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Castor Oil

Tue, 23 Jul 19 19:41:52 -0700
Posted by Ashley (Indiana) on 07/23/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I did castor oil about 2-3x/day for about 3 weeks on my dog's cyst on her head. It completely scabbed over and dried up and her skin and fur looks perfect again.

Feline Calicivirus

Sat, 13 Jul 19 20:00:02 -0700
Posted by Griselda H. (Spain) on 07/13/2019

Hi My adored 6 year old female cat has just been diagnosed with calici virus but it is a strain that attacks the gums causing chronic very painful gingivitis til all the teeth have fallen out over years or the vet takes them all out (except the canines). But colloidal silver must destroy this virus surely!! I have bought some at 20 ppm as I see is correct for cats and I give her a tsp 3x a day . But I've read that different brands have sizes of particles and also to actually completely get rid of this virus how much should she safely have? I am also giving her plant sterols , homeopathic golden seal at 200ch and calici virus 36. But would echinacea be better instead of the goldenseal Ive read they shouldn't be taken together. How much echinacea and in which form? I will also give her vit c, q10 and pycknogenol. Thank you helping to save this desperate though far from fatal situation.

Witch Hazel, Boric Acid, Gentian Violet

Sun, 07 Jul 19 14:18:46 -0700
Posted by Chloe (Cos Cob, CT) on 07/07/2019
5 out of 5 stars

My dog has had chronic ear infections for the past 3 years. They were treated with drops from the vet but always returned a week after stopping the drops.

I then found a remedy here and results were much longer lasting lasting than what I got at the vet.

  • 4 oz witch hazel
  • 1 tbsp boric acid
  • 4 drops gentian violet

Add products to a glass dropper bottle if you have one and shake well each time you use the remedy. Put several drops in your dogs ears twice a day and massage using gentle, circular movements.

How Long to Use:

Use twice a day for the first week, then once a day for the 2nd week.  After that, maintain by adding drops once a day.

Hope this helps someone as ear infections are seriously uncomfortable for dogs and can lead to hearing loss.


Fri, 05 Jul 19 18:49:59 -0700
Posted by Patricia C. (Ireland) on 07/05/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I have used ACV on my cat with asthma for a few years now and it helps shift the phlegm for her..also another cat with bad flu...a few drops in water in a dropper bottle and they let me drop it into their mouths..One of them actually loves it..However I have read that not everyday as cats need acid in their bodies to break down food and the odd mouse they may catch and ACV is alkaline so not everyday but certainly if they are having a bad asthma never fails to get them over this.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews

Wed, 03 Jul 19 14:52:01 -0700
Posted by Kathleen Christian (Portland, Oregon) on 07/03/2019
5 out of 5 stars


about six years ago I adooted my Dad's four year old golden retriever, Belle. Dad had cancer and about the last six months of his life began doing things that didnt really make sense. Belle was the light of his life! But in his illness what he thought was spoiling her and giving her the best was resulting in horrible conditions. Her right ear was constantly swollen and inflamed with yeast infections. Her eyes had yellow and green discharge, she was very overweight and her coat was patched from her biting, chewing and licking her skin. He kept taking her to his vet who kept prescribing antibiotics and steroids, but as soon as the round was finished would go back to back with prescriptions. None of it was helping her. After Dad passed I took Belle home with me. I had a 13-year (but looked and acted like a puppy) old mini schnauzer, Samson, who I adored. Within a month of bringing home Bella, Samson quit eating and was getting so thin. Took them both to my vet who informed me that Samson had a large tumor in his front chest that was suffocating him. He also had a pkethora of medicine for Belle and wanted to give her steroids. I was feeding them both Nutro dry kibble and he shamed me and insisted I buy the Vetrinarian Science Diet he sold. ( after that I studied up on how bad that formula is and that the vets get kickbacks for each sale) so, I eventually was able to get him to release both dogs records, went home and started my journey in the internet. My little buddy Samson had to be put to sleep which to this day was the hardest thing ever. I had someone come to my home to do it and the minute shec came through the door and sat on the carpet with us, he sat up in her lap and new. He had the look of relief. I miss him still and that was six years ago. So, Bella. What to do about my poor 'Princepessa'. Ted saved her (and me) First, I put her in a limited ingredient diet, Acana lamb and rice. Dad was deeding her 2 juice injected chicken breasts a say along with whatever else he thought she woukd like....tuna cat food, potatoes, milk bones...etc.

So I cut out all chicken and to minimize sugar (due to her constant yeast infections) no potatoes, limited grain. Treats were and still are either Wet Noses berry buscuits or Mud bay no grain no chicken treats, Trader Joes Salmon jerkey. I would put ACV in ger water, food and use it as a rinse in her bath. I gave her Organic whole milk bulgarian yogurt in the morning. She lost about 25 lbs which was a great start. Was happy as can be but her ears and skin were terrible mess and stinky. I tried topicals, oil of oregano ( that didnt go over well!) Coconut oil, she would hust lick it off and the scratch and chew herself raw. The cone of go.... Dr. Ted's mange recipe was our saving grace. after work every other evening I began the routine faithfully. Unfortunately it was winter so it was hard for me to let her drip dry for 30 minutes before trying to do a little warm blow dry, but she was so sweet about it. We bonded. I think anxiety from the loss of my Dad, moving to a new home where I was gone all day and loosing her buddy Samson definitely exasperated her nerves and immunities, but I was on a mission! This was a long process, so please be dedicated and patient. Something else I did to help with the chewing whenever I not home...I took an old t-shirt of mine that I wore to sleep one night, put her front legs thru the arms, her head thru the neck, pulled it ove her back and yummy and cut holes for her back legs! This held the shirt over the area she would lick and chew at. After I would fet dressed each morning I would say, 'now let's get Bella's 'pretty dres's on'. She would get so excited. Once in a while I would take a pair if old drawstring sweat pants, cut them into shorts and put those on tucking in the shirt. Slowly but surely she began healing. As her wounds became smaller from the borax baths I would rub some coconut oil into them for anti-bacterial protection and to encourage the healing process. Her smell began to go away. Her right ear was still a BIG challenge. Betadine solution in a cotton pad, then I would spray colloidal silver.

At night I would rub with coconut oil. She new the routine and would lay in her left side as soon as she saw the cotton and coconut oil. All she knew is I was was trying to help her and she was thankful. And I was and am sooo thankful that she trusts me so much! One other thing, you know the all to familiar 'frito feet' smell? Try this, I take a cotton pad, dip it in brown Listerine and rub it in her paws. After a couple times if more frito feet! Repeat as necessary which shouldnt need to be often if your buddy isnt suffering from an underlying larger yeast issue! Cheap and very effective! Belle is a beautiful happy, healthy 10 year old who looks and acts (physically) much younger than that! Everybody in the neighborhood loves her and counts in her smile as they go to work or come home. When they no we're iutsise, they come out to let her....I feel like the Pied Piper! And now...her diet: AM:-1 cup dry kibble (Acana singles, lamb and rice) with three pumps Grizzly Pollock Oil brand Omega 3 Fatty Acids and about a quarter cup water. Swish it around in the bowl and she loves it! PM: 1 cup same dry kibble and one heaping tablespoon of canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filler!) Treats remain the same as above with occasional fresh apple or banana and pnut butter. Her coat is like silk! Ted's remedy worked like a miracle after trying so many other things that didnt work.

I highly encourage and endorse using this method for your pet...and remember, patience and commitment! This brought us both so close to one another after our losses. Belle (a.k.a. Princepessa) is my best friend and faithful companion!

Too Much Insulin is Deadly for Cats With Diabetes

Mon, 17 Jun 19 15:58:40 -0700
Posted by Carol (Texas) on 06/17/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to mention a website for cats with it was the only site that helped when my cats appeared to be insulin resistant- which I later found was giving him too much vets (2 different ones- I might add...started the whole giving too much insulin. One was giving 12 units Novolin N insulin to a cat???? I followed my instincts and my heart and went to yet another vet- after much research I ask if we could start my cat on lantus. That's what we did and things have been great- over the years he has slowly gotten down to 1/2 unit twice daily. Can I stress enough- Too much insulin is deadly! It can also show a false negative on a curve and seem as if his bg is high and crash them. The key is to *Go Slow & Low* the site says!!!! Be patient.....don't panick- unless the blood glucose is too low! Karo- rubbed on the gums is a good way to pull up low blood sugar. A lot of the article has to do with general diabetes- which is good to know even if you are a diabetic human or any pet!!! Please check out the website.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Sun, 16 Jun 19 06:31:46 -0700
Posted by Brandy T. (Abilene,Tx) on 06/16/2019
4 out of 5 stars

I found that just ACV alone dousnt work all that well to fight fleas so when I mix up a bottle i add a few drops of dawn dish soap. So that there is a better chance of ant fleas that do get in will die before they can lay any eggs.


Fri, 07 Jun 19 02:16:45 -0700
Posted by Carol (Texas ) on 06/07/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I was a little skeptical about using turmeric at first. I was rubbing my cats belly and noticed a cyst the size of an egg -it felt like it was attached to the sternum - and did not move around-and it was not hard or soft. I checked those things as I have had cysts on cats before and these are all the things vets check.

Any of my pets that had cysts removed in the past did not recover- even when they were diagnosed as benign. So there was no way I would have this removed and no way I would put my baby through chemo or radiation (if it were cancer).

So I researched and found an article on Earth Clinic for turmeric- and read the reviews as well. My baby didn't have anything to lose (except a cyst) we had to give it a try. I researched the best turmeric brands as well. One reviewer had mentioned Thorne research group products, and I actually had that on hand. I had bought it for another cat that had ruptured 2 discs in his back for the had worked great! Now I would try it for this cyst. It is in capsule form and is a special formula so that it is well absorbed by your pet.

After only 4 days the cyst shrank from the size of an egg to size of a marble, and now it felt mobile under the skin. It has now been 12 days (at one capsule daily) and it appears to be COMPLETELY GONE . I will dose him for another 3 days to make sure ... my cat did not seem to have any side effects at all- I pilled him and It has been a stress free experience for us all.

Thanks to “Earth Clinic “for the wonderful article!!!

  Blackstrap Molasses

Mon, 27 May 19 11:12:21 -0700
Posted by Alma (United States) on 05/27/2019

Kim, I would give your kitty bone meal with Vit. D (the D to absorb the Ca). The biochemist & nutritionist Adelle Davis said arthritis is always a calcium deficiency. Bone meal is the best & most natural source of Ca. It rid my elderly mother of arthritis in her neck. It was so severe she couldn't turn her neck to the left at all; doctors said there was no cure. The bone meal with Vit. D completely resolved it.


Mon, 27 May 19 01:00:42 -0700
Posted by Shannon (Arizona) on 05/27/2019

That's good news, we have a cat with a similar problem. And trying the ACV. Can you tell me how big the syringes you used were or how much of the 8 oz a day with the ACV in it you gave? Thank you!!

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey

Sun, 26 May 19 13:11:34 -0700
Posted by Wendy (Philippines) on 05/26/2019
4 out of 5 stars

Thank God I found this page, I immediately went out to buy Turmeric. Our 10 yo lab was bloated, not eating (and that's a major red flag because she's a big eater), and then it progressed to limping and unable to use her hind legs. She was diagnosed with arthritis but the vet already suspected she also had pyometra (she didn't have discharges when I brought her) because she said our dog exhibited signs. We requested bloodwork and it was found she has an infection. She was put on antibiotics for 10 days. It's our 5th day today, she was just there lying all day and can't get up. Today, she ate a piece of the meat I gave her, but not much. but it was an improvement because she would refuse anything I'd give her until today. Still, I was desperate. I had even thought of having her put down but I just couldn't shake off the feeling that there must be some natural remedies. And I found this page! I don't have Manuka honey, I only have raw honey atm. Will this be okay? Also, since our Chiquita is already on antibiotics, is it okay to supplement it with your 3-ingredient formula?


Tue, 21 May 19 19:20:03 -0700
Posted by Eliz (Davie, Florida) on 05/21/2019

How much benadryl do I need to give a 50 pound dog if I suspect that he has encountered a bufu frog to give me time to get him to a vet several minutes away? My other small dog almost died because of one, this time I would like to be prepared. I was a pathologist. Is there a better treatment that I can buy from the pharmacy. I keep an epi-pen for my son here always. I'm not sure if the dose prepared for the 200 lb child would be good for the dog. HELP. I also have benadryl on hand.

  Elderly Cat Remedies

Mon, 20 May 19 19:09:06 -0700
Posted by RSW (OH) on 05/20/2019

Hi Anton,

We had our ten year old cat's teeth cleaned a few months ago. The vet told us that if her teeth needed to be removed, she would still be able to eat, even dry cat food. She tested our cat's blood first to see if her kidneys and liver could withstand the anesthesia, and the blood work came back OK. Our cat's teeth were fine after she cleaned them, and none had to be removed.

I am wondering if your cat's liver and kidneys were OK for the teeth cleaning? I hope you were able to feed her some soft, canned food or fresh meat or fish, cut up very finely, if he might eat? I would have reservations about subjecting him to surgery and anesthesia again, so soon. I would also question why the teeth need to be removed if they were OK at the time of surgery? I have used a small amount of colloidal silver topically on my cat, and think you could rub a little bit on his sore gums perhaps? A little bit of coconut oil could also work. I hope he fells better and starts eating again soon.

Best wishes.

Best Remedies to Help Elderly Cat

Sun, 19 May 19 00:00:02 -0700
Posted by Anton (New Zealand) on 05/19/2019

Hi, my cat is 16 years old, we just had his teeth cleaned after many years due to lack of finances (had 10 cats). They extracted most of his teeth, not many left. He has bad gingivitis, cannot even eat properly now, has been 3 days and we are very worried. The vet wants to remove all his remaining teeth to help lessen the gingivitis. We are looking for alternatives and we feel we maybe running out of time, might have to have him on a drip if he cannot eat this weekend. I read below about slippery elm, DMSO, colloidal silver, lysine, coconut oil, will these help at this stage, I don't know if he will eat after he get teeth removed or not? Please reply asap.


Mon, 13 May 19 18:42:51 -0700
Posted by bodulica (Barrie ON) on 05/13/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Serrapeptase was a wonder for my cat with Asthma! Prednisone almost killed him, ended up in the hospital with his liver failing, kidneys were also affected. They took him off Prednisone, but we were still told that the prognosis was grim. He is old, but now alive and well (knock wood). Just give your cat maybe 20,000 SU. You have to buy the minimum strength of 40,000 (on-line). I emptied the capsule and gave half. Good luck!

Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

Mon, 13 May 19 18:33:55 -0700
Posted by bodulica (Barrie ON) on 05/13/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I have an old cat with constipation problem. Two enemas, drugs, pumpkin... nothing worked. Then I found out about Lax-eze.{prebiotic natural fiber supplement} No problems any more. Sometimes he skips a day, but that's all. Very happy with results.

Corn Silk

Sat, 04 May 19 12:55:26 -0700
Posted by Terry (Canada) on 05/04/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Corn silk works wonders for my dog's incontinence.

He was suddenly dripping and peeing in his sleep even though he has never peed in the house in his life. I see that most of the posts have been about female dogs and their spay incontinence but I just want to say that corn silk capsules eradicated my adult male dog's incontinence by 99%. He is a 70lb dog and I give him one capsule per meal twice a day. I also time when he gets water but not reduce the total amount of water given to him. This way he would not have to hold for as long. In two weeks he went from dripping in his sleep every day to needing to go out earlier than his potty breaks. We listened to him when he would indicate wanting to go and slowly his schedule was back to normal. It has been a month and a half and he stopped having incontinence completely.

I will likely give him cornsilk long term since it is inexpensive and effective as incontinence prevention.

Cannabis Oil + Colloidal Silver

Thu, 02 May 19 19:28:16 -0700
Posted by Denise (Rockford, Illinois) on 05/02/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I mixed an eyedropper full of organic cannabis oil that was cut with olive oil in the tincture only. Then added an eyedropper full of colloidal silver. Put it on a cotton pad and gently cleaned ears and swabbed all over the inside earlobe. Did this 3 x times daily. Healing took hold within a few days.

Amazing! It's gentle on inflammation and has no side effects.

Kennel Cough

Mon, 08 Apr 19 01:06:19 -0700
Posted by John Rodgers (United States) on 04/08/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I have a sma dog who can't stop coughing. Vet said he had a collapsed trachea then cognitive heart failure. Now I think it's kennel cough. Was doing honey and lemon juice but it quit working.

Started using coconut oil. Works much better and he likes it more. When he was having congestive heart failure he was coughing for hours. Used a nebulizer on him with medicine for asthma. Hope this helps someone.

Blackstrap Molasses for Cats

Wed, 03 Apr 19 23:51:54 -0700
Posted by Kim (Colorado) on 04/04/2019

Hi everyone, My cat is 14 years old and in the past two years the arthritis in his back legs has gotten really bad. I feed him non-grain organic hard food (chicken soup for the soul) as well as organic soft food (taste of the wild), and also give him two cosequin supplements a day. I also have heating pads (on the lowest heat) on his special pillow in my room, and other places around the house. I try to get him to play, and am doing everything I can to help. My question is: Would a little bit of blackstrap molasses be helpful? I know it is for dogs, but is it for cats? I mean like putting some on your finger and putting it in his mouth. I did that once a day for a few days and saw improvement but then read it may be bad for cats so stopped. Also - does anyone recommend a non-grain hard food for their cat that is also tasty and organic? Thank you so much!