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  Re: Remedies for Dog with Liver Disease

4 months ago
Posted by Sonya (Tupelo ms) on 03/24/2021

My Yorkie has an enlarged liver and a systemic infection. He is on antibiotics currently. This just happened today; the vet visit. I am extremely worried. I did get him to eat a little turkey baby food but no water tonight. How much each of those supplements did you give your dog?

Colloidal Silver in Spray Bottle for Cats and Dogs

4 months ago
Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 03/24/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My 5lb daschihuahua developed swelling to her lacrimal gland (teardrops) one day. I got my sprayer full of colloidal silver (10ppm) and sprayed it 3x. We went about our business and 10 mins later it was gone. I also used this sprayer for my cat's eyes if I noticed a tear trail. He takes 3 sprays directly in his face because he knew it would be good for him. They both drank it freely, too. Animals know it's good for them!

  Re: Spraying a Kennel With Lysol

4 months ago
Posted by Tawanna (New Jersey) on 03/23/2021

Do you know what is in Lysol which is actually a pesticide, that stuff made my aunt asthma worse?

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide, DMSO for Tumors in Pets

4 months ago
Posted by Eric (Alexandria) on 03/23/2021

Robytea did not use 35% HP with DMSO in a 50:50 ratio. On another website, they said they used 6% HP:

"I used a mixture of 6% hydrogen peroxide with DMSO. I reduced 35% HP with distilled water. I then applied the mixture with a Q-tip directly on the tumor. Don't be afraid to apply it at a couple of spots. The DMSO will penetrate the tumor carrying the HP with it. This worked for my cat so I don't see why it will not work for you. Apply this mixture as many times as you can. I did my cat 2-3 times a day. I saw results within 24 hours. Don't give up this will work. My results may be different than yours. You can email me directly at [email protected]"

  Re: Activated Charcoal for Kidney Disease in Dogs

5 months ago
Posted by MollyInTexas (Texas) on 03/21/2021

Carrieann, please keep us updated on your baby collie girl and her reaction to the activated charcoal. Also, it might be better if you open the capsules and add the charcoal to a liquid and then maybe feed it to her with a baby syringe that you could find at a pharmacy. It would help her not to vomit the capsules. I'm praying for everything to work out for her. Please let us know! With blessings, Molly

  Sea Salt for Arthritis in Dogs

5 months ago
Posted by Sam (Australia ) on 03/14/2021
1 out of 5 stars


I tried this with my dog last 2 days and no sign of improving unfortunately.

  Re: Activated Charcoal for Kidney Disease in Dogs

5 months ago
Posted by Carrieann (Connecticut) on 03/12/2021

Hi thank you sooo much for the confirmation!!! just gave 2 to my border collie with kidney disease. She was given antibiotics that made her so sick even though no infection was found. Her urine was dilute so she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Now she is afraid to take any food because she has tossed her cookies so much - I happened to have activated charcoal in the house for poisoning, so it dawned on me if it is used to expel toxins it might work to purify the kidneys. I checked - it works in humans so..... Again, thanks for sharing your experience.

  Re: Borax for Dogs

5 months ago
Posted by Olissima (Md) on 03/10/2021

Hi! How much Borax do you add when you bathe your dog?

 Re: Dog With Enlarged Spleen

5 months ago
Posted by margarita (lansdale pa) on 03/09/2021

Hi, which product exactly? Essiac has many products. Is it the one for pets?

 Re: Dog With Enlarged Spleen

5 months ago
Posted by Margarita G (Lansdale PA) on 03/08/2021

Hello Om,

I see that this is a pretty old post but I hope to get some help. My 10 year old German shepherd has an enlarged irregular spleen and thickened colon. He's not eating but does drink water. We try to feed him a bit with Turkey baster. Has bloody diarrhea. He‘s been on 2 different antibiotics to help with diarrhea but no change. Now they prescribed prednisone. I know that he's not a young dog but before this he was very energetic and active. He‘s my best friend.

Is the ESSIAC from Not sure how much time he has left but I just want to get the correct product. On that website they have products for pets. Is that the one you recommend? Seems like you might have used a different form of the Essiac. Please help.

EC: So sorry, Om passed a few years ago. Hopefully, another EC contributor can advise.

  Re: Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Treatment for Dog

5 months ago
Posted by Bryan (IN) on 03/02/2021

I am trying the maple syrup baking soda treatment on my older dog to remove some tumors. The vet says they are not cancerous but I am unsure.... Will this treatment work on non cancerous tumors? In addition, when I warm the syrup and baking soda, it hardens significantly. It turns into more of hard carmel substance. I have read people being able to put the mixture into a syringe. Not the mixture Im making, I can barely tear it apart. Am I doing something wrong? In advance, thank you for your response. Bryan

  Re: Essiac Tea Dosage for Tumors

5 months ago
Posted by Hope (Canada) on 03/02/2021

I know this is years later but it may help someone else. Add the Essiac to some chicken or other meat bone broth. Make your own as it's much better. Save your bones after a meal in the freezer. When you have enough, put them in a pot and cover them with water and simmer up to 12 hours - the longer, the better, but you can also shorten this time or put them in a crock pot all day or even a pressure cooker for 2 hours, such as an Instant Pot. Note: A simmer is not a boil but the smallest amount of heat with a few bubbles here and there. Best to do it during the day for safety. Strain out the bones and keep broth in the fridge. I always feed my dog broth with his meat/veg/fats.

You want to avoid sugar in the diet as that is what feeds cancer. Sugar is also carbs. Check out the Keto pet diet online. I am using that too. My dog (lymphoma) has no problem taking the Essiac in broth. I just started this today.

I think the vaccines caused this as well as terrible ear infections/allergies as he was a rescue, picked up by a Humane Society and the incompetent vet gave him a vaccine when he was starved and very sick. He did not have these issues prior, according to the medical notes. Vaccines should ONLY be given to healthy animals but most vets do it anyway. Lots of info on this online by holistic vets. For immunity to diseases, do a blood titer instead. Dogs usually have full lifetime immunity from their first set of vaccines, but it's a giant money-maker, so that's why it's pushed every year. Criminal, I know. You don't realize how damaging vaccines can be until something like this happens and you start doing the research and there is a ton of research out there, but it's buried. Don't believe what the media says, they are funded by the drug companies and have a financial interest.

Dosing: I found this info on an Essiac site. Best wishes for your pet.

Essiac Tea Dosing for Pets

Ideally, Essiac will be given once daily on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning or before bed are good times to give Essiac to your pet. If you need to mix it with food to get your pet to take it, use the minimum amount needed to get your pet to take Essiac.

How Much Essiac Tea for Cats?

1 teaspoon (5 ml) of essiac tea is the dose for cats. It should be mixed with 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of water and given with a syringe.

¼ teaspoon of powder or 1 capsule of Essiac can be used if a cat will not take the tea.

Be sure to have plenty of fresh pure water available at all times.

How Much Essiac Tea for Dogs?

Large Dogs – 1 ounce Essiac tea with 2 ounces of water.

Medium Dogs - ½ ounce Essiac tea with 1 ounce of water.

Small Dogs – 1 ½ teaspoons Essiac tea with 1 Tablespoon of water.

  Re: Ear Issues in Cats

5 months ago
Posted by Flower's Mom (Pueblo of Acoma, NM) on 02/28/2021

Hi Michele,

So sorry to hear of your cat's ear issues. About a year ago, my dog, Molly, developed a severe yeast infection in her ear and I treated it with the following. 4 oz. witch hazel, 1 Tbsp. borax, 1 Tbsp. hydrogen peroxide and 1 Tbsp. colloidal silver. I mixed all of the above together and generously applied it with a cotton ball to the inside of her ear several times a day. I hope that helps and please keep in touch as to her progress.

God bless, Flower's Mom

 Re: 5 Cats With Head Shaking - No Diagnosis After $10,000 Spent at Vets

5 months ago
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 02/28/2021

Hi, so sorry you have been having issues with all your cats. You didn't mention what food you feed them. Have you tried a raw or freeze-dried raw food diet like Stella and Chewy, Small Batch, or Open Farm?

One of my dogs had a lot of issues with his ears and skin, which I have written about extensively on EC, and they all went away after about a week on a mostly freeze-dried raw diet (with a bit of kibble). All of his issues came from food. Hope this helps. Please update us!

Question About ACV for Feral Cat With Respiratory Issues

5 months ago
Posted by Cj (FL) on 02/26/2021

I care for 5 feral cats. One has respiratory issues. I put Apple Cider Vinegar in their food daily. Only a cap full. Is that enough? Can I continue with this daily to keep healthy kitties I cannot touch?

Help! 5 Cats With Head Shaking - No Diagnosis After $10,000 Spent at Vets

5 months ago
Posted by michele cerami (chittenango, ny) on 02/27/2021

Thank you, for this forum. I have 5 cat all shaking their heads. We have spent about $10,000 to date for vet costs and I only tell you this so you can see we have been searching long and hard to find out what is going on with them with no luck.

I have been on the internet and have found others have the same problem. They shake their heads, try to get their foot in their ears, and sometime scratch around the facial area, but the head shaking is like a bee flew in and they try to shake it out.

We have had: an MRI done in October of 2020. I took Holly in as the stand-in for all five. She had an infection in the sinus area, but the vet, who did prescribe antibiotics said that may not be the problem.

We dosed all five cats and it did not work. Still shaking. They were on Bravecto and Revolutionary plus for 6 months (I hate that stuff). I knew it wouldn't help and it didn't. Holly has had her ears scraped, cultured, examined to the extreme. Two comprehensive fecals done. A blood test when they did the MRI. I am at my wits end and I feel so badly for them. Right now for about a month and a half, I have had them on 3mg of colloidal silver once a day and I put some in their water. 500mg of lysine daily. 250-500mg vitamin c (just started that last week, and change from one really good food to Fromme on advice from someone. This has been going on for 9 months. Please help if you can. Oh, and I have given them, not every day, yogurt because of all the antibiotics they had been on.

  Re: Ear Issues in Cats

5 months ago
Posted by Melissa (Maine) on 02/26/2021

Hello, I came across this site looking for help with my oldest cat Chloe. She has a chronic yeast infection in both ears. I've tried the 4 types of zymox. The latest most expensive type seemed to have helped but evidently it's come back.

Now she's sneezing like crazy and she scratches so much her left ear bleeds. Her crying when she scratches just kills me. I'm disabled and live on $900 a month so going to the vet is not a really viable option. I can't or won't do the Apple Cider Vinegar option..that would sting too much. At this point I think I'm going to have to bring her to get a steroid shot and maybe antibiotics. The zymox plus I'm using does have hydrocortisone in it but..i don't at a loss but if there's any advice or remedy, I would be really grateful. I'm so glad these forums exist. It's always nice to have alternatives to mainstream medicine. Peace. ~Melissa

 Re: Natural Remedies Needed for Dermatitis in Dog's Paw

5 months ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 02/21/2021

Spray the dog's paw with colloidal silver 10ppm several times daily for a week if it's caused by a infection like bacterial or fungal.

Dog With Stage 2 Heart Murmur

5 months ago
Posted by Julie (CAN) on 02/21/2021

Hi there,

Please can you help me? I've just lost my girl poodle and her brother has been diagnosed with stage 2 heart murmur no need for drugs I want something so it doesn't get worse and possibly improve GE also has spondylitis and spondylitus please can you recommend something that will help heal him he's also grieving his sister. I'm heartbroken she had heart failure but later nearly 15 months after diagnosis she was on bettering fortekor and frusiminde. I live in nz do you deliver please

Many thanks

Natural Remedies Needed for Dermatitis in Dog's Paw

5 months ago
Posted by Willie (London ) on 02/21/2021

What can I do to cure dermatitis in my dogs paw, any help greatly appreciated.