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Borax and Peroxide User Reviews

Wed, 12 Jul 17 09:39:25 -0700
Posted by Gaby R.r. (Vancouver) on 07/12/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I've been using this borax and peroxide treatment in my 2 year old dog for 6 weeks. Bathing her 2 times a week..I must say it is working well, she has improved a.great deal. My dog has demodectic mange and after been misdiagnosed her conditioned got worse. I found this cure and she is getting better, but I have a few questions about it.

The first time I bathe her with the solution she got all red and her skin turned like paper, the next day the redness dissapear and got better with the second bath 2 days later, after the 5th bath she got worse again (I understand that was the dye off effect, when the mites die and release toxins that cause a huge allergic reaction) but got better by the next 3 days. Well now I have bathe her 14 times, and she was bettr after each bath, hair began to grow again in the bald patches she had, she was scratching less and the redness dissapear. I read that once hair begins to grow the baths can be reduced to once a week for 4 to 6.weeks in order to kill remaining larvae. So I did that.

But last sunday was her 2nd weekly bath and again she turned red and itchy, not all her body like the first times, but her belly, chest, rear legs and knees. Those parts were the most damaged by the scratching and were completely bald, and turned black and thick when she was at her worst. In these weeks hair began to grow, the skin softened and the black spots were fading, but in the last 2 days after the last weekley bath she began scratching again, it turned red and she pulled out some of the new hair because of the itching, also some of the hair in her chest. Is it possible that is another "dye off" after he 14th bath? has someone experienced the same at an advance stage of the treatment? Please if someone can help me.

Aditionally to the baths I have improved her diet, switch to barf, I give her kefir, vitamin c, spirulina, omega 3 supplement to improve.her immmune system. Hope someone can help me.understand what is happening.

Thank you

 Re: Infection in My Cat's 'Dead' Eye

Wed, 12 Jul 17 09:00:15 -0700
Posted by Vc Stewart (Arizona) on 07/11/2017

I use collodial silver in my cat's dead eye..and have for 10 years. Also, if he begins the sniffles, I put a drop of organic oil of oregano on my finger then sneakily slip onto the inside tip of the ear on yhe same side of the damaged eye. He us a mind reader, so I have to be stealth. He was a kitten when I got him with that eye. I don't relish the thought if trying to treat a feral cat. I went from 30 PPM to 250 PPM. Also, ADD a droperful to the drinking water. Use distilled water. If the bowl us small, add a few drops, instead, ti save on cost and to see how dirty the water gets when he/she drinks. Of course, water needs to be changed often, bt CS is a natural antimicrobial.

It took me 10 years to be able to pet the other cat's head. Apparently he had been abused.

All the best to you and your kitty cat!

  Re: Anal Gland Issues

Wed, 12 Jul 17 08:50:10 -0700
Posted by Joan (Mi) on 07/11/2017

For anal gland infections(which happened at the vet clinic) gave my dog Sulphur 10M every 3rd day (IF YOU START ON MONDAY GIVE THE NEXT DOSE ON THURSDAY)for 3 doses(one dose a day 4 PELLETS). Never went to the vet to express his glands again.

  Re: Did Borax and Peroxide for Mange But Dog Still Itchy, Help!

Tue, 11 Jul 17 16:37:58 -0700
Posted by Richele (Merced Ca ) on 07/11/2017

I've done the treatment but she's still itching so bad what can I do for her itching

  Re: Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Treatment for Lymphoma in Dog

Tue, 11 Jul 17 16:37:13 -0700
Posted by Jared (Jal Nm) on 07/11/2017

How much would u give a 45 pound dog per day?

  Re: Essiac Tea for Cancer

Tue, 11 Jul 17 16:36:25 -0700
Posted by Rockel (Us) on 07/11/2017

What was the formula, is it a brand name, can you elaborate? My ill babe needs to know asap <3

  Re: Colloidal Silver for Cyst on Dog

Tue, 11 Jul 17 09:12:22 -0700
Posted by Mario (El Paso, Tx) on 07/11/2017

How much colloidal silver do I give to my dog by syringe and dropper? How many times a week do I give it to her?

  Re: Essential Oils for Fleas

Mon, 10 Jul 17 20:16:02 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 07/10/2017

Essential oils are too strong for kittens and most cats.

Try a few drops of 1/2 apple cider vinegar 1/2 water on the scruff of the neck twice a day for a week or so.

A bath with a few drops of Dawn or Joy soap if the kitten is infested may help also.

  Re: Hoof and Coat Health for Horses

Mon, 10 Jul 17 20:08:49 -0700
Posted by Jane (Alexandria, La) on 07/10/2017

Hi Candida, since you are generally going to feed 1 oz top dress a day, some will eat all of it, and some won't. Just monitor their intake and adjust accordingly. If they are letting it sift to the bottom of the bucket, back off to 3/4 or a 1/2 oz.

Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Frankincense Oil for Lipoma Oozes Daily

Mon, 10 Jul 17 09:37:05 -0700
Posted by Darlene (A) on 07/09/2017
4 out of 5 stars

My Samoyed has had a Lipoma that started out the size of a golf ball. It was round on all sides, including where it is attached under his skin. After researching online I started following a castor oil+frankincense oil+tea tree oil regime. It did break out of the 'skin' sheath leaving exposed raw lipoma. I did it once a day, and got the lipoma down to a large mushroom cap size with a 'stem.' It is now hanging by a flap of skin but still attached, smells ghastly, but oozes the 'matter' daily.

I have been bandaging it because it is messy. Are those of you who are achieving success bandaging or leaving it open? How much castor oil are you applying? Are you drenching the area or just a few drops? Are you doing 1X a day, 2X a day; 3?


Getting discouraged as this has gone on for a few months now...

  Re: CHF in Dog

Mon, 10 Jul 17 09:28:27 -0700
Posted by Maureen (Illinois) on 07/10/2017

D-Ribose is a natural sugar, sold in all health food stores. It has been shown in several human studies to increase cardiac contractility and prolong survival from heart failure in people. It is very inexpensive, and no side effects have been reported.

Seeking Natural Remedies for Dog Flu

Mon, 10 Jul 17 09:23:23 -0700
Posted by Kasra (Tehran) on 07/10/2017

I was wondering if anyone can advice me, how to naturally deal with flu in dogs. My dog is suffering from a runny nose, sneezing, lack of energy and fever ( when she licks my hands I feel her tongue is so hot and when I put my finger in her ears I feel an abnormal high temperature never been there before ) .

She has her appetite, plays sometimes but gets tired so fast, she's resting all the time and she's a bit indifferent to things she was interested .

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  Re: Turmeric, Probiotics for Dog's Itchy Skin

Mon, 10 Jul 17 09:21:40 -0700
Posted by Kasra (Tehran) on 07/09/2017


just wanted to report back that those 3 sores on his soft palette, completely healed as well ( it took more time though, but they finally resolved ).

  Raw Food Diet and Supplements for Chronic Renal Failure

Mon, 10 Jul 17 09:18:30 -0700
Posted by Ann (Broomfield, Co) on 07/09/2017

What to do if cat has anemia and kidney disease.
Constipation is huge.

I make my own egg shell powder for binder but switching to NOW Calcium Carbonate, vet advice.

She is in last stage kidney disease. Eats, drinks and urinates. Cannot walk much and strains to have a stool.
Mood is fine and wants to walk but gets tired.

I am feeding her bff duck and tuna pouch, tuna and turkey pouch and tuna and chicken pouch. I boiled chicken livers for a treat once a week. I give sub q daily. She has B complex mixed in food, d mannose to prevent any uti, and Slippery Elm Bark for constipation.

Too afraid to try raw...

Any thoughts?

  Re: Vaccination Connection and Mange

Mon, 10 Jul 17 09:06:25 -0700
Posted by Garret (Tennessee) on 07/09/2017

Thank you for sharing these articles. I have been following the vaccination links to a wide variety of diseases including my own (chiari malformation) and you are absolutely right. Vaccines are nothing more than propaganda to steal are hard earned dollars. For anyone treating any animals tis best the all natural way, God's way.

  Re: Heartworm

Mon, 10 Jul 17 09:03:30 -0700
Posted by Anne (Phila, Pa) on 07/09/2017

Hi Jean, I see your post was a long time ago, but I'm curious to know how this heartworm treatment worked for your pup?

My boy Baxter just got diagnosed on a snap test. We're waiting for more results back from the lab by tomorrow. We just switched to a homeopathic/holistic vet. Last year, we used a conventional vet. We got a positive result on his snap test then, but when his blood was sent to the lab, it was negative. I'm very nervous & seeking out non-invasive natural remedies.

I truly hope all is well with you & your furbaby. Would love to hear some updates.

Sincerely, Anne

  Re: Nasal Tumor

Sun, 09 Jul 17 07:24:50 -0700
Posted by Michael (Barcelona, Spain) on 07/09/2017

Yes, my 15 year old Schnauzer also has a nasal cancer,,,,,, is there any hope? thanks

  Re: CHF in Dog

Sun, 09 Jul 17 07:21:24 -0700
Posted by Brooks (Los Angeles) on 07/08/2017

Katie, I was hoping to hear any updates on your dog's condition.

My little guy has been dealing with DCM after CHF and has begun to loss lots of muscle mass. No one seems to understand the problem but its probaby from the meds.

We are on a variety of supplements as well as a similar diet to ones you have mentioned before.

Just curious if you had learned anything new about more holistic remedies.


  Re: Cat Food and Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

Sun, 09 Jul 17 07:16:25 -0700
Posted by Samantha (Stockton, Ca) on 07/08/2017

Our cat Rupert was just diagnosed with FIP. (wet form)What dosage of iron & D3 and in what form & frequency should we administer? Also Interferon dosage & frequency. Thanks so much, Samantha

  Re: Feline Respiratory Disease in Cats

Sun, 09 Jul 17 07:12:45 -0700
Posted by Robyn (Virginia) on 07/08/2017

I'm a foster, and one kitten is occasionally sneezing, and another has a weepy eye. Both are hardly tame, and there is no way I can get these antibiotics down them. I'm at my wit's end. I do have some ACV.