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  Mega Colon Remedies

Sun, 26 Jan 20 21:17:30 -0800
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 01/26/2020

I don't have a cat but I read A LOT. Dr. Batmanghelidj wrote about pets using specific salt ratio in water and its in earth clinic somewhere but I can't find the ratio....a book in my pile has it somewhere. Anyway he used it to treat many pet diseases. Sea salt with minerals in it. So many amazing testimonials from people who used it. Salt works like an antihistamine because histamine is caused by a mineral salt/water imbalance. salt holds water in place and water helps our intestines move the food through to the exit port. Need the right ratio to do this.

Natural Remedies for Mega Colon in Cats

Sun, 26 Jan 20 16:38:22 -0800
Posted by Joyce (Jacksonville, Florida) on 01/26/2020

Anyone have any ideas on what to give a middle age cat with something called mega colon? I have spent thousands at the vet but nothing seems to help her. She has a hard time going to the bathroom and when she does it seems to hurt and is bloody sometimes. Hard as a rock mostly but sometimes very soft. The only thing we do is put Metamucil in her food. Any other ideas?


Sun, 12 Jan 20 19:20:21 -0800
Posted by Kimberly (Ohio) on 01/12/2020

Just so you and everyone else reading this knows, you can get insulin at Walmart for $24.88 per 100 IU bottle!!! NO PRESCRIPTION NEEDED. Novolin R and Novolin N both are available there at this price. No script needed for needles either! Just walk right up to the counter at the pharmacy......the pay/pickup line, NOT the order line! You just go up and ask them for which one(s) you want, and they grab it from the fridge and hand it to you, and you pay there. Easy, cheap, and so many, even many vets and doctors do not know this is available so cheaply. Only Walmart has the contract with Novolin for these prices! My dad and brother both had/have diabetes II for 20 years. They were paying so much for Lantus $300 after insurance!!! When I found this out, I searched and searched and found this out, and they have taken Novolin R and N ever since. (Well, dad passed away, but brother still takes it)

Booster Shot Side Effects

Thu, 09 Jan 20 15:51:13 -0800
Posted by Patricia (Texas) on 01/09/2020
0 out of 5 stars

I have a Chihuahua he is 2 years old he had his D.H.I.P Booster and Parvo/Corona on 1/8/2020 and his back right leg is real sore he can't jump, he want eat and he is throwing up but he still wants to ride in the car and be hug on.

  Bladder Stones

Tue, 24 Dec 19 22:41:11 -0800
Posted by Maureen (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada) on 12/25/2019

I use D Mannose for my UI cat. It is made with cranberries and latches onto the bacteria in the bladder and flushes it out. It does not change the acidity in the urine like the vinegar does. I would be leery of using your suggestion for the massaging f the bladder because if a crystal is stuck you could hurt the bladder. My male cat from a few years ago had crystals and had to have the surgery because of the stuck crystals in his penis caused scarring and he could not pee.


Thu, 19 Dec 19 19:34:40 -0800
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 12/19/2019

You may want to post your question on the site . They have a forum about injuries and disease and lots of folks will respond. Be sure to detail what happened to cause the injury, what you've done so far and what is going on at present. Like, baby chicken you can say 4 week old chick, more detail is better. Good luck. I had a hawk get one of my 5 week olds and then she was blind, so they can heal.


Thu, 19 Dec 19 00:39:24 -0800
Posted by RSW (OH) on 12/19/2019


Maybe try the Panacur C fenbendazole for cancer. My cat has had two swollen red areas on her ear for ten months. When we took her to the vet last February, she took some samples and looked at them under her microscope and said they did not appear to be cancer, (the samples were not sent to a lab) but they will not heal. I have been giving her the fenbendazole for about four weeks now, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then four days off as Joe Tippens recommends for humans, about 1/5 of a one gram packet. I mix it with her food. (Joe took 1 gram at 115 lbs. when he had cancer everywhere in his body, and continues with that today for maintenance, so I think 1/5 gram would be OK for my 15 lb. cat). They have become a dark color and almost seem to be going away, but come back again. Joe's site says it takes about ten weeks to work, and then continue for maintenance, in humans, so I will continue with this. I think this is the best choice, with at least 40 humans reporting their various cancers have disappeared. It can't hurt your pet, in any cast, because the recommended amount to worm a ten pound animal is 1 full gram for three days in a row. His liver and kidneys must be OK to clear it.

Best wishes.


Wed, 18 Dec 19 19:18:34 -0800
Posted by Stacey (Adelaide) on 12/18/2019

We have had a Christmas event and during transition from one area to another a baby chicken has been damaged accidently by large child foot. She is feed super meal worms and water although I believe the injury could be an orbital fracture as it is still quite swollen although she is opening her eye today (day two). Today we are going to try a saline solution and I was told to give her some pineapple and boron (I have no clue as to what this is) to help with the infection. We do not want to give up on our pet and the last time we took our chicken to the vet it cost way to much for what they did. We believe we can heel her at home. Can someone please advice us as to what they would do please, even if it is to take her to the vet. Please advice

Cortisone Shot Side Effects

Wed, 18 Dec 19 19:05:21 -0800
Posted by kate (liverpool) on 12/18/2019

My 9-month-old puppy was given a steroid injection after he reacted to a dog shampoo that burnt his skin and caused inflammation. It has been two days since the injection and he is drooling, lethargic and drooling a lot more. Has helped greatly with the inflammation and skin sensitivity which is great, however, I am concerned about him as he is normally a lot more energetic. The emergency vets have said they will look at him but don't seem too concerned.


Tue, 17 Dec 19 00:38:02 -0800
Posted by Susan (United States) on 12/17/2019

I just found out my dog, Jesse, a pug/manchester terrier mix, most likely has a brain tumor after two seizures 8 days apart....he has never had any before and he is 14. Pugs are very susceptible the vet said and his age. We are doing all the blood work, but she says it still is most likely he has a brain tumor. I have an medical grade ozone machine so I will put it in his ears and rectally every day. I had a girl friend who dissolved her brain tumor mostly taking DMSO and applying it on her head. I need to know other things I can be doing and what the dosage of DMSO should be.. He is on a grassfed/organic mostly meat diet, no grains. Thanks for any help you can give. I love my dog awful!

  Water Pik

Sat, 07 Dec 19 12:33:37 -0800
Posted by Barb R (Norwood, ON Canada) on 12/07/2019

Barb again. Forgot to mention we've been feeding raw recipes to all of our animals since 2003. For cats, great website called For dogs, searching BARF recipes will show a lot of info.

Water Pik

Sat, 07 Dec 19 12:22:51 -0800
Posted by Barb R (Norwood, ON Canada) on 12/07/2019

Just had one of our 9 kitties at the vets for a loose tooth. $400 later, and me refusing to allow 3 different aneathetics, 1 should due, she came home with a further diagnosis of needing more extractions. We have had 2 cats and a dog have major dental work done. I don't know about elsewhere, but vets in Canada are getting ridiculously expensive. We already follow earthclinic and have used coconut oil massaged with clean cloth into teeth and gums. So we now need to find something more aggressive for this cat, Millie, to avoid surgery and pain. My husband has been through root canal extractions and metal filling removal as prescribed in the great doc Root Cause. Dr Thomas Levy in his book, The Toxic Tooth says you can cure human dental conditions with a Water pik type device with hydrogine peroxide added to water. I am off to buy one for all of the animals. 7 cats and 2 dogs, and I'll let you know how it works. Will likely be a 2 person exercise.

Bee Propolis and Honey

Tue, 03 Dec 19 02:37:39 -0800
Posted by Maggie (Idaho) on 12/03/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Bee propolis extract / honey paste cured my little dog of what seemed to be a terrible cold with hacking cough, blocked up nose and gagging. She didn't want to eat and kept getting worse and worse. I tried a lot of home remedies but nothing seemed to work. I finally tried the bee propolis / honey paste and within 2 hours she was a lot better. Gave her another dose and after another couple of hours she was running and wanting to eat and had stopped coughing and could breathe easily. I couldn't believe it worked so fast. Every now and then she'd cough so I continued to give her the mixture a few more times and she's well now. What I gave her was between 1/8 -1/4 teaspoon of the bee propolis / honey paste mixed with some water that had been mixed with some canned food that I knew she liked. I strained the water / dog food mixture so I could mix it with the propolis paste and use a syringe without the needle to give it to her. The water with the canned dog food has to be strained or else the syringe will clog up. She was so sick and not wanting to eat that I had to use the syringe to get it in her because I knew she wouldn't take it on her own. After she started feeling better, I just put the propolis in her food and she ate it, didn't have to use the syringe. I was so surprised to see her feel better after only 2 hours after taking the propolis. Now I keep a jar on hand at all times.

Eye Area Remedies

Sun, 01 Dec 19 00:20:12 -0800
Posted by Eva (United States) on 12/01/2019

Hello, my cat just started having a small patch of mange right at the edge of his eye? What remedies are safe to use right next to the eye?

Castor Oil

Sun, 17 Nov 19 21:48:37 -0800
Posted by Anne Marie (Chatham, Ontario) on 11/17/2019

Which organic and hexane free castor oil do you recommend for me to use on my dog's eye?


Fri, 15 Nov 19 06:39:13 -0800
Posted by Cara (Washington State ) on 11/15/2019

Give one organic raw egg per meal 🥚 Which is the full amino acid spectrum and naturally detoxes & absolutely use the borax in your pets water !!! Very sorry to hear about your dog however it can be reversed... you can do this Kira!


Mon, 11 Nov 19 14:08:50 -0800
Posted by Susanne (Springfield, Illinois) on 11/11/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Pumpkin for constipation works wonders in my cat. I buy it by the can and freeze it in ice cube trays. Yadi begs for it every day and dances around meowing until I get it thawed out. He knows the word pumpkin. AND it works! His stools are larger and softer now yet not runny. Finally I am seeing "normal" stools.


Mon, 21 Oct 19 00:16:27 -0700
Posted by Madelyn S. (Orlando Fl) on 10/21/2019

Hi. Our schipoo is 14 years old. Dental surgery has been ruled out, pain meds make him sick or fearfully lethargic. He seems fine without them, except at feeding time. We've been mincing fresh chicken, serving with its own natural broth or ground beef. Somedays he's fine, other days the pain is obviously too much. We known he's in his senior years, but his dental struggle is heartbreaking. Outside of this he still has pep in his step. Any safe remedy suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews

Sat, 12 Oct 19 17:21:02 -0700
Posted by Mim H. (Northern Illinois) on 10/12/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I used Ted's borax remedy and after the second treatment, my doxie is back. Happy and so comfortable with his horrible belly sores almost gone. Winter is coming and I am glad that I will be up to the weekly bath by Thanksgiving and hopefully by January will have finished the 12 weeks. Thank you again for this treatment as the vet just pushes that disgusting medication. My dog thanks you as well!!

  Re: Cottage Cheese Foot Treatment

Sat, 12 Oct 19 12:11:14 -0700
Posted by Jennifer (Knoxville, tn.) on 10/12/2019

Could you use yogurt in place of cottage cheese?