Question for bill re chronic genital sore

Posted By Keefus (London, Uk) on 03/19/2015

Hi Bill

About ten years ago I noticed a sore on my penis that was light red - was not painful - about the size of half a cm around.

I went to a STD clinic and the consultant there told me that it was a non- infectious condition that she prescribed a standard cream for. I applied the cream as per the instructions. The sore got better, but not all gone, and then afterwards - a short while after - it asserted itself again. She suggested - if it came back that she would take a cutting of it and do further tests. Not a journey I am going to take..

Why I have taken so long to make more efforts to cure it I am not sure? A mate sent me this link to your website. I had a very difficult relationship with mother. A castrating attack on my masculinity / sexuality. (Maybe that helps you understand it?)

Anyway today I began to use apple cider vinegar on it. I soak the ACV in cotton wool and apply it to the sore until it stings and a bit more - then wait a while. I will try this for a few days (4 or 5 times daily) and see how it goes. I may try to take a couple of spoons of ACV daily orally as well. When I apply the ACV the sore gets more red with the very small centre of it an ugly bloody red core. I assume this means the ACV is working?

I also have an aloe vera plant at home and am considering using the aloe as well on it - but not sure of how much to use and for how long for?

I am 54. Not sure of my blood group. I hope to hear from you.


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