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  Re: Seeking Help for Dog With Allergies

Sun, 08 Jan 17 23:43:00 -0800
Posted by Konamisan (New York City) on 01/08/2017

Hi Theresa :)

God Bless YOU and thank YOU for your posts.

This is an update; After a much long day at work, I thanked God for helping me get through a very emotional day. I thought about Xena and miss how She and Zeus would greet me when I get home. To a very needed surprise, I walked into my apartment . Zeus was waiting at the door as always. He was much more excited than usual and was barking. Which is not like him to do when I get home. I walked over to the living room, and there was XENA!!!!!!!!!!! LYING RIGHT THERE WHERE I LEAVE HER WATER DISH!!!!!!! I was astonished to see her, and very much excited. I asked her how did you get out here? since she couldn't stand up on her own!!! She must have crawled out to the living room. Zeus barked again. He was trying to tell me Xena was out of the bedroom!!! Thank YOU Zeus! So that was a blessing for us all. She was whining and crawling around and she crawled all the way to the wee wee pad. She had to go relieve herself, and it was difficult for her to stand up. She let me hold her so she could go, since I can't take her out to walk her. That was a relief for her and me as well.

1. I've been giving her the Borax water solution for four days on, then stopped as of yesterday.

2. She is eating, but I still have to feed her by hand. I have added a 1/8 teaspoon of ginger & Ceylon cinnamon, 1 tbsp of organic coconut oil, and probiotic plain yogurt to give her. She loves it! I sill have to give her water from a baby syringe, which she doesn't fight me anymore to take.

3. I went to the health food store, which I have to travel a distance to purchase the Colloidal Silver 50 PPM. One bought I didn't open and took it back, because it was amber in color. The gentleman at the store said it didn't make a difference??? I did receive my money back and purchased another brand by "Source Naturals" Is this a fluke as well!!!!! The ingredients in this bottle is as follows; "Potassium Alginate, Distilled Water, and EDTA" THE COLOR STILL HAD A YELLOW TINGE TO IT!!! Arrrrrrrg!

4. I wanted to make the Turmeric, Coconut Oil, Black Pepper, and Organic Ceylon Cinnamon paste for the inflammation for Xena. But the Black Pepper, and Turmeric said Organic, but it was manufactured in the same facility where soy, milk, nuts, peanuts, wheat, are processed!!!!! What the heck :(

5. I did give her the bath recommended by Ted! Guess what EVERYBODY!!! :) THE REDNESS IS GONE on her inner skin fold!!! I used the Borax and Milk of Magnesia! I only did it once this week, I will give her another. I did wash her first with "Chlorhexidine 2%", with a 1/2 cup of Epsom Salt to get that kink out of that right hip. I'm just sooooooooooooo exhausted trying to get some sleep and not be late for work!!! I play my "Stress Relief Isochronic" music on a loop for Zeus & Xena when I'm not home, and I play it as well at my job, on a low volume. Xena is back in the room on her bed. Last night, she slept right through the night!!!!! :) I gave her the "Arnica 30" I know it says 5, but I gave her 6 of them and I let her sleep with me :) I want her to walk again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have HOPE & FAITH, that Xena will BE WELL AGAIN. WHEN YOU SAY GIVE 2000 MG OF VITAMIN C, I have the powder, which is 4500 mg. How much of that in spoons do I give her and Zeus??? 1/8,1/4,1/2 etc???? If I am able to afford and purchase the Colloidal Silver, how much of that do I giver her as well???


Baking Soda in Water Bowl for Dog's Yeast Infection Ok for Other Dogs?

Sun, 08 Jan 17 13:03:13 -0800
Posted by Karen (Pennsylvania) on 01/08/2017

I made the water solution with baking soda for yeast infection in dogs, can my other dogs drink it that do not have a yeast problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Cat's UTI

Sun, 08 Jan 17 12:58:55 -0800
Posted by Virginia (Jay, Oklahoma ) on 01/08/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Cat's on her way to getting better!

I have spent $150 in the past month at the vet trying to clear a UTI in my 8 yr old Manx, Cleopatra 'Cleo'. She won't use the litter box to urinate which is a also a sign of a UTI, so I understand. I put adult size bed pads cut in half by the box and she uses that. So I see how clear or how much blood is in the urine. Right now it is pure drops of blood. She uses the box for everything else.

just back from Walmart with ACV and canned cat food. The water bowl which another cat and small dog share now has the vinegar added. I even took a glass with water as prescribed on the bottle. Very healthy!

The cats want the dry dog food so I put the dry cat food away, 😂 now the dog is wondering what's going on. Now everyone is going to learn that there is a dinner time, sigh, and the cats don't want wet food at all... But eventually they will when they are hungry!

I'm giving 10cc of the 1/10 ratio of vinegar to water every hour today and will drop to 3 times a day tomorrow.

Oh, Cleo now runs when she sees me with a syringe....yikes!

  Re: Detering Bufo Toads

Sun, 08 Jan 17 12:54:17 -0800
Posted by Kay Witt (Hawaii) on 01/08/2017


Moth balls or paradichlorobenzene is poisonous to animals and can be absorbed through the pads of the cat/dogs feet. Don't use it!!!

  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey Saved Dog From Pyometra

Sun, 08 Jan 17 12:49:15 -0800
Posted by Lani (Philippines) on 01/08/2017

Hi Caroline!

You may give your dog up to 3,000 mg. of vitamin C per day. But considering that she is not yet sick, I think that 2,000 mg. of Vitamin C per day will be fine. You can give 1,000 mg. in the morning and 1,000 mg. in the evening. Put the vitamin c between slices of meat and feed it to her. Since pyometra occurs about 2-8 weeks after the dog's heat then you can prevent it from happening just by giving your dog 2,000 mg. vitamin C per day one week after her heat. Just to build up her immune system against any bacteria that may have gained entry in her uterus. You may continue giving her the vitamin c continuously for at least two weeks. That will ensure that any bacteria present will be adequately killed by her immune system. I do that now with my older female dogs since two of them got pyometra months ago. Back then I merely used the vitamin C treatment to cure them. So far, pyometra has not reoccured in any of my dogs and hey, one of them is now 14 years old, still active, and I'm hoping that she'll live to a ripe old age... Hope your dog stays well!

  Re: Bloat in Dogs

Sun, 08 Jan 17 12:47:29 -0800
Posted by Phyllis (Sherwood, Arkansas) on 01/08/2017

I have 2 vet books and one is the vet DR. PITCAIRNS & they both recommend juiced cabbage & freeze till needed, that it is very good at helping, but you have to give it quickly as soon as you have symptoms...

Hope this helps...

Multiple Remedies Saved Puppy With Parvo

Sun, 08 Jan 17 12:41:48 -0800
Posted by Kianamcvicker (Fresno, Ca) on 01/07/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My puppy survived Parvo and I couldn't have done it without this site!!! OMG.

List of things I needed:

1- Chart to record everything you're doing. I found that after 24 hrs of everything I was wiped and forgetting what to give him. Keeping a chart was so helpful!!

2 - 2 syringes (1 for Activated Charcoal (AC) solution, 1 for electrolyte solution) the pharmacy at Walmart told me they didn't sell them so they just gave them to me for free. (non needle!)

3 - 4 towels (our pup struggled with sleeping on hard surfaces so we always had a clean one ready to be rotated in when the last one got soiled.)

4 - Puppy pads for quick catch and clean up

5 - Bleach (to clean all surfaces and towels that get soiled on)

6- Colloidal silver with dropper

7 - Activated Charcoal Solution (If you're buying the capped AC I did 1 cup pedialyte, 1 cup purified water, 25 AC capsules opened and poured in solution. Shake before each use) Recipe:

8 - Arsenicum Album from Boiron (2 pellets dissolved in 5 ccs of purified water)

9 - Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

10 - Lots of Electrolyte Solution and left in cage Recipe:

So last week Wed Dec 28th, 2017 our puppy went into SPCA to get its final visit (microchipping & nurturing). Due to scheduling conflicts I couldn't pick him up until the next day. I picked him up and he was erratic. He was super skinny and wanted me, until I picked him up to hold him and then he was clawing me to get down. It was very weird behavior for him. Fast forward to the following Tue Jan 3rd, 2017. He's been doing fine all day. He eats that morning. That night he throws up everything he'd had in his belly. He refuses to eat/drink anything that night. The next day he's back to normal. He's eating, drinking but super lethargic. All he wants to do is snuggle all day. Again, very abnormal behavior from a puppy. At this point we've had him for well over a month (foster then adopted from spca which is why we had to neuter/chip/vaxx up to date). He's 4 months old at this point. Thur he refuses any food. He refused water unless I forced it in with a dropper and he is literally throwing up every 20 mins with yellow mucus diarrhea. I know somethings up so I take him to the vet. Surprise! It's Parvo season!! The vet lets us know that it will cost $1700 for them to tend to him. Theres no cure for Parvo, they've got to ride out the virus. But they wanted to charge extra for different things while he's in there, even though he has a record of every vaccine he's had up to date. In the end we had to refuse them because we didn't have the money. I found this site, my saving grace, and this is the schedule that I came up with:

As soon as we got home from the vet he started bloody diarrhea. For the first hour I did the electrolyte solution. But he didn't hold anything down, and the diarrhea kept coming up so I did some research and found this site that boasted Activated Charcoal and colloidal silver!! I did 3 ccs of AC electrolyte solution every hour and the electrolyte solution in between the AC doses so that I could check up on him every 30 minutes. He stopped diarrhea and vomit instantly. After four hours of this routine, we went to every 2 hours of AC dose. In the hour between the AC dose I did 2-3 droppers of Colloidal Silver and Arsenicum Album. (The Arsenicum Album I took 5 ccs of purified water and syringed it into a small bowl. I put two of the AA pellets in and let it sit until it fully dissolved. Then I syringed it in him). I also did 1/2 tsp of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth up to 1 tsp per day. Each time he got a dose of something he also got a dose of electrolyte solution. It was so important to me that he stay hydrated so I always did the skin test to make sure he was good and not once did my pup's skin stay up, good sign!! It took about 3 days for him to fully come around again. He started drinking water last night (Fri Jan 6th, 2017). I stopped giving him the Electrolyte solution when I found him drinking on his own. I tried to give it to him anyways just as a back up but he threw it up which told me he was getting enough. I switched to AC mix twice a day today as he was showing signs of getting better. He finally ate some food tonight at dinner time!! He refused scrambled eggs with rice, burger (raw, cooked and mixed with rice), chicken stock, and wet dog food. But he loved the Natural Balance duck treats so I mixed about three up with dry dog food and he started in on it instantly. He's relaxing and sleeping now. 30 min later and no throw up makes me feel like a success!! I don't know if this will help others, as every dog is different. But the specifics of dosing medications and when was the hardest part for us to conquer. That And seeing our poor pup declining so rapidly. So far we've made it. Good luck to anyone else going through this nightmare!

Aloe Vera Juice Helping Dog with Renal Failure

Sat, 07 Jan 17 17:40:05 -0800
Posted by Rene (Kalispell, Mt) on 01/07/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My 4 year old lab x is in renal failure. I started aloe juice and the ammonia smell went away.

Berberine for Elevated Liver Enzymes in Dog

Sat, 07 Jan 17 17:33:33 -0800
Posted by Monica (Seattle) on 01/07/2017

My 11yo lab has had elevated liver levels for quite awhile. Has anyone used Berberine for this issue? If so, what dosage?

  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey Saved Dog From Pyometra

Sat, 07 Jan 17 17:27:34 -0800
Posted by Sandi (Reno, Nv) on 01/07/2017
5 out of 5 stars

11 year old German Wirehaired Pointer was diagnosed with epilepsy last March when she kept having seizures. She has been on phenobarbital since then. Now she has developed a case of pyometra. The vet will not operate because of her age and heart condition. I have been using the Manuka honey, Tumeric and Vitamin C combination for almost a week now.

Her discharge has lessened from a copious amount to very little and she is eating and drinking again! She weighs 64 lbs amd the dosage I give is 3000mgs vit C powder/ 1/2 tsp tumeric in 1 tbls manuka honey.

Hope this helps...anything is better than just watching your beloved pet go down because you cannot afford surgery or the pet cannot have surgery. This has worked for me and so far she is 100% better than she was 1 week ago.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Feline Respiratory Disease

Sat, 07 Jan 17 17:26:47 -0800
Posted by Christine (Pennsylvania) on 01/07/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Feline Respiratory Disease

Wow....and thank you...thank you....thank you! One of my 5 cats Opi got sick during the Christmas season of course, didn't eat or move, thought well that's it. Trip to the vet with tears in my eyes knowing he won't come home.Well $324.00 later after blood work and of course a prescription for 14 days of antibiotics, and three maybes, I was just happy that we didn't needed to put him down. The vet probably did his best he could at this point, also gave us a bag full of can food to force feed, and two pills to stimulate his appetite. I do remember asking if he may have a hairball stuck, he said no. After .ca 8 days Opi started sneezing and wheezing, my first thought was darn Antibiotics, the same happens to me till I decided not to take them anymore. I'm a firm believer of natural remedies, so why not for my cat...and that is how I found your site. In the meantime all my other cats started sneezing....when I read about organic ACV I thought, could it be that simple?

YES! It was... after one treatment...speechless....and he lost a hairball that was three fingers thick, after putting the ACV in their water. Can't thank you enough....I will never be without ACV.

  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey Saved Dog From Pyometra

Sat, 07 Jan 17 16:38:40 -0800
Posted by Cheryl (Minnesota, Usa) on 01/07/2017

Hi Caroline from Ireland!

I started out giving Pepper (she is 66 lbs.) 4500 mg of Vitamin C. She developed diarrhea after the first 24 hours so I backed off on that to about half until her midday feeding on the 3rd day when I didn't give her any Vit. C. Her stool was back to normal this morning. I gave her 1000 mg of Vit. C this morning and will most likely continue with that dosage. From what I understand, too much vitamin c can cause diarrhea, so that's when you know you will need to back off on the dosage. As far as how I administered.... I made a paste with the honey, curcumin and vit. c and spread it on a thin layer of raw ground beef, I cover that with another thin layer of the ground beef. Then I cut that into bite sized pieces for her to eat. I hope this is helpful.

  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey Seems to Be Helping Dog With Pyometra

Sat, 07 Jan 17 11:36:41 -0800
Posted by Cheryl (Minnesota, Usa) on 01/07/2017

Hi Theresa,

I'm also in Minnesota and contacted Blue Pearl who gave the 3 - 5K estimate for surgery. As I understood from our vet, the University and Blue Pearl are the only two vet clinics who perform the emergency Pyometra surgery. Is that right?

  Re: Urgent Help Requested Regarding Essiac Tea for Cat With Lymphoma

Sat, 07 Jan 17 11:32:32 -0800
Posted by Sam (S.a Australia) on 01/06/2017


I am so so sorry. No words can easy the pain. I have been there too many times. I feel for you.

I know it's hard to hear (as I was the same) it is not your fault. We as humans can not possibly know everything and it is so hard with a fur babies. Especially cats they are super at hiding illnesses and it's too late. Had it twice.

Hoping not a third.

Love to you and cyper hugs


  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey Saved Dog From Pyometra

Sat, 07 Jan 17 11:30:59 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/06/2017

Hey Caroline, My only advise along with monitoring the temp is to feed foods with infection fighting properties. Oil of Oregano, kelp, turmeric come to mind, along with the high doses of vitamin C, and also colloidal silver. IMHO the time to really watch for problems is 3-4 weeks after the cycle ends. Good luck and please keep us posted!

  Re: Need Help for Dog W/ Yeast Infection

Fri, 06 Jan 17 09:39:07 -0800
Posted by Dolores (Trenton, Michigan) on 01/06/2017

Equal parts of Apple cider vinegar (with mother), 90% alcohol (so it doesn't burn), hydrogen peroxide.

Put about 3 drops in ear. I do this at least 3 times a day. What a difference!

  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey Seems to Be Helping Dog With Pyometra

Fri, 06 Jan 17 09:37:42 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/06/2017

Hey Cheryl, If there is drainage then it is an open pyo - it may not be a misdiagnosis, it might be that the remedy worked to open the cervix to allow for drainage. I have experienced two pyos - one open where the only symptom was a picky appetite and then the funky drainage, and a closed where my girl was not feeling well with a rising temp and abdominal pain. In both cases the vet advised to spay, and in the first case I was so confused I took their advise; in hind sight I believe this was unnecessary and that other approaches could have saved the uterus. In the second case it was a no brainer - dog in serious pain with rising temp, and I did the spay - no regrets. In my area the emergency spay was $1,200.00 - so your 3-5K quote sounds ridiculously excessive. Because pyos are linked to heat cycles/waxing and waning hormone levels, if Pepper makes a full recovery she will still be prone to a pyo down the road; you may wish to have her spayed once she is clearly out of the woods as a non-emergency spay should be considerably less expensive. Please keep us posted on Pepper's recovery!

  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey Saved Dog From Pyometra

Fri, 06 Jan 17 09:32:33 -0800
Posted by Caroline (Ireland) on 01/06/2017

Hi I just realised nobody replied to your post there, I hope that you were able to go down another route other than having your dog put down?

My girl is a Presa Canario and weighs in at 140LBS (65kg)and has just turned 4 when she got Pyometra 4 weeks after her cycle last year it was extremely scary as she is normally such a strong and healthy dog. I feed her a raw diet of beef, chicken, lamb, heart, kidneys and bones and she is really well exercised. I first noticed the odd bit of discharge from her that was a milky/bloody consistency I thought at first it was just her expelling the rest of her heat, but then I noticed over a couple of days that she was expelling more and more and that she was suddenly drinking a LOT of water like every 30mins, she was restless and off her food. I took her to the vet he took her Temp and it was high he suspected Pyometra as her abdomen was firm although in a large muscular dog it is hard to tell that. He prescribed strong oral antibiotics but she point bank refused to take them I had to dissolve and syringe them in to her but still she wasn't taking them all, I went back to vet after 2 days as the discharge was immense literally draining out of her, he gave her injections of antibiotics and vitamins for 5 days and then more oral antibiotics for a week. I took her temp everyday and it was normal after the first 2 days of injections, all we could do after that was wait for the infection to drain out of her I believe she had 10lbs of it in her and in total it took 2 weeks for it to all come away. She did not eat ANYTHING for 9 days which in a big dog she could cope with as long as she was drinking but in a small dog it would be a real worry.

My vet told me after that I needed to get her spayed as it could come back each year but I haven't as she is such a big dog it would be a HUGE operation, so now she is back in heat and I am looking for all the help I can get to prevent it from happening again, I put Cider vinegar in her food and I am going to start giving her a couple of spoonfuls of Manuka, I always have it in anyway as it is great for cuts and bites etc, I have never given her Vit C so advice on dosage and how to administer would be great!

Any help is appreciated especially from Large Breed dog owners, If it happens again I want to be super prepared, as soon as her heat finishes I will check her temp as that is a sure fire way to see if there is an infection developing.

  Re: Avoid Steroids for Dogs

Thu, 05 Jan 17 13:48:30 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/05/2017

Thank you Melissa! I have not experienced 'bad' vets but I have heard my share of horror stories. Thanks for being one of the good ones!

  Re: Mange Remedy Works Again!

Thu, 05 Jan 17 13:48:14 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/05/2017

Hello CAr9l,

Yes, you can use the solution around the eyes and mouth, etc. I have had it splashed in my own eyes and it did not sting, however I would avoid bathing the eyes with it. It is not harmful if it is swallowed, and is safe for use in ears too.