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Suzanne (Southeast, Michigan) on 04/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

For those of you who have dogs with skin problems, skin allergies, please consider a raw diet. This is something that is becoming more well known and is growing in popularity. Commercial dog foods are the cause of so many health problems in pets. My three dogs and one cat have been eating a raw diet for two years now. Raw meaty bones, some organ meat, and then a couple times a week, a few supplements like fish oil, yogurt, raw egg, kale. It's similar to something called the BARF diet for pets, but a simplified version. Two books by Tom Lonsdale, Raw Meaty Bones, and Work Wonders, are a good place to start reading about the diet. There are web sites and yahoogroups as well. My dogs teeth are super clean and white (even my 9yr old lab) because they're eating like their ancestors did; ripping the meat off bones, chomping on bone (raw bones only -- cooked bones are a choking hazard). Sicne starting this diet, besides being overall healthier pets, other benefits: clear anal glands because the poop is a bit harder, healthier skin and coat, no dog smell or doggy breath, much less poop because no fillers, etc., as in dry food I never have to clean up poop in my yard! Natural diet means natural poop; in a few days, it turns white and crumbles away. Also, my dogs are happier. They love the raw diet. I had one very stubborn cat who I just couldn't get to transition to a raw diet, so I fed her Evo, the more natural dry food. That did help her allergies, but I still would rather she went raw.
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Replied By Damon (Palm Springs, CA) on 05/21/2008

Allergies almost killed my purebred GSD. At only 7 months old my vet gave her 2-3 more years (Yet she looked fairly normal except thin to the average observer except her blackish skin). As I started doing research on line, I discovered the horrors of commercial Dog food. Finding out that it was equivelent to feeding your kid fast food every meal. Many talked about the benifits of the Raw diet, and I was convinced. Problem is it was nearly impossible to do where I live. Needless to say I found several non commercial Kibbles that have turned my dog into a healthy, beautiful dog. Last bloodwork was perfect and she NEVER smells, has fleas, and ears and eyes are bright and clean. Her skin is bright pink.

I also started to use ACV and garlic in her food. I feed her Flint River Ranch (lamb has garlic) for a cheaper alternative (shipped to you) and supplement it with more expensive brands like Origen 6 fish and Wellness Core.

If you want Raw alternative, the Honest Kitchen sells dehydrated raw food that smells like home cooking. I also plan on starting her on H2o2 drops in her water. Hope this helps people who can't use Raw where they live.


Replied By Cathy (Deltona, FL) on 09/18/2008

My dog has had allergies for several years now. Not only does his stomach get bright red, his ears and around his eyes get red. He is also prone to ear infections. The vet prescribes steroids, but he can only be on them so long and has to come off. I've been adding ACV to his water daily, and it has helped, but I have realized that he also probably has a food allergy (there is corn gluten in his food). I've been doing a lot of research and found that most allergies are caused by their food. I researched dog food brands and purchased a small bag of Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice today to start mixing with his food. The reviews on this food are outstanding, as it does not contain any by-products, fillers, etc. It is natural/holistic and is as close as you can get to homemade. I'm hoping this helps!

Replied By Elena (Thornhill, Ontario, Canada) on 04/20/2009

Yes I agree, raw diet does wonders. My dog also gets severe itching twice per year due to allergies. I have paid hundreds of dollars and the only solution they could offer after trying various other things were steroids?. I hate the way it affects her. Constant urinating, weird eyes, real hungry & thirsty. I was sick of seeing her like that. Then she was put on a raw meat diet (seventy percent ground chicken (neck, wing tips), turkey, also lamb, goat mixed with some beef heart and thirty percent ground veg.(not gassy variety). This is mixed with half human dose of antibiotic. We also started to give her half human does fish oil. She's a different dog. Allergies are completely, utterly no scratching, she's calm, has a beautiful coat and I am so relieved after all these years. The dehydrated dog food you see in pet food stores which says "raw" is not raw, its dehydrated. I mean raw organic. I was shocked that it was not nearly as expensive as I expected. My medium size dog only eats about a 1216oz per day. Oh also, no vaccinations or heart worn/flea meds. for at least 3 years. I wish you the peace of mind we have found from these diet changes.
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Replied By Jennifer (Florida, FL) on 03/05/2015

I've cured hundreds of dogs and cats by switching their owners to raw feeding. Cheaper and pets live 25-30 years old with no issues.

80% flesh, 10% raw bone, 10% organs as a rough diet plan.