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Pat (Sterling, VA) on 05/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have fostered many cats with ringworm and the thing that knocks it out in days is neem oil. A bath twice a week for at least a month in a neem oil pet shampoo. Make sure you wash between toes which is how the spores are spread -- scratching the face and head. Then apply neem oil lightly directly to lesion twice a day for 3-4 days. It usually starts to heal the affected areas in 3 days.

Replied By Mom Of Dom And Dice (Royersford, Pennsylvania) on 05/05/2010

Absolutely YEA! Dice came from rescue with sarcoptic mange, it eventually infected Domino as well. Months of pesticide treatment to no avail. Went to Wholefoods, they reccomended Neem Oil. After 2 weeks of treatment, the boys started growing their hair back! The itching and red areas subsided, and we got to have our puppies back! And they got to have their good lives back! I will occasionally use this oil treatment for hot spots, and we use Neem Soap for bathing in Spring and Summer, it helps keep mosquitoes off of them too! Although the smell is something that takes getting used to, it wears away... It appears that Dice may have ringworm (small patch) on his belly, so he is getting NEEM bath today and a treatment tonight of the pure oil from Wholefoods... I 100% support this treatment for a braod spectrum of skin issues in dogs! :) Also, no harm in them licking it, it is natural!!!

Replied By Katelyn (Dallas, Tx) on 02/19/2012

Natural does not equal safe. Arsenic and lead are both natural, but no one would suggest they are safe. Neem oil has a number of contradictory studies- many of them showing it is dangerous in its pure form. Using highly diluted neem oil on your pet as a bug repellant is very different from applying pure neem oil directly to their body. I wouldn't recommend it. There is not enough proof of safety.
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Replied By Meg (Memphis, Tn) on 04/25/2017

I've recently had a lot of bites which of turn to lesions after going to the doctor they prescribed permethrin cream for mites or fleas and flagyl for parasites. I've been bathing in 100% virgin cold pressed neem oil and my cat stepped in the bathtub and licked his paw and begin salivating for about five minutes and now he seems fine. The veterinarian wasn't even sure what neem oil was so I'm asking for help.. if a small amount was ingested or just in his mouth it could hurt him? (he did not ingest or get any type of other essential oil's in his mouth).

Replied By TheresaDonate (Mpls., Mn) on 04/26/2017


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Hey Meg,

The main concern about neem products are the other things that may be added to them, like tea tree oil. Pure neem should not be an issue. If you are concerned give activated charcoal - mix a spoon into a can of tuna and see if your cat will take it. On a side note, you might consider the lamp flea trap if you are getting bitten by these pests.