Dietary advice sought for multi nodular goiter

Posted By Caitlin (Uk) on 05/18/2015

Hi, I have a multi nodular goiter that has got larger only slightly in 7 years, it causes me no problems what so ever, occasionally it will flair up for a few days but has usually gone down in a few days too. I saw my specialist today who wants me to have another (this will be the 3rd in 7 years) ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration to reduce the size again, this is fine by me as managing it is better than treatment (of which my options are radioactive iodine or surgery for partial removal). He also said my thyroid readings are border line towards hyper which is the first time it has been borderline. My aspiration is in approx 3-4 weeks and he then wants to see me again in 4 months. Along with the aspiration I would like to try and reduce the size of the goiter myself through diet and other natural methods. I have been fully vegan now for 4 months, mostly raw food and juicing, I eat the full spectrum of food allowed on a plant based diet and I feel great and have noticed a big difference in my general health and well being, I practise yoga everyday and walk and run several times a week, I am neither under weight nor over weight. I take B12 complex, omega 3 and 10 billion probiotic daily. I would like some suggestion as to some specific foods that will help me along this journey but I am a little confused by what I find when I trawl the internet. Research says the reason the goiter forms initially is lack of iodine in the diet but I find conflicting text that says I should increase my intake of iodine rich foods or decrease, or whether I should increase cruciferous food or avoid them because they are goiter forming - HELP. I should add I know my goiter is not cancerous. Any advice will be much appreciated

Regards, Caitlin


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