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  Re: Trader Joe's Cat Food Causing Issues

2 months ago
Posted by Mia (USA) on 03/25/2024

I only feed my cat a tiny bit of dry food as a treat. Mostly, she gets canned wet food, with an ounce of water added at each feeding because she doesn't drink water from a bowl. Cats evolved out of Egypt (the desert), they are accustomed to getting their water in their food (since prey is 70% or more water). If cats don't take in enough water, they will develop renal (kidney) failure. Dry food is only 10% moisture. A steady diet of dry food will harm cats' kidneys, and can lead to chronic renal failure.

 Cat Ascites: Diagnosis and Remedy Help Needed

2 months ago
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/24/2024

If I don't know what or why, I just use activated charcoal. No need to worry about what the problem is.

One thing you can do is make a no-seeum mesh bag and put a piece of "cut-to-size" charcoal furnace filter or carbon weld cloth in it for them to lay on. If it begins to stink, discard and make a fresh one.

As long as the charcoal has trapping power, it won't stink. When it's trapped all it can hold, you'll be able to smell it. It will still draw, but it won't be able to trap what it draws. And you don't want that nasty stuff floating around so, when it stinks, lay it out in the sun to oxidize for a day before you put it in the garbage.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Small Poodle With Bladder Issues

2 months ago
Posted by jamie (australia) on 03/24/2024

Thank you for your post, I think it only took two days for my border collie female to have a complete lift as well, it's almost like this underlying problem has always been there and now that it's finally being addressed almost overnight she's much shinier and obviously much more interactive and engaged...looking good, fingers crossed!

 Cat Ascites: Diagnosis and Remedy Help Needed

2 months ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 03/23/2024

Try this for your kitty ascites:

Materials needed:

– ½ teaspoon activated charcoal powder. Charcoal has the capability of adsorbing thousands of substances to its surface, giving it the reputable title of “universal antidote.” One of activated charcoal's benefits is that it has the ability to block the absorption of harmful and hazardous compounds into the body while simultaneously absorbing and ridding the body of dangerous elements that were already present.

(if you can't find it in powder form, the fish aquarium activated charcoal sold in the fish/pet supply dept at walmart will work, just grind it in a mortor and pestal til fine powder)

– 8 oz clean water

– Baby medicine syringe


Add ½ teaspoon activated charcoal to water and stir.

Load the medicine syringe with the resulting “slurry water” and force it down the kitty's throat. Do this until the kitty can't do anymore. The kitty should take at least 5 – 10ml. Repeat every 2-3 hours.

If the charcoal has no effect, switch to colloidal silver 10ppm.

Good luck...

Cat Ascites: Diagnosis and Remedy Help Needed

2 months ago
Posted by Rose (Australia) on 03/23/2024

Does anyone have any cures for cat ascites or something to help ease the discomfort? My kitty has it bad and the vet is stumped what could be causing it ( it's not FIP or FIV and they can't find any cancer or heart issues, they did multiple scans, x rays and ultrasounds which just seems to have made her worse) and he can't drain any fluids for a few days until he's back in the clinic. She has trouble walking and doesn't want to eat. Any ideas what it could be or what to do for her discomfort? Any emergency treatments to help a cat that unwell?

  Re: Aloe Vera Juice for CRF in Pets

2 months ago
Posted by Kelsey (VA) on 03/21/2024

Did it help your cat?

Turmeric for Cyst on Dog

2 months ago
Posted by Myra (California Missouri) on 03/20/2024

My 14 yr old Sheperd mix

had a cyst on right shoulder for yrs the size of a softball and this past Friday he as coming in from outside and something happened he yelped real loud and then he could barely walk. Next day he was still rating and drinking and going to potty as best as he could so I got on here and started looking and reading.I had used termuris for boils before and it worked so I thought why not, starting putting in his food(1 tsp) 2xday then 3rd day started 1/2 tsp, on 3rs day saw improvment well the 4th day that thing exploded blood and goob everywhere.He can walk alot better so now its healing time Thanks Earthclinic

  Turmeric for Fluid-Filled Cyst on Dog

2 months ago
Posted by Myra (California) on 03/20/2024

Oh my, my 14-year-old Shepdrd mix has had a softball-size cyst on his right shoulder for years. Something happened last Friday night. He hurt and could barely walk, so I came to see what I could do. I started putting turmeric in his food twice daily (1 tsp) each, then backed off to 1/2 tsp. It's been four days, and today, it exploded. Wow, but I think we are onto healing. He can already walk better.

  Re: E. Coli and Alkalizing Dogs

3 months ago
Posted by Tara (Texas) on 03/11/2024

A breeder and dog show handler recommended starting with one tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar and working up to 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar in our dogs water bowl. My holistic doctor also recommended using it for myself.

  Brand of Aloe Vera Juice Safe for Cats?

3 months ago
Posted by Eve (Toronto, Canada) on 03/09/2024

The vet said that my cat has the potential to have CRF. I want to buy aloe juice for him but the organic one from Lily of Desert has organic lemon juice concentrate and I know that citrus is toxin to cats. The one from George's isn't organic and it just shows from aloe vera leave on the bottle without mention which part of the leave. The juice from Lakewood has organic lemon juice concentrate too.

I don't know what to do now, any suggestion please? Thanks!

  Re: Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Treatment

3 months ago
Posted by Adrienne (ID) on 03/07/2024

Which would be better, Apple Cider Vinegar and molasses or Apple Cider Vinegar and maple sugar? Seems sugar, even maple sugar, would not be good for a dog with cancer.

Activated Charcoal in Food for Dog With Allergies

3 months ago
Posted by Kay (Redstone, Colorado) on 03/06/2024

Activated charcoal given with food

I am presently giving my Aussie activated charcoal with her food to absorb histamines so I don't have to give her drugs from the vet. This is working and helping to eliminate her itching. I prefer to give the charcoal in her food rather than her water bowl because she gets it in her rather than some separated charcoal in the bottom of her water bowl. However, does giving a dog the charcoal regularly (every day both meals) absorb the nutrients in the food or is this sustainable? Thank you.

  Re: Un-Petroleum Jelly For Hairballs

3 months ago
Posted by Carianne (Alberta Canada) on 03/04/2024

I am lost when you say un-petroleum jelly. What is this made of? The health food stores here have not heard of this product.

  Castor Oil for Cataracts in Dogs

3 months ago
Posted by Mock (Monroe Union County) on 03/03/2024

I am a huge fan of Castor Oil. We have 2 senior dogs 11 and 13 years young both dogs now have cataracts we are wondering if using eye dropper and administering a few drops of castor oil in each eye will help remove cataracts improving eye health, vision etc…

Love this website! Thank you in advance for your prompt atttention to my question.

Manuka Honey + DE for Pet Infections

3 months ago
Posted by Katzie (Cancun, Mexico) on 03/02/2024

My poor puppy looked like she was growing gills on one side of her face. It was a skin infection and was large. It looked as if it was about to eat her face. The area was very sore as she got very defensive of it. To bring it to the surface of the skin I put some Diamotaceous Earth on it, which was very successful. Once I could see where exactly it was, I was able to use my trusted Manuka Honey on it. Within 12 hrs (overnight) the infection was gone and she was healing! She looked so much happier and had no problem with mama putting more honey on the area. Manuka, ya came thru again!! Manuka & D.E. cured her infection and for a total cost of a couple of bucks! I love Earth Clinic! Other people would've had to pay alot for a vet, then the medication, and then wait for days to see the medication doing anything. I think my way was both less expensive and more effective, as well as very quick ta boot!!

  Re: Calcitriol, Dietary Changes for Renal Failure in Cat

3 months ago
Posted by blueskies (UK) on 02/29/2024

Hi Marie. I don't know if you are still on earthclinic but I wanted to ask if I can give my cat vitamin d3 instead of calcitriol? I am in the UK and I can't find calcitriol anywhere.

  Re: Nori for Upper Respiratory Condition in Cat

3 months ago
Posted by Wolf (Oregon) on 02/27/2024

How much lysine did you give your cat, and for how long?

  Re: Essiac Tea for Dog's Tumor Did Not Help

3 months ago
Posted by Carol (Florida) on 02/17/2024

My dear cat, an eight year old male, who was my baby, was diagnosed in November of oral squamous cell carcinoma. I had known many people who had faced this with their cats and even with the help of many dollars and chemo, etc. the cats all had a horrible death. I was devastated. My cat was never exposed to any toxins, wasn't given vaccines because he was strictly indoors with me, and I had only ever fed him a nutritionally complete raw food diet which he never turned his nose up at. He was the picture of health. I tried using MMS and DMSO every hour 8-10 times a day for three months. It did nothing. I think I was most bitter because so many "testimonials" indicated it usually works. I will say, that for those three months, he seemed like he had a great quality of life except for the fact that the last two months, the tumor around his tongue and down his throat was so large that he could not keep his tongue in his mouth and it was a struggle for him to eat. There was also blood tinged mucous everywhere. But he never had bad breath or many of the horrible symptoms I had been told of. Right up until 12 hours before we euthanized him, he seemed he was pushing himself to be the best he could be and enjoying life as much as he ever did. He suddenly could not breathe and there was so much mucous coming from his mouth. He also didn't want to be near us. From what I have read, living with this condition for three months is a long time. So, maybe the protocol helped him live longer, but it didn't slow the growth of that horrible tumor. I mixed up the MMS and the DMSO separately and applied it to his food each day 8-10 times (small meals) every day. I wish there was a clue as to why this very aggressive cancer is taking the lives of so many cats and dogs!

Lymphoma Remedies Needed for Black Lab (New Pets Page Created)

3 months ago
Posted by Wattsy (England) on 02/13/2024

Hi everyone, our girl Poppy, a black lab, has lymphoma and is currently being treated with a combination of Chinese herbs (four marvels so and Turkey tail mushroom) and predisolone (steroids).She is ok but her back legs are not so strong any more and very wobbly, we are very concerned with her being on steroids for a long period of time and how much the long term side effects are contributing to her condition.If anybody would like to chip in with any information or suggestions, it would be great. We feel we are in an awkward situation, ie, if we bring her off the steroids, the lymphoma could get worse, or if she stays on steroids, how much will that affect her? Any information is much appreciated.Thanks