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Jennifer (Oakland, Oregon, USA) on 04/22/2007
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Dear Earth Clinic My cat was diagnosed with ringworm by my Vet. We tried a prescription ointment but when we tried to put it on the cat ran and hid. Next we tried an oral prescription that didn't help and then two others. The last one seemed to work but was outrageously expensive. After about a year the cat again had the ringworm in the same spot so we invested in the outrageously expensive oral prescription again and it started working but failed to get rid of the ringworm. We had already gone through all the remedies that the vet could give us. We then did lots of research on alternatives. The end result was to try the Virgin Coconut Oil that we have here for us. I let the cat sniff it first then when she didn't run away I put it on every day and in about a week it was gone and it hasn't come back. Hopefully the cat will never get this fungus again but if she does we will be putting on the Coconut Oil.
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Replied By Genienne (West Palm Beach, Fl) on 10/30/2010

My kitten has several spots of ringworm and we have tried everything the vet had to offer - pills, creams, dips - for several months but it just gets worse. So now I am searching for natural cure (should have started with this! ). I read about the coconut oil which I have right here so I put it on his spots, but he has been licking non-stop (it IS yummy, I know), but I'm worried that a) he licked it all off, and b)he now has all the spores in his belly - will that make it spread MORE??

Replied By Kate (Adelaide, Australia) on 06/20/2011

Apple cider vinegar orally diluted x3 ratio works really well, but although it works well topically I wouldn't suggest it over coconut oil. ACV can dry out their natural oils if perhaps you apply too much or there is a mis-diagnosis eg. Ringworm is often diagnosed in cases of mites and even just eczema! Don't worry about ring worm spores being digested either, stomach acids kill it off, regardless it would need to be a hugely serious fungal infection to spread internally and usually through their bottom anyway! Coconut oil is not only good for their skin, but it's really good for them to digest too... It reduces risk of a massive amount of things like cancer, digestion, and heart /thyroid/metabolism problems! And it's the same with humans :)
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Replied By Janell (Allen, Tx) on 07/12/2011

In response to Kate from Adelaide, Australia: COCONUT OIL

I have been suffering with reoccurring ringworm for at least 5 years. When you took the coconut oil internally did that help you completely get rid of the ringworm? If so how much of it do you take? Your advice seems to be very helpful because I need something to treat myself internally. I need to get rid of this horrible plague! Thank you for all of your help!