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Golden Paste for Lipomas in Dog

7 months ago
Posted by Allie (Maine) on 11/27/2023

I make Golden Paste for my dogs once they reach middle age to keep them in great shape as they age (hopefully gracefully! ) Well, my lab spaniel mix has just turned 7, but right around that time, we noticed she had 2 small lipomas. One as right under the skin, and one was on the muscles near her rib cage. Both were around the size of a half golf ball, but our vet obviously said they were fine and we would only drain them if they got big enough to cause problems. For all the wonder and love of labs, lipomas are super common!

However, after starting her 'new' supplement of golden paste (my recipe below) both are actually incredibly hard to even find after 2 weeks of around 1/4tsp a day, sometimes twice a day.

We also had a rescue greyhound many years ago who went very lame and arthritic in her back legs, and I swear this golden paste recipe is what kept her running laps around the yard, even in the winter (safely! ) until she died in her sleep at 13.5 years old!

Recipe for dogs: (people can take it too! )

  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/4 ground turmeric
  • 1/2 tsp of black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon unrefined coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter

Directions: Simmer water and turmeric with the coconut oil for a few minutes, stirring constantly to combine and heat it up enough. Add pepper (pinch of cinnamon too if you'd like! ) and peanut butter and stir in well while still warm but not cooking anymore. Store in a glass jar in the fridge, it lasts around a month. You can also freeze small portions.

Offer 1/4 teaspoon at a time and work your way up if you have a larger dog. I drizzle with a little raw honey on top to make it more of a 'treat' for the dogs. But all of my dogs have LOVED this recipe and devoured it, especially with the peanut butter in it.

Blessings to you and your furbabies!

  Re: Lipomas in Dogs and Grain-Free Diets

7 months ago
Posted by AllieBee (Maine) on 11/27/2023

Unfortunately, this is not true at all. In fact, my wonderful rescue greyhound died from heart issues related to her 'wonderful' grain-free diet of very expensive food. My vet has now stopped recommending that food, nor any grain-free diets to cats or dogs because they cause heart issues and early loss of your pets.

  Re: Chlorella for Yeast Infection in Dog

7 months ago
Posted by Deirdre (VA) on 11/26/2023

Hello, one of my dogs had many chronic skin issues over the years. If the chlorella doesn't clear the yeast infection (and I believe diarrhea can be a side effect of chlorella, so start with a very low dosage of that), what helped tremendously was daily Colloidal Silver (20 ppm). However, this was a temporary fix. What cleared all of his skin issues, including a yeast infection on his chest, was a raw food diet. I used freeze-dried raw food patties and rehydrated with warm water instead of frozen patties as he preferred the taste of freeze-dried when he got older. It took a few days before I started to see improvement and about a week before he was totally clear.

Note: Once the condition is cured, you can add a few raw food patties to grain-free kibble to save $ since this diet is enormously expensive for big dogs. Mine was 55 pounds.

Chlorella for Yeast Infection in Dog

7 months ago
Posted by Smiley (Tennessee) on 11/25/2023

Today was the first day my Labrador dog, Winston, got chlorella. I've been looking for something easy and not terribly expensive to improve his diet. It was mixed with some warm water and stirred it into his dry food. He's never been so excited about his food and even licked around the bowl to get every bit of it.

He has a yeast infection on his belly and the vet said there isn't anything that can be done for it, but I'm not giving up. The chlorella can't hurt. If the infection improves, I'll certainly report back.

  Arthritis Treatment in Elderly Dog

7 months ago
Posted by Margaret (Sydney Australia) on 11/25/2023

Arthritis treatment for an elderly little dog

Hi, My little dog has had two ACL operations and is now showing signs of Arthritis. I see that Borax works well for arthritis, she weighs about 6 kilos, about 13 pounds am open to any remedies to give her quality of life.

  Re: Manuka Honey for Pyometra

7 months ago
Posted by Bambi (Las Vegas ) on 11/24/2023

Hello, my dog just got diagnosed with closed pyometra also and the vet wasn't over $3000 for the surgery. I have been on my phone looking for advice and I am so happy to see your story. Please if you can give anymore advice I need anything. Thank you

EC: Many additional positive posts are on our Pyometra page, so please read them all.

Small Pinch of Borax Helped Arthritis in Dog!

7 months ago
Posted by Angie (South Africa) on 11/22/2023

I give my giant schnauzer a tiny pinch of borax in his food every day . 2 years ago, he was diagnosed with chronic arthritis, he whimpered every time he got up, walked with a limp. Now he runs around like a puppy, no pain, no limp - he is 11 years old. (i also give him turmeric and black pepper, so it is hard to know which is working the best, but he has had no side effects)

  Re: Castor Oil for Cataracts in Dog

7 months ago
Posted by Katzie (Cancun, Mexico ) on 11/22/2023

I don't know that any of us could accurately tell you that, as we don't know how advanced they are. I jumped in here to recommend to you DMSO eye drops. That will also definitely help! There is plenty of info on this site about DMSO!

  Re: Castor Oil for Cataracts in Dog

7 months ago
Posted by Cailin (Ireland) on 11/20/2023

Can anyone tell me how long I should apply castor oil drops to my dogs' eyes before I will notice an improvement in his cataracts please?

  Re: Colloidal Silver 20ppm for Canine Hot Spots

7 months ago
Posted by Katzie (Cancun, Mexico ) on 11/19/2023

Licking the bottom of yogurt cups would not overdose your dog on sugar (but what about you?). At any rate, D.E. would not help with losing fat. Its beneficial for any pet, but not for weight loss, unless the bloating is due to worms or other parasite. On a side note, a local very chubby dog nearby has been following my 2 rescues on our walks once per day, and I swear, within 4 days she really trimmed up! I couldn't believe how much weight she lost in only 4 days in 1/2hr walks!

Paw Dipped in Diluted ACV Got Rid of UTI in Cat Fast

7 months ago
Posted by Jet (California ) on 11/17/2023

Our cat had a urinary tract infection and we tried dipping his paw in ACV and water, he got better the next day!! However, he licked his paw so much that some of his chin fur got thin because he licked so much! It grew back.

  Re: Seeking Help for Salivary Gland Issues in Dog

7 months ago
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe ) on 11/16/2023

Mia, someone here mentioned that topical frankincense oil will eventually get rid of lumps and bumps.

  Seeking Help for Salivary Gland Issues in Dog

7 months ago
Posted by Mia (Los Angeles) on 11/15/2023

My puppy has a large swollen gland under his chin, which I believe is salvary mucocele. I am looking for something to heal it. I have been using vit e, c, and colloidal silver for many months and its not working. Any ideas?

  Castor Oil for Cataracts in Dog

7 months ago
Posted by Nancy H. (Owingsville Ky) on 11/15/2023

Castor oil

Which type is best for my dog? 12 lb. Shih Tzu. He's almost blind. He has cloudy eyes and has already had an ulcer that almost burst. Dr was able to keep from bursting and has meds for dry eye. Thanks for your help. His name is Gizzy.

 Re: Advice Please for Digestion Problems in Rescue Cat

7 months ago
Posted by Shaz (UK) on 11/14/2023

Thanks Rob, this is very informative, I have 100% cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil in my cupboard so will give this a try and keep an eye on her poops.

  Re: Tips for Elderly Dogs That Vets Don't Usually Tell You

7 months ago
Posted by Heather (Wellfleet MA ) on 11/12/2023

Thank you so much for this reminder.

My vets give me very conflicting information re the protein ratio for my 12-year-old baby gurl! 18+ here we come xoxo

  Re: Bone Cancer Treatment in Golden Retriever

7 months ago
Posted by daun (saint louis, mo) on 11/10/2023

I believe Garlic is not good for dogs, please check

  Re: MMS and Activated Charcoal Dosage for Parvo in Toy Poodle

7 months ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/10/2023

@ Kelly

Not sure about the dosage of MMS. Since the dog is extremely small, treat them is if you would a baby. In other words, using what you would in an adult dose, take the child's body weight and add one drop (example 10 lbs = 10drops) then divide this into 3 equal dosages for the day (10 drops divided by 3 = 3 ½ drops give or take).

If MMS does not seem to be working, you can try this;

Colloidal Silver 10ppm– Testimonial: I also had a litter of puppies to come down with Parvo. I lost 2 of them before I realized what they had. I then started pouring full syringes of colloidal silver down the throats of the other 4 puppies and saved them. (My friend had told me to try the colloidal silver on the puppies). I have since saved several more dogs with parvo.


Par-gone is a all natural product sold for dogs with Parvo Virus with field trials showing 35 out of 36 dogs saved. Their product contains: Active Ingredient is Calcium, Inactive Ingredients are Corn Starch, spearmint and sucrose. Adequate hydration is strongly recommended.

Since Corn Starch and Rice Flour mixed with water is given to infants with watery diarrhea, 1 to 5 teaspoons of corn starch in half a glass of pure water.

Spearmint herb has much the same properties as peppermint but is milder and good for use with children's complaints. A sweetened infusion of spearmint herb is used for digestive ailments in infants including colic in babies. Spearmint tea will relieve hiccough, flatulence as well as indigestion, digestive disorders including gas, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, upper gastrointestinal tract spasms, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The main active ingredients in spearmint are Mint L-carvone and limonene. The leaves are the parts of the plant that are used for their essential oils that contain menthol and flavonoids containing about 50% carvone, and rosmarinic acid. It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties.

Calcium is known to be constipating. Here is the what and how to take the calcium information if you suffer from diarrhea. Calcium is an OTC supplement we all do not usually get enough of. No Rx needed to purchase this. When you take calcium about 40% of the dose gets to the bones the rest is eliminated in our waste. The calcium goes to the intestines and soaks up excess fluids and binds them together and they are gotten rid of in our waste.This is a process that can be continued by taking the calcium carbonate on a regular basis.

Good luck...

 Re: Advice Please for Digestion Problems in Rescue Cat

7 months ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/10/2023

From my notes:

Coconut oil for Vomiting -vomiting is a very common problem with cats with a multitude of causes. They range from eating something poisonous or inedible (like string), to infection, urinary tract disease, or diabetes to hairballs.

Symptoms are usually obvious, and include drooling and abdominal heaving. Vomiting can quickly leave your cat dehydrated, so if kitty continues vomiting or acts ill,

Coconut Oil - it has helped my very sick cat 100% she was vomiting constantly until she was spitting up blood, I took her to the vets, costing me $150.00 and I could not see any results, so the coconut oil has done wonders for my cat, because she was a dumpster diver (stray) her immune system was damaged to almost no repairing. I cook her chicken and mix coconut oil in with her food every time she eats (3 or more times a day) and she seems to stay stable & she just loves the taste. Another thing every one should remember or know is that "All"animals eat grass because it's their form of medicine, if cats are held inside for the duration they crave this fresh grass like I crave sweets etc..

Tapeworm – Cat One of the most common feline health problems inside your cat, tapeworms live in kitty's small intestine and sometimes grow as long as 2 feet.

Symptoms of a tapeworm infection can be subtle but may include vomiting and weightloss. The easiest way to tell if your cat has tapeworms is to look at its feces and around its anus. If you see small white worms or what look like grains of rice or sesame seeds, your cat likely has tapeworms.

Treatment options include injection, oral, or topical medication. But because cats almost always get tapeworms as a result of swallowing a flea, be sure to handle any flea problems your cat has before tackling tapeworms.

Onion: Dr. Falin also notes another study that showed “onion powder, when combined with coconut extract, completely eliminated roundworm infection in mice after just 8 days of treatment.”

 Re: Advice Please for Digestion Problems in Rescue Cat

7 months ago
Posted by Shaz (UK) on 11/10/2023

Hi Rob, thank you for responding, I'm new to posting on Earth Clinic but I have been reading and using the advice on here for a while now. I tried to update the post yesterday to say that I have used a parasite cleanse and wormer on Pearl but I couldn't quite figure out how to update. So in response to your advice, yes I have but maybe I should try again. She doesn't seem in any pain, although I know that cats are very good at hiding it and she doesn't seem 'off' in any way but it just doesn't seem right for a cat to not like any wet food. I've even given her organic, no grain, no cereal all singing all dancing quality food, even ones especially for digestion which has slippery Elm in it....complete mystery. Anyway thanks again for taking the time to respond.