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  Re: Help for Pet Rabbits

Mon, 18 Jan 21 11:35:15 -0800
Posted by Audra (Beaverton, OR) on 01/18/2021

Giving 3 ml of Baby Gasx (liquid Simethicone) will also really help make it easier on them to break up the gas bubbles if you are lucky and catch this early on, but don't wait too long. If bunnys bloated tummy doesn't feel softer and they don't perk up and start eating and pooping they probably need the fluids, pain and gut motility drugs. They usually hide their problem so long that but he time it's noticeable you need vet help. You can styringe some water or the gasx and try to see if their tongue and mouth look normal pink. If they are looking pale with almost a blue tint you should get to a vet asap. They are dehydrated and need subq fluid and immediate help! The sooner they get treatment the quicker they recover.

I've been part of rabbit rescue and fostering for over 15 years and unfortunately have been through quite a bit of this. Some bunnies seem more prone to it. Especially ones that aren't very good hay eaters.

  Re: Castor Oil for Cataracts in Dogs

Mon, 18 Jan 21 07:20:35 -0800
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 01/18/2021

Yes Mary, Castor Oil is indeed thick. That is why it is recommended to administer it at night when you don't have to use your eyes.

An eye dropper can be bought at any Pharmacy. It doesn't usually come with the Castor Oil.

Others don't even put it inside the eye, they just gently rub it on the eyelids and whatever seeps in seems to work.

  Re: Castor Oil for Cataracts in Dogs

Sun, 17 Jan 21 11:03:39 -0800
Posted by Mary (Chicago) on 01/17/2021

I'd like to use it for myself, but I find the castor oil to be so thick. Where did you get your eye dropper for it, mine did not come with one.

Multiple Remedies for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) in Dog

Fri, 15 Jan 21 17:57:36 -0800
Posted by Maggie (Idaho) on 01/15/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My 14 year old mini poodle was diagnosed with CHF last March, 2020.

She had been coughing and though I tried many natural remedies, she ended up filled with fluid. Took her to the vet to get the fluid drained and from doing a lot of research, I already knew what was wrong. At first I didn't want to put her on any medication, kept hoping natural remedies would work, so decided to see how long before she filled with fluids again. It took a week and we were back at the vets to get her drained again. Decided to try the lowest dose of what the vet wanted to put her on so they gave her lasix and vetmedin, twice a day. The vet didn't think the lasix was going to work and she even asked me if I had planned ahead, meaning to put her down. She didn't mention other tests or keeping up with her because I think she felt there was no hope. I had her on the meds for about 4 months and then slowly weaned her off the lasix and she was fine. All the while, I still gave her natural supplements. After another couple of months, I noticed that even though she was still on the vetmedin, she was still coughing the same so I slowly weaned her off of that also.

I've tried some natural supplements mention on EC but decided they weren't right for my dog. She doesn't like to swallow pills so everything I give her has to be put in her food. She was eating cooked chicken and vegetables for years but now that she doesn't have many teeth and she's tired of the chicken, I've added canned dog food to her meals, which helps hide the supplements I give her. Since she's a small dog, weighing only 12#, I only give her a small amount of the supplements. I have a set of measuring spoons that measure a tad (1/4 tsp), a dash (1/8 tsp.), pinch (1/16 tsp.), a smidgen (1/32 tsp.) and that's what I use to measure what to give her and it works great. This is what she gets every day.

D-Ribose a pinch twice a day

Young At Heart 12 drops twice a day

Dr. Mercola curcumin a smidgen 3 times a day

Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) a smidgen twice a day

VetriScience Cardio Strength 1 capsule a day, divided morning and evening

Mullein Leaf Extract 10 drops twice a day

Hawthorn Extract 6 drops twice a day

CBD oil 3 drops 4 times a day

As a diuretic, I give her one of these as I think she needs it

AC-Carbamide 1-2 capsules a day divided morning and evening

Dandelion leaf 1/8 tsp. twice a day

Green Tea 1/2 cup a day divided in her food. I give her this every day even if I give her dandelion or AC-Carbamide

When she coughs a lot I'll give her one of these

2 drops of liquid magnesium in a little water to help stop the cough, just once a day

Y.S. ECO BEE FARMS propolis extract honey paste about 1/8 tsp. with a little water to dissolve it

CBD oil

She still has coughing fits when she first wakes up and I know she's clearing her lungs so I don't give her anything for it. If she continues coughing for a while and it doesn't sound like anything is coming up, I'll give her something for the cough. The CBD oil seems to help with the cough also. I must say though that my dog is pretty smart. She likes the propolis/honey paste and I'm pretty sure that at times, she coughs just to get some. She will start to cough and cough and the minute I stand up and head towards the kitchen, the coughing stops. She still has plenty of energy and runs but then coughs afterward, loves to eat and is happy. The supplements I give her haven't healed her but they give her a good life.

  Re: Dog With Heart Murmur

Wed, 06 Jan 21 18:38:55 -0800
Posted by Kaylee (Usa) on 01/06/2021

Julie, Earth Clinic is a holistic site. At one time ALL medicine was holistic. Not everyone can afford 5,000 for heart surgery. We All do the best we can so no need for judgementalism here.

  Re: Distilled Water and Seizures in Dogs

Thu, 31 Dec 20 17:29:58 -0800
Posted by George S. (Ellenville, NY) on 12/31/2020

My dog gets seizures and I think distilled water might just work.

 Re: Help for Cat

Mon, 28 Dec 20 17:55:17 -0800
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 12/28/2020

I posted awhile ago about my cat, thinking she was constipated. Still no answers. She's about 9 years old, barrell belly. Vet said she was just fat, but I noticed that she rarely poops. I got cat laxative and she pooped a little, then added pureed pumpkin to her food. Pumpkin did nothing. Added miralax to her food, still nothing. VCo, nothing. She poops maybe 3" every 3 or 4th day. She's indoor, mostly, and I do not see her struggling to poop. She's siamese, so is always talking, but not especially while in the litter box. I can't get aloe vera down her. She's on wet Iams food. She's playful and romps around, acts fine. But rarely poops. I can rub her belly and she's fine with it, so I can't see any pain or discomfort. I'm at a loss here. She's inside or I'd think she was going somewhere I didn't know. I either take her to the vet (I cannot afford a lot) or I watch and see what happens. I would go in a minute it I thought she was in pain, but it sure doesn't look like it. Could the food just be very low residue? Seriously, I feel nothing hard when mashing her belly and she lets me mash pretty hard. Thoughts? Worms? What would I use to worm her with? She's on Bravecto.

Castor Oil Seems to Be Helping Shrink Dog's Tumor

Sat, 26 Dec 20 11:38:22 -0800
Posted by Connie (Erial, NJ) on 12/26/2020
5 out of 5 stars


I have a 16 year old Maine coon cat that I acquired for my sister which now has a cancerous tumor on his front leg. After visiting with the vet, he said it was too big to remove there wasn't enough skin to put it back together so he told me to take them home and let him live his life out.

So now I'm looking for remedies holistically I came across castor oil so I've been rubbing that on his leg for two days now and it seems to be shrinking. But what am I to expect to happen? Will the tumor burst, or will the tumor shrink, or are there any other remedies I should use? Any help is appreciated. Thank you

  Re: Need Help W/ Dog's Growth

Thu, 17 Dec 20 09:42:12 -0800
Posted by Valerie (VA) on 12/17/2020

Hi Lisa,

I'm merely a cat caregiver and not a vet but I'm a little person and always have been but I have a normal appetite. I grew slowly and was always diminutive for my age but mostly pretty healthy. Your dog could just have some untypical genes that will always keep him from being a big dog but that doesn't mean he won't be as healthy as you say he appears to be at the moment. Once I became interested in yoga I also adopted a vegetarian diet although eating meat was never an issue. My digestive tract prefers this but goes along without complaint on the few occasions when I do have some fish or chicken but I go for it being as organic as possible. And at 71 I'm far healthier than probably 95% of the people my age. I seldom have any health issues, I've seldom been to the doctor my whole life and I still bike 1500+ miles a year in hilly central VA. The take-away: go with what Nature provides you with, opt for what keeps him and our planet healthy and don't fret over normalcy. Some of us are okay being ab(ove)normal. He might be full when he leaves the rest of his meal. Slender and small are okay when looking at what makes for a healthy dog. Fat is to be avoided. "Don't worry, be happy" that he's playful and has good self-confidence.

 Re: Need Help for Constipated Cat

Tue, 15 Dec 20 07:13:35 -0800
Posted by Laura Holt (Ec's Facebook Page) on 12/14/2020

With the coconut oil, first of all make sure it is a really good brand.

My previous cat taught me well when I had been giving her cold pressed and organic c.o. from Dr. Mercola and then bought Walmart c.o. She went over to the bowl, took a sniff of the cheap stuff and walked away. As soon as I ordered more of the Mercola Coconut Oil (C.O.), she resumed happily eating it. I feed my current cats c.o. by melting it and pouring it on a plate. One devours it and the other prefers to lick it off my finger. If your cat won't eat it either way, you could try putting some in canned food and see if she'll eat that. With pumpkin, I started off just putting a tiny bit in their canned food and gradually worked up to about to about a half teaspoon of pumpkin per cat in the wet food. They have no problem eating it and the fiber is so good for them. I also give them probiotic powder and liver and kidney powder in their food. The most important supplement they get is D-Mannose powder which prevents urinary track infections. My boy got one after another until I discovered the D-Mannose and he has never gotten another infection for 11 years. My girl has never had a uti. She is pushing 13 and my boy is almost 14 and they are really healthy, thank God.

I believe the supplements have made the difference. I feed them canned 3 times a day and distribute the supplements among the the 3 meals.

  Re: Yeast Issues in Dogs

Mon, 14 Dec 20 12:28:24 -0800
Posted by Joanne (Palm Coast, Florida) on 12/14/2020

Our Bernese rescue has had skin issues all her life and finally at 12 years old I found a supplement with turmeric and other ingredients that stopped the greasy skin and odor of yeast! It's sold on Amazon and at pet stores as a soft treat for allergies.

She is a different dog and can run around like a young dog again. It comes in a green container.

 Re: Need Help for Constipated Cat

Mon, 14 Dec 20 06:01:40 -0800
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 12/14/2020

Just how do I get the pumpkin and coconut oil down her? She doesn't just eat it, I have to restrain her and force it. I put it on her fur and thought she'd lick it off, but she just rubs it on the furniture.

Great ideas, just how do you do it? She was treated for worms at the vet and then given Bravecto when I first got her. I can't afford $30/m per cat for Bravecto, so that's out. I have ivermectin and can use that on her, will do that when I get home tonight.

 Re: Need Help for Constipated Cat

Sun, 13 Dec 20 19:36:23 -0800
Posted by Laura Holt (Ec's Facebook Page) on 12/13/2020

Coconut oil and canned pumpkin daily. Works great for my cats!

 Re: Need Help for Constipated Cat

Sun, 13 Dec 20 19:36:14 -0800
Posted by Roberts Vik (EC's Facebook Page) on 12/13/2020

Intestinal worms can cause constipation & some kinds need a stronger remedy than OTC wormers. You may need to get Drontal for cats from the vet or it can be ordered from a supply house in Australia called Equine-Mega Store (Robert has a Face book page). I have a paralyzed elderly cat that does well with a natural laxative called Sennacot. I crush the tablet in a mortar & pestle or just with a pair of pliers & sprinkle it over her food, which is kibble with about a third can of canned pate cat food mixed in & boiling water poured over it up to the level of a half cup stainless steel dish. Dry food is very very bad for cats. They will eventually develop kidney problems, aside from having chronic constipation. My paralyzed cat gets a bit messy too, but I can deal with that better than the consequences she would face if I didn’t do this for her.

 Re: Need Help for Constipated Cat

Sun, 13 Dec 20 19:36:01 -0800
Posted by Trina Peterson (Ec's Facebook Page) on 12/13/2020

Pumpkin, just pure pumpkin, no spices from filling. pure only. Great for dogs too.

 Re: My 5 Dogs Suddenly Developed a Cough

Sun, 13 Dec 20 19:35:51 -0800
Posted by Robert Viks (Ec's Facebook Page) on 12/13/2020

For the coughing dogs, there’s a homeopathic cough syrup called Hyland’s for children you can use & it’s available online or at Dollar General Stores. I also separate sick ones immediately from non coughers & put them in a crate with a blanket over it & use a regular vaporizer with eucalyptus oil in the little holder.They stay there with only pee-potty breaks until they recover. For stubborn sick spells, I have another way to help, but you will need to personally message me on Facebook for that information.

 Re: Need Help for Constipated Cat

Sun, 13 Dec 20 19:35:41 -0800
Posted by Melinda Myers (Ec's Facebook Page) on 12/13/2020

My cat licks a little dab of solid coconut oil off my finger every evening and this keeps him regular. And his coat is very soft too!

  RE: Treating Addison's in Cats

Sun, 13 Dec 20 19:33:32 -0800
Posted by Roberts Vik (EC's Facebook Page) on 12/13/2020

For the cat with suspected Addison's, there are Non prescription herbal concoctions that help quite a bit, all you need to do is do a search for “ natural help for Addison's in cats. Since the cause is usually a hormonal issue, do a search for raw glandular for Addison's disease. You might also try vegetable sterols because it can be caused by auto immunity. I would limit using these to one at a time & giving at least 3 weeks to see if there's any improvement. Anything mentioned in my posts on this thread is available without prescription online & in health food &/or fitness stores & can be carefully used while watching the animals closely for any adverse effects (there really shouldn't be any, but caution is always advised).

 Re: Need Help for Constipated Cat

Sun, 13 Dec 20 19:33:17 -0800
Posted by GertJtr (Madison) on 12/13/2020

Well, she finally deposited maybe 3" worth of poop, hard but not black. I syringed miralax into her and then the cat laxative came, so I dosed her with that. She got a second dose this morning. She was wormed when I first took her to the vet, he said the barrelness was her being fat, but I wonder. I plan to give her a bit more miralax tonight, just a little, and then another dose of laxative tomorrow. Unless she goes more today, in which case I'll play it by ear. She has never seemed uncomfortable with it. I'll get some pumpkin. Getting her to eat it will be the issue, she seems picky.

 Re: Need Help for Constipated Cat

Sun, 13 Dec 20 10:12:43 -0800
Posted by Cassie (Wa) on 12/12/2020

You said she poops every other day, which means things are moving at least. What are the poops like? Runny, hard, small, large, black? That could help determine what the issue could be. If they seem to be normal like they should be then maybe she just doesn't go everyday. I'd suggest giving her canned pumpkin. It's very good for their stools no matter what the issue is.

The "barrell-ness" could mean she's very backed up and can only be fixed by a vet but it could also mean she's just fat or has worms. Has she been wormed?

I have no tips get the miralax down, sorry. But I had a cat that would only drink running water, like out of the faucet. She refused to drink from a bowl no matter how often I changed it.

If she does need surgery I hope you will at least try to find a rescue group that might take her. Many of them won't, but some do.

Bless you for taking her in and I'm sorry it's not going well. I have no animal expertise, only experience.

Good luck