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 Re: Tumors in Dogs - Fenbenzadole and DMSO Update

2 months ago
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/05/2021

Deirdre, your post about the vet coming to the house bought tears to my eyes, I'm happily incredulous to see your efforts paying off so soon.

Just some notes, fenben absorbs best when taken with fat, and I'd try occasionally making and offering the 2:1 immersion blended cottage cheese flaxseed oil budwig meal, (must be fresh), by oxygenating, it charges and nourishes the cells like none other that I've seen.

For your knowledge, fenben works in three ways: it stops reproduction, interferes with glucose metabolism of the cancer cell, and allows the cancer cell to die, actively altering that immortal type feature that allows cancer cells to thrive.

When I held that medicine in my hands the first time, I felt like I was holding something holy, guided by the hand of God, and I felt blessed and light filled and radiant.

Replying to your post inspired me to use baking soda dissolved in dmso on my own spots, there's a lot of info from EC over the years and sometimes it gets buried in my mind, thank you.

 Tumors in Dogs - Fenbenzadole and DMSO Update

2 months ago
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 09/05/2021

Thank you so much, Teena, Cindy, Art, and Charity for replying to my urgent post the other day.

THANK YOU, Teena, for mentioning fenbendazole. I knew about it from reading the posts on Earth Clinic over the years, but it wasn't on my recent radar. I am so sorry to read that your husband has cancer, but it sounds like things are going well with your protocols based on what you wrote in another post yesterday. Please keep us updated!

Here is my update: I immediately order liquid Fenbenzadole (Safe-Guard) and Panacur packets within minutes of reading Teena's post and it was delivered earlier than expected yesterday afternoon, so I got them started immediately by applying the liquid topically with DMSO on both dogs.

I mentioned that my golden retriever was doing very poorly from the suspected osteosarcoma tumor in her shoulder.. probably more than one tumor in that area based on all the lumps (but some are benign so hard to tell). A vet was scheduled to come to the house this morning (Sunday) to put her to sleep... so we were literally hours away from that. However, she rallied in such an amazing way after the application of fenbendazole and dmso that I canceled the appointment yesterday early evening. She went on to gobble down her dinner. Then after dinner, I offered her liquid fenbendazole in a bowl - not mixed with anything - and she sniffed it and then immediately licked it all up. She's looking better this morning and again gobbled down her breakfast. It's a tough road at this advanced stage, but we're not giving up!

My plan is to keep up with Art's suggested Graviola dosage in the morning along with 2 tablespoons of my Colloidal Silver; apply the liquid fenbendazole with DMSO and Colloidal Silver a few times a day to the tumor areas, and do the 400mg of powdered Panacur at night with more Colloidal Silver.

I've been giving them CS for a few years now, quite regularly, and they do incredibly well on it. It gives them lots of energy and helps with arthritis. However, it did not stop these tumors from growing in either dog, so one should not rely solely on CS to prevent cancer (just in my personal opinion).

I'll see if either dog wants to drink any saltwater in a separate dish, thanks for that suggestion, Cindy.

Charity, activated charcoal and castor oil are great suggestions, thank you - I will add them to my list!

Thanks everyone again for all your help and good thoughts!! I'll keep you updated.

  DMSO, Colloidal Silver for Benign Tumor

2 months ago
Posted by Maryland (Los Angeles, Ca, USA) on 09/04/2021

Melinda, which brand of dmso? I wonder if the mixture killed the cancerous cells and that's why the biopsy didn't detect cancer.

 Re: Small Cut on My Cat's Lower Eyelid Caused Severe Itching

2 months ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 09/04/2021

Take a flat cotton cosmetic pad (like the ones sold at dollartree) and apply an apple cider vinegar and water compress dilution ratio 1:1. Hold it in place over the "closed" eye for 10 minutes. Repeat if needed throughout the day. Good luck on holding the cat!

Small Cut on My Cat's Lower Eyelid Caused Severe Itching, Need Help

2 months ago
Posted by Rebekah (Victorville) on 09/03/2021

Itchy Eye (Cat) Allergic Reaction?

Two weeks ago, I noticed my cat had a tiny cut on her lower eyelid. The cut began to heal, but she wouldn't stop scratching it. I put her in a cone for two weeks. Yesterday, I removed the cone, left her alone for 30 min, and returned to find this (see picture). Her face has swollen pink and puffy. Even the other eye began to water.

Emergency vet says it's an allergic reaction. A two week allergic reaction? Curious on everyone's thoughts. Also, what could I have given her to ease the reaction? I want to learn from this situation.

 Re: Anal Sac Tumor in Dog - Seeking Urgent Remedies

2 months ago
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/03/2021

You heard of the rats given panacur c (dog wormer) for their parasites and it cured their cancer?

Look up Joe Tippens. Also topically I'd combine lugols with the dmso. I have submitted fenbendazole through the skin with dmso. For my husband. Fenbendazole is the active drug in panacur c. Tested safe for humans decades ago.

 Re: Anal Sac Tumor in Dog - Seeking Urgent Remedies

2 months ago
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 09/02/2021

Hi Deirdre! There are a couple of things that seem to work well on canine tumors. One is sea salt, in which case you use two water dishes, one with a little salt and one without. If they need it, they'll drink it.

The other is colloidal silver in their water - for ingestion. Many pets seem to need it, which manifests as both them drinking it when offered both colloidal silver water and regular water as well as NOT drinking their regular water and becoming dehydrated when it's not available.

Personally, I don't "force" remedies on a pet. If it's just made available, they'll take it if they need it and in the AMOUNTS they need and giving them no option - as in spiking their food with it in a sort of "if you're hungry, you have to take this medicine or starve sort of situation? Is never a good idea.

In the wild, dogs would find what they need and eat however much they needed, however often the body needed it for the length of time it takes to get the job done. Plus, of course, they'd be eating raw meat, with bone, so diarrhea wouldn't be a problem when clearing out pathogens and/or otherwise detoxing.

I don't know how big your dog is but I'd feed raw chicken thigh, with the skin but only a little of the bone until it was cleared up a bit, if it's painful.

Not sure about the DMSO. I don't think I'd use it for a tumor but...I don't know. I'd use the colloidal silver alone, which is small enough to pass through the skin on its own. No herbs or other things other than the raw chicken with a salted water bowl as an option. So, that would be three water bowls. One plain, one slightly salted and one with a tablespoon of colloidal silver - or a couple tablespoons, depending on how big your dog is and let him/her do their own blending, when it comes to the amounts.

 Re: Anal Sac Tumor in Dog - Seeking Urgent Remedies

2 months ago
Posted by Art (California) on 09/02/2021

I'm very sorry to hear about both dogs, Deirdre! If the tumor is visibly protruding, can you apply the silver/Graviola tea directly to it with a q-tip? If you want to try and drive it into the tumor add DMSO to make the mixture 50% DMSO/ 50% ionic silver & graviola tea.


 Anal Sac Tumor in Dog - Seeking Urgent Remedies

2 months ago
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 09/02/2021

Activated Charcoal for Pets (

and there is a pet section with lots of links for different kinds of pets.

Castor Oil For Dogs – Benefits for Tumors, Constipation, and overall Pet Health! When it comes to our pets, castor oil is effective for soothing and treating skin problems, for repelling fleas in ticks in combination with essential oils, and for treating tumorous growths or cysts.

Castor Oil For Dogs - Benefits for Tumors, Constipation, and overal…

 Re: FIV and Gingivitis in Cat

2 months ago
Posted by Marshall A. Coulter (Oklahoma) on 09/03/2021

I have recently had an tiny older female cat that has displayed gingivitis/stomatitis symptoms most of her life make a dramatic turn. I haven't discussed this with my vet or local university pathologist yet, but at the point where I was deciding if her QOL was at the point of euthanasia, I made her a slurry of Fancy Feast flaked fish and shrimp (affectionately called stinky fish in our rescue) with water. Instead of turning up her nose, she ate the whole bowl! The water has helped hydrate as she had avoided drinking, too.

I have prepared this slurry for her every night for over a month now. She has stopped drooling, become playful and even allows me to scratch her under the chin, which before caused her shrieking pain. Her fur would fall out in tufts to bare skin, now is filled out and glossy. What caused the change? ... no earthly idea.

Can the amount of oils and omegas in this new diet make that kind of difference? She is on no other medication. Reading the ingredients in the food, the source of the fish is from Thailand. Still no ideas, but would love to hear that someone else would find that the diet described could turn the tide for their kitty in 30 days. I even offered kibble a few days ago and she is eating a tablespoon or so per day with her "fishy soup", as we call it. She could not stand the pain of chewing hard food a month back.

If anyone could get a similar reaction to this diet, I would make every attempt to get audience with the gentleman I consider to be the best DVM pathologist in Oklahoma, U.S.A., to see if he can support a research.

Up until now, I have had several G/S cats and never found anything but steroids to give them temporary relief. L-lysine offers some degree of relief, but hardly found it worth the effort. All eventually succumbed to the inflammation and pain.

Anal Sac Tumor in Dog - Seeking Urgent Remedies

2 months ago
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 09/02/2021

Hello, hoping the EC community has some out-of-the-box remedies for me to try on my 15-year-old dog.

He was diagnosed last month with an anal sac tumor (carcinoma of the apocrine glands). I would never have known if I hadn't given him a few drops of an herbal remedy for arthritis called Solomon's Seal. It caused a healing crisis with diarrhea and then an anal abscess where I had to rush him to the emergency vet, who then discovered this tumor. It's the size of a thumb and has started to protrude to the left of and just below the anus.

Because of his advanced age and the type and size of the tumor, surgery and/or radiation are out of the picture. Which leaves me with just remedies to try.

I am on the 4th week of 500 mg/2x per day of Graviola supplement, which can reduce tumors. I also am trying a graviola compress made from steeped tea to which I have added colloidal silver. Thank you to Art for the suggestion! I am very sorry to report that it hasn't shrunk the tumor.

I need something to work fast while I give the graviola more time. Any suggestions for something that can penetrate into the tumor? Since the bulge is below his anal opening, I can put something topically on that area. Someone mentioned injecting baking soda solution into a visible tumor last week but did not leave any specifics. I would have to get a vet or vet tech involved for that procedure.

Any topical suggestions that use DMSO to drive it in? Appreciate any suggestions, thank you so much.

P.S Rob, the turpentine did not help my other dog's huge shoulder area bone tumor, unfortunately. Nor has the Graviola. She's on her last few days, unfortunately. Sad times here.

  Re: Lavender can be poisonous to dogs

2 months ago
Posted by JGNY (New York) on 08/31/2021

:( I hope your dog recovers! So sad!

LAVENDER can be poisonous to dogs

2 months ago
Posted by Maryland (Ca) on 08/30/2021
2 out of 5 stars

I sprayed twice something on my dog's paw that has lavender as one of the ingredients, and he licked it while I was clipping his nails. The following day he was having difficulty standing up. I didn't automatically think it was the spray but after he refused to eat beef liver, which he loves, I realized there was something wrong. He will drink water, lots of it, but barely eats. I gave him a capful of hydrogen peroxide 3% to make him throw up and he did within minutes but then one side below his neck became enlarged as if filled with air. It doesn't seem painful to him when I touch it, but he is still lethargic.

Be careful with lavender around your dog. Do not let them ingest it.

  Re: Bloodroot

2 months ago
Posted by Maryland (Ca) on 08/30/2021

Rose, how did you use it to remove melanoma? The website you mentioned doesn't exist anymore.

  Re: Castor Oil, Turmeric for Open Tumor and Wound on Cat - Update!

2 months ago
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 08/28/2021

Hey Kitty Junkie! It's so good to hear good news!! It's one of the things I love about this place!!

Since she's already wearing a onesie, you could put a waterproof patch in it and soak some cotton in colloidal silver and lay it across it. And you can leave that on for several days, as the silver will kill any "yuckiness" before it can even get started.

Colloidal silver is amazing. If you put it on a bandaid and cover just part of a bad cat scratch, where the puncture is, that part will heal practically overnight and leave you with two smaller scratches on either side of the bandage which - if you're an experimenter - is way more cool than it sounds. You could also put some in her water - which I think people might want to do for all of their pets, anyway - personally. Not only will it attack infection from inside, but the water stays fresh and kills any mosquito eggs that might get laid in it.

It's the silver they would normally get from live, natural, running water sources and that most people and pets probably aren't getting at all. It doesn't take much to stop fungal, viral or bacterial growth and will slowly resolve them and any damage they may have done. Plus, if you just use small amounts, you probably won't even notice the herx effects. There might be a sniffle, a little rash or some loose stools from something the body's keeping locked up to prevent it from doing serious damage, but nothing really uncomfortable.

It can be used as a remedy but it's actually a vital nutrient. In fact, it's been discovered that with at least 30 previous days of supplementation, it greatly increases its effectiveness when one uses it against a viral load that exceeds the capacity of the smaller amounts one is taking. And that's just the more virulent pathogens that can survive it well enough to breed and become an issue - which most can't. As one researcher remarked, there was nothing in the 650+ pathogens they threw at it that could survive it.

In nature, without all of the jackboot damage, nearly all ground water sources would provide minute amounts of it for all man-friendly life on earth.

  Castor Oil, Turmeric for Open Tumor and Wound on Cat - Update!

2 months ago
Posted by KittyJunkie (New Mexico) on 08/25/2021

Castor Oil & Turmeric ---Update!

So, on the advice of someone, I switched to applying just straight castor oil to the belly tumor. I tried to give the turmeric in the food, but she wasn't having any of that! Apparently, she can tell if there is even the slightest amount in her food...refusal!! The tumor is disintegrating (rotting?) into small, thin, gray pieces of flesh that come off when I clean it. There is still a smell, but considering what is happening, I'm not surprised.

I've started giving her shark cartilage and 2-3 ml of aloe vera juice (inner filet) in her food as well. My poor kitty is also experiencing muscle wasting in her back legs, but I don't know how to stop or reverse that if possible. She can still walk and has strength but is just very skinny. I'm hoping that once the castor oil has done its job, that there will be some healthy flesh appearing soon on her belly.

Any advice as to what to do once the ragged edges of the tumor are healing? Do I keep it covered? I want to deter her from chewing at that area, that's why I have to keep her in a onesie, she will tear at the wound.

  Re: Dog Skin Allergies

2 months ago
Posted by MissM (New York) on 08/25/2021

You can give dogs Benadryl. My dog takes it to prevent allergies. Rashes you can try distilled water and apple cider vinegar spray. If the rash is fungal the spray will clear it up.

Check what you feed your dog. A change in diet can clear allergies.

Try this


  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 4-5 frozen whiting filets or tilapia
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil or salmon oil
  • 1 cup green beans, carrot and peas

cook Hi pressure 15 minutes, natural release.

Stir to combine, and freeze portions in baggies.

You can feed plain or with kibble.

Essiac Tea Tip for Tumors in Pets

2 months ago
Posted by Jerry C (Sand Springs, Oklahoma) on 08/24/2021
5 out of 5 stars

To receive all the benefits of Essiac tea, it must be left to steep 12 hours in a covered pot.

  Turmeric for Dog Skin Allergies

2 months ago
Posted by S try an (Denver) on 08/24/2021

How much turmeric do you add to your dog's food to stop rash and runny eyes?

  Re: Plaque on Old Cats

2 months ago
Posted by Jayme (Oregon) on 08/23/2021

I have dogs and cats, both. It's only my elder dog who's had issues with that concrete-type plaque you're describing. I got a puffer and some food grade diatomaceous earth - have been puffing it onto her teeth for about 3 weeks now (3x daily - her teeth were REALLY bad) and we're winning! That nasty stuff is just coming right off without having to put my Grrrl through a traumatic vet event. It works, for real, really!