Apple Cider Vinegar, Copper Penny for Ringworm

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Gardengirl (Gallatin, Tn) on 03/17/2012
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I just wanted to share my cure for ringworms. Years back, I got a ringworm on the top of my hand and went to the doctor and got a lot of medicine. After about 2 more weeks, medicine wasn't helping, called my mother and she told me to take a penny and put it in Apple Cider Vinegar for about 1 day then put it on my hand about 2or3min. Put it back in Apple Cider Vinegar and repeat. I did that 4 times a day and the 3 day it was gone. I really think the vinegar releases the copper in the penny. Guess you need to use a old penny so you will get enough copper. Try it, it works!!!
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Becky (Orange Park, Fl) on 10/07/2009
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I tried this and it totally worked! I would soak a penny in ACV and then bandaid over it to keep it in place for about 30 min. Then I would rinse with hydrogen peroxide, pat dry, and paint clear nail polish over it. After a week or so, I started applying aloe or coconut oil at night in addition to the aforementioned regimen. It did take a good 2 weeks or so but it's gone without having to spend a dime or use some toxic over the counter stuff. Earthclinic did it again!!! :D
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Cheylynmob (Plano, TX) on 06/04/2009
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Apple Cider Vingar and a penny (copper).

I drenched a cotton swab in the apple cider vinegar and wet the penny with it also. I placed it on the ringworm located on my son's head and covered it with an extra large band-aid and additional medical tape because it has grown to be rather large. I let him go to bed with it on his head and the next morning, it had gone down tremendously! Today is day two and I'm anxious to see what it will look like later.

We had already tried bleach, Lamisil, prescribed Ketaconozole, and Griseofulvn. Nothing was working and it actually grew larger!

This is working. I'll use this method everytime.