out. Many thanks, Siva

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Replied By John (Madison, Wi) on 03/15/2016

Hi, I will appreciate it very much if some one can tell me whether castor oil cured / helped Peyronie's many people or just a few lucky ones. It's not I don't believe the story that it cured some one. It could be just by chance some of the lucky ones who belong to the group of "spontaneous resolution" - only 4% of Peyronie's patients.

Thanks in advance!


Replied By David (Tn) on 03/17/2016

I tried this for several weeks. Applied DMSO after each application of Castor oil to help with oil penetration. It did not help at all. Also tried Serrapeptase for a few months with no change. I believe the scarred tissue inside has turned almost bone like preventing the full and even swelling. I can't imagine anything but surgery can help at this point and I am not going there.
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Replied By John (Madison) on 03/22/2016

Even if castor oil could dissolve scar tissue, I thought it would be impossible for it to penetrate the skin and reach the PD plaque.

Replied By Johnny (UK) on 06/03/2022

Did you start your DMSO and Castor Oil treatment after the plaque in your penis had hardened... or before, when the damaged area would have probably been softer and fibrous. If I remember correctly, it can take about 6 months to 1 year for the plaque to harden. If you applied your DMSO and Castor Oil before the plaque hardened, it would be difficult to determine how effective your chemical treatment would be.

Replied By Mj (U.s.a. ) on 07/12/2016

Hi All,

Well let me start by saying PD sucks, it's very emotional disorder, that being said your not going to die from it, good news :). It's more then just breaking down the plaque with Castor Oil, which can soothe the area and yes it feels good not a bad thing. The cause of it is do to immune response and the bodies over all production typically of TGFB-1 which you can test for in your blood for. The higher the marker of this more likely you are going to keep producing scar tissue and your system is not going to down regulate TIMP's which block MMP'S from eating or if you will dissolving the scar tissue over time. If this is all foreign to you me too. Be patient with this condition if you just got it welcome to the club. If your down about this it's normal. Just cheer up sex is not over just delayed a bit. You will appreciate women in a whole new way, promise. Enzymes could help a bit to dissolve fibrin and or scar tissue although it's like a war with immune system. You need to boost it first and nothing wrong with enzymes too.

Here is some good things to start you off with.

1) DMSO is great for inflammation although I'm using it at the same time you use castor oil simply because you are doing two different things, DMSO is a solvent which can help draw things into blood stream quickly so wash hands keep surface area clean and don't add anything like essential oils and or crazy items. when you use castor it draws toxins out and softens skin etc., So you are doing two different things at the same time, you want a systematical approach at the same time. You want 1 band playing same song at a time no too different ones.

2) You can use DMSO with SOD from melon, a capsule open and apply to skin.

3) Serraflayzme empty stomach away from food 3x daily or as recommeneded by dr.

4) L-carnatine tartrate form or proplinate 2 grams that about 4 - 500mg tabs caps empty stomach, mean no food for 1 hour. this will help the pain and inflammation.

5) Bromaline enzyme again around 1.5 grams or 1,500 mg emepty stomach.

6) Boost your immune system herbs like propolis 1,000 mg's a day

7) Andrographis 1 capsule daily

8) Ginseng Korean 1 capsule something good quality.

9) Garlic fresh good to eat will boost immune system. Can get order free.

10) Exercise more yes, good things don't be lazy and cry about forget about it as they say in Brooklyn.

11) Stretch penis outward hold at base count to 10 seconds do 3 times day every other day. Pull out slow dont attach a building or tow truck slow easy it's your man hood respect it.

12) Shower place a wash cloth on penis and let heat hit area for a few mins and then apply your DMSO w/ SOD.

13) Seek help don't be shy this is a condition not so much as a disease. You will stabilize yourself over time and yes, the condition is like a roller coaster ups and downs, don't worry you will adjust and it will be okay. Get love and support and if your partner doesn't get it or feel for you screw them, you will find someone who does. It's your life and things happen you will be okay.

14) CO-Q10 200-300 mgs

15) Fish oil Omega 3 2 grams +

16) Grape seed ok 150 mgs +

17) Need to get better erection failing you go for L-Citrulline 1 gram up to 3 grams before boom boom will give you natural wood safe unless you have a medical condition then get help. This will increase nitric oxide.

This is a good start and always seek medical advice for supplement health, this is some info to get you on track.

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Replied By Brenda (Nc) on 07/16/2016

Can I please ask you what DSMO with SOD is?

Replied By Todd (Florida) on 09/25/2016

Just silly. Shouldn't we study things carefully before developing opinions like this?
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Replied By Josh (Washington) on 09/29/2016

I've been using castor oil for just under a week now and will continue, I understand each person is different and some will take longer then others to heal and unbend, but in the end is this guaranteed to work? Or am I possibly wasting my time...
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Replied By Mark (Ohio) on 10/02/2016

I started using castor oil two weeks ago and I think it is helping me. My sensitivity is getting better and the curve is changing.
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Replied By James (Ghana) on 10/21/2016

Please help me what to do I had PD 3 weeks ago. My penis is curved to the left with No erection in the day. I only get erection for some few seconds Early in the Morning while on bed after that nothing again. no erection. Am an African . Lives in Ghana.

Replied By Tito (Philippines) on 10/23/2016

Is it safe to have intercourse after using castor oil topically for peyronies disease?

Replied By Hailey (Greenville) on 10/24/2016

Yes, topical castor oil use and intercourse are not contraindicated. But some would say that oils should not be used with condoms because of the risks of them breaking from the combination of plastic and oil.

The only other concern is that intra-vaginal use of castor oil can cause a laxative effect.


Replied By Raj (Tamil Nadu) on 10/30/2016

Hi, hope you are fine. I've peyroine for about 9 months.. applying castor oil for about 3 months .. although my pain ease now when I touch my penis.. but there is solid lump in the neck of penis it doesn't go away .. I have a doubt that am I applying correctly or not?? While erecting still have pain.. help me please..

Replied By Travis (Calgary, Alberta ) on 11/03/2016

Did your husband's penis have somewhat of a flop before an erection from his pyronies? Also so just apply castor oil to penis then heat bandage and cover?

Replied By Travis (Calgary Alberta ) on 11/04/2016

Did you apply any heat or pressure or just rub the oil on and let it absorb?

Replied By Twinsauntymom (Ca) on 11/11/2016

Hi David, My husband had an area of thick, wide plaque at the base of his penis, and another thick and wide area towards the head of his penis. The castor oil did reduce both areas in width and thickness. The curvature reduced. The indentations went away and the curve to the side also went away. It seems that sometimes the plaque regrows, so we keep using the castor oil. To answer some other questions, yes we use heat, even using just a warm washcloth to wrap the penis after application of the oil. Sometimes he'll apply a cloth soaked in oil and bandage it on, overnight. As the plaques have reduced and he now has NO restriction or pain with erections or ejaculation - which was the problem in earlier times. He's also started to use a suction cup device to extend and further straighten his penis. It seems PD is a chronic condition, with no easy or fast answer, but there is hope, there is relief and there is very pleasurable sexual activity.
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Replied By Raj (Tamil Nadu) on 11/27/2016

No, I haven't applied any heat.. and 30 days later started to wrap penis with napkin.. and tighten up. That's all.. is it good??

Replied By Mihai (Québec) on 02/22/2017

I will also try to see how it goes. Thank you for your detailed message and your uplifting spirit.

Replied By Frank (Louisiana) on 03/13/2017

I have pyronies and would like to know what's a good Castor oil to use to treat my problem?

Replied By Twinsauntymom (Ca) on 03/14/2017

Hi Frank,

Most of the recommendations seem to be cold pressed, organic castor oil, if you can get it. Good luck.

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Replied By John (Madison) on 03/20/2017

Hi Twinsauntymom, I am glad that your husband had good results by using castor oil. My scar tissue is a long cord that covers the entire shaft (from glans to base). The cord is about 1/4" wide and a bit less than 1/4" thick, like an electrical wire under the skin. I have an upward curvature about 32 degrees. From your description of your husband's PD condition, he had two plaques, one near base the other near glans. Did they both go away after the castor oil treatment? I also have a slight indentation because the scar tissues are pulling. I have been rubbing castor oil for about 2 months. I have not seen any results. I am also trying to use DMSO in the same time. I believe DMSO can transport / deliver the castor oil to the plaque. Thanks in advance.

Replied By Twinsauntymom (Ca) on 03/21/2017

Hi John,

It seems that this is a chronic and progressive condition. Our experience has been that diligent application of the castor oil, with warmth and wrapping the shaft of the penis and just leaving it alone for a while to work, seems to be the best way to reduce the thickness and width of the plaques. Unfortunately, I have to say that when he's managed to get rid of one plaque, another one starts to form - maybe in a different area.

So you keep going.

We haven't used DMSO, just castor oil, a warm or hot flannel pad soaked in oil to keep the castor oil on the area, and a cotton bandage to wrap the whole shaft of the penis to keep the pad in place. Perhaps overnight.

As for penetration of the oil, castor oil has very small molecules which easily penetrate the skin. I have topically applied castor oil to my hips to greatly relieve arthritis pain in my joints. I am not a skinny person, so the oil is getting in there somehow. You may find this link to be informative.

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Replied By John (Madison, Wi) on 03/22/2017

Thank you very much, Twinsauntymom, for your speedy and helpful reply.
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Replied By Jon (Ny, Ny) on 04/04/2017

You know I have had this issue for a few years now and it seems to be getting worse. I am going to try the castor oil and here is why. A few years ago I was a member at a gym and a few times I forgot to where sandals in the shower and picked up a plantars wart. I spent thousands of dollars on doctors for that wart and then read about a simple home remedy Apple cider vinegar with (mother). Guys it really worked, it took a few weeks and some pain but after following a strict program of treating it the whole wart fell off. Sometimes the easiest cure is the one that sounds the weirdest.
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Replied By Twinsauntymom (Ca) on 04/05/2017

Good luck Jon, I hope it gives some relief.

This is such a distressing and painful condition. I think one of the worst things we discovered was that the medical world seemed to just say: "Sorry. Not much we can do, except surgery. You'll just have to live with it."

I really hope the castor oil helps. Please let me know how you get on.

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Replied By Cheryl (Schererville, Indiana) on 07/15/2017

DMSO - DMSO pain relief is most frequently for muscles and joints. Applied to the skin, DMSO is an excellent anti-inflammatory and has many uses as a general pain reliever. It has been used with varying degrees of success in a great variety of medical ailments.

SOD - Superoxide Dismutase -Boosts the Body's Primary Antioxidant Defense

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Replied By Sultan (Pakistan Peshawar ) on 07/24/2017

Additional remedies for treating penis curvature alongside castor oil?

Replied By Raj (Us) on 05/21/2018

Hi Raj-Tamilnadu,

Did you find and improvement on your treatment to PD?

I diagnosed with PD 2 days back. As expected, the Urologist is of no help except surgery. I started Castor oil treatment today.

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Replied By Donna (Kokomo, In) on 10/20/2018

My husband has Peyronies. His symptoms sound like your husband. I've read there are many causes. He was on a high blood pressure medicine, for 20 years, but a year ago added large amounts of Vitamin C, and collegen powder. 4 months later, the Peyronies developed. The first two have been associated with Peyronies, and I've read it's a collagen build up. Did you husband consume any of those products?

Replied By Twinsauntymom (Ca) on 10/22/2018

Hi Donna,

No, he hadn't taken any of those products at all. His Peyronie's was caused by injury, we believe. He's continuing with the castor oil treatments, maybe once every two or three weeks, but has now added traction treatment using either a vacuum pump or weights to help straighten the curvature - with considerable success. We're also taking small amounts of Borax each day which seems to help break down his plaque and my painfully arthritic hips. Please see the articles on Borax on this site for how to take it.

I wish you and your husband good luck in your search for relief from this distressing and painful condition.

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Replied By James (Australia ) on 11/19/2021

Which brands please? I bought castor oil in the past, it was very waxy. Some really make things worse. Thanks

Replied By Tom (Gardner, Mass) on 03/15/2022

Wow!!! I have same problem, been looking into enzyme therapy, but in what may not be a coincidence, my Wife has a bottle of castor oil she uses for our Dog's eye problems!! 🙏🙏🙏

Replied By Dori (Boston, Massachusetts) on 04/17/2022

Have you tried 3 Mhz ultrasound with Photon (red, blue, green) light therapy while applying the Castor oil? Br, Dori