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  Re: Elderly Cat Remedies

1 month ago
Posted by Denise W. (Vermont) on 06/26/2021

My heart broke to hear about your poor cat. It must have been such a shock for her/him to have so many teeth taken out at once. She probably doesn't know what the heck happened. What are the vets thinking? Honestly, some of them sound like sadists. I can't deal with the regular medical "profession". They seem to be so out of touch. Your cat wouldn't want to eat right now I can imagine. Animals fast when they are sick. Fasting is incredibly restorative. One thing I can vouch for is colloidal silver. It is amazing. It is tasteless. My dog is very fussy and I am going through teeth problems with him presently. Sometimes I put some colloidal silver in a syringe and squeeze it into the side of his mouth and other times I put about a teaspoon full in his water. I always see improvement in him the next day. I feel for you, as my dog is having some problems with teeth too.

  Re: Dental Infection in Cat

1 month ago
Posted by Denise (Vermont) on 06/26/2021

For infection, I would use colloidal silver which has no taste or smell. It is a wonderful remedy for so many other things too. So is oregano oil but that is super potent in smell and taste and must be highly diluted, of course.

  Re: Lyme Disease and Low Potassium

1 month ago
Posted by Joseph (CA) on 06/22/2021

I know Morgellons disease and Lyme disease affect potassium levels in the human body. I need to take potassium, I have very low levels and high cholesterol.

  Ear Infection and Eye Discharge in Dog - Vet Not Helping

1 month ago
Posted by Angela (California) on 06/22/2021

I too am having trouble with my Lasa Opso same problem with ears and itching. But also have green mucus coming from his eyes. I feel so bad for my dog. I take him to the vet and they just give him prednisone shots. Which seems to make everything worse. I'm afraid to take him to the vet anymore. Can someone please help

  How to Treat A Carpet When Doing Ted's Mange Treatment?

2 months ago
Posted by Cristina (Springfield) on 06/15/2021

I started Ted's mange treatment today and washed all of her bedding and toys with hot water. But what would you recommend for cleaning a carpeted floor? Thanks!

  Corn Silk for Incontinence in Pets

2 months ago
Posted by Debbie (IL) on 06/14/2021

I was wondering how many milligram capsules you use?

Homeopathy Sepia 30C for Pyometra in Female Dog

2 months ago
Posted by Queti (West Midlands, UK) on 06/14/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Great to hear of other people's dogs improving after pyometra, my 6 year old recently acquired beagle started to show symptoms of open pyometra, with vomiting, being off her food, and a bigger thirst than usual, I also found I could express milk from her titties.

I looked in my homeopathic dog book, (author vet by the name of George Mcleod) and he recommended Sepia 30c which I put in her water. She has regained her appetite, the milk has dried up and she's got loads of energy. That was within 1 day of the remedy. Should I now breed from her at her next season? Would that put her womb right? I'm going to get her some Manuka honey too. She already gets turmeric as her breed can get arthritis and I want to avoid that.

Ground Up Salt for Fleas

2 months ago
Posted by Nikki (Fl) on 06/14/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Gounded up salt like popcorn salt. The salt is so fine that the flea's legs pick it up and it drys them out

Borax for Flea Infestations

2 months ago
Posted by Brett (Hawaii) on 06/11/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Once get stationed in an old house while on a job in a city, it was a duplex with a door to other side. The neighbors had used this nasty old side for their dog's house. I got eaten alive by fleas the first night, woke with blood all over my chest and went right to work cleaning then spread borax over everything the fleas might be in and on all the floors in the place. No more fleas, the next morning: NO BITES.

  Re: CBD and Coconut Oil for Dog Skin Allergies

2 months ago
Posted by Angela (Ny, NY) on 06/11/2021

How did you use the coconut and cbd oils? How much of each. Did u put it in the food or water or directly on skin? I have 1000mg cbd oil and organic coconut oil and would love to try that on my bichon.

  Re: Multiple Remedies Not Help Flea Infestation After TX Rain

2 months ago
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 06/08/2021


I don't know why they didn't post my response to your emergency - SALT. Salt, salt, salt. Not a lot - just shake it onto the rugs, carpet, pet bedding and cast some into the corners where the floor meets the wall. Skip vacuuming for a few days and just leave it to do its thing. You don't even have to treat the pooch. Just use salt.

  Will Activated Charcoal Work for Distemper in Dogs?

2 months ago
Posted by Carol D. (San Felipe, BC MX) on 06/08/2021

Does this work for distemper as well? If not any recommendations. We lose about 70 puppies every year to distemper.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Cat's UTI

2 months ago
Posted by Adrienne (Idaho) on 06/07/2021

Thank you llse for explaining exactly how you did this! It's so nice to not have to guess about the amounts and timimg!

  Re: Multiple Remedies Not Help Flea Infestation After TX Rain

2 months ago
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 06/07/2021

Fennel works in much the same way as Rosemary.

Crush fennel seeds and use them to repel fleas around the home, or rub powdered fennel into your dog's coat. Feverfew flowers contain natural pyrethrins. Steep the flowers in boiling water, allow to cool, strain, and use as after-bath rinse or insect repellent.

Home Remedy For Dog Fleas - The Safe, Natural Alternative

  Re: Multiple Remedies Not Help Flea Infestation After TX Rain

2 months ago
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USAS) on 06/07/2021

Yikes!! The only thing I ever used that actually worked was salt. Sprinkle it on the carpet/rugs, the pet's bedding and all around where the floor meets the walls. And around the bottom of furniture legs. If you're a neatnick, you'll want to vacuum first and toss your vacuum cleaner bag. then just get the salt down there - cheapo, iodized table salt is perfect and cheap - and leave it. And by "leave it", I mean skip vacuuming for a few days and let it do its thing.

  Re: Multiple Remedies Not Help Flea Infestation After TX Rain

2 months ago
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 06/07/2021

Hi Gina,

So sorry you are going through this. Please read all the borax and diatomaceous posts on Earth Clinic in the pet flea section (where your post is located). Sounds like you need to treat your backyard FIRST and those two remedies are mentioned for treating flea infestations both indoors and outdoors. You'll have to reapply after it rains, but one of them should help. If you use diatomaceous earth, please note that it must be food grade.

Also, consider a raw food (or freeze dried raw) diet to strengthen your pup's immune system. That might help too. Quality food can make a huge difference in flea control I've discovered over the years.

Good luck. Hope you get this issue solved very quickly.

Multiple Remedies Not Help Flea Infestation After TX Rain

2 months ago
Posted by Gina (Waxahachie, TX) on 06/07/2021

Help! All this rain and I have more fleas than ever. and my new little dog, white broken coat jack russell mix, is in very bad shape. I have a dw liquid flea trap going and have vacuumed many times, but it is so wet outside the grass is almost knee high. I have no place to put the dogs while I sprinkle the carpets. I started her on antiflea daily pills over a month ago- brewers yeast and b vits, I have sprayed her with colloidal silver 7ppm, I have flea bathed her, I have coated her with aloe vera juice, I have coated her with aloe vera gel, I have rubbed coconut oil on the worst chewed bits, I applied a chemical on her neck, all in the past 2 weeks. yesterday I broke down and dipped her in permethrin solution.

This morning she looked good. no rash, no bumps. she went out to pee and came in covered with a bumpy red rash, not every bump is a flea bite, and at least 5 more fleas running thru her now very sparse coat. picked them off and put more aloe gel on her. the fleas just love her. :( I'd spend the 55 for bravecto but I'm afraid that wouldn't work either, and my last dog got cancer from I think comfortis. my big black dog is not as bothered, but the fleas of course jump to her. I'm going crazy. the dogs don't want me near them cuz I keep searching for fleas on them. shall I try the borax? it's the only thing I haven't tried, and that's because the store is out of it lately.

  Re: Borax for Dogs

2 months ago
Posted by Deb (Columbus, Ohio) on 06/07/2021

It's actually Boron that is needed in small amounts internally. Boron is in borax but in very small amounts.

Natural Anti-Fly Spray

2 months ago
Posted by Katzie (Calgary, Canada) on 06/06/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I had noticed I was spending more time lately swatting flies away and that their numbers were growing. I have to keep both front & back doors open for airflow as not to run the a/c all day, but could not figure out how to get rid of them. After reading up for an hour or two of research, I came up with a winning recipe:

  • 1 large spray bottle
  • 1 bottle of Remede de Marseilles (aka Thieves Oil)
  • Dish soap
  • Glycerine (if you have)
  • 1 bottle of vinegar

I fill up my sprayer with 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar, 8 drops of Thieves Oil, 8 drops glycerine, 8 drops dish soap. The glycerine helps the solution adhere and the dish soap coats their wings. This spray kills them quickly if you can douse one, but you will find dead ones later too! It also smells amazing and clean in your house!

I also laid down a large layer of diatomaceous earth (DE) with salt over top of it to keep the dust down, and noticed the flies would land on it, a lot, and later found those ones dead. Both dry them out.

2 days now and I went from 35+ flies down to 1 or 2 (and I'll get them too today). It's like my spray bottle is a video game controller and I do battle with flies by spraying alot! I'm pretty good at it too and hey, it's fun. Once I get them to land on a certain window screen, they are toast. I am fast on that sprayer button! This spray also works on other flying pests too. Also gotta recommend the DE & any-kind-of-cheap-salt on the floor! I will keep it down for another day and then clean up. My floor has been a valuable ally in my battle against "the swarm".

Best of health, everybody!

Thieves Oil contains: Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus & Rosemary Essential Oils. A very powerful blend.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Cat Mange

2 months ago
Posted by May (PA) on 06/06/2021
1 out of 5 stars

ACV for Cat Mange

I tried the Organic Apple Cider (Bragg) and when my cat would keep chewing and biting and eating off her fur, I would soak her down with the ACV and it didn't seem to help much. She would just keep eating and biting and going at it. I tried the ACV for a good week straight, every time I would see her licking and biting I would soak her, but it didn't help! :(