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  Re: Renal Failure in Cat

1 month ago
Posted by Dona Jenniefer (Australia Perth) on 04/15/2022

Can I give my 13 + year old cat who suffers kidney stones/calcium apple cider vinegar?

 Re: Urgent Help Needed for Cat Who Will Not Eat or Drink

1 month ago
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 04/16/2022

Hi Stephanie,

I am so sorry to hear about your cat. It does sound like you need some emergency care ASAP. There are mobile vets. Perhaps you can find one in your area, explain your situation and have someone come to the house, put your cat in a carrier and they could treat the cat in their car?

Similarly, can you get to a vet and have a technician come and get the cat from the car and then bring him back to you? They were doing that during Covid at all the vets in my area. Just some thoughts. Your cat must be severely dehydrated at this point and that is the first issue that must be addressed as time is of the essence.

Sending prayers and lots of love to your cat and you. So sorry for this stressful situation.

 Re: Urgent Help Needed for Cat Who Will Not Eat or Drink

1 month ago
Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 04/16/2022

My cat now is now constipated for 5 days. Possibly from his kidneys failing this week. He stopped eating and drinking, and that is probably the cause of the constipation: dehydration. I have been syringing a little chicken broth, water, and colloidal silver in his mouth, each at different times, for a few days, and now his stomach is bloated. Any ideas what I can do to help his constipation? I am going to try to syringe 3ml pumpkin puree in his mouth.

 Re: Urgent Help Needed for Cat Who Will Not Eat or Drink

1 month ago
Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 04/15/2022

Thank you Karl, are the 5 leaf pet pharmacy protocols for cats? I found 5 leaf for dogs. If I wasn't immune compromised with so many health problems, I would rush to the vet, but I am scared not just for his life, but for my life also. If my cat gets virus germs on his body, or inhales any, does anyone know how long until he would not have germs/virus on his fur and in his lungs? I don't want him to pass any to me. He is my only companion because I can't go near people anymore since I won't survive covid. If I don't have the vet treat him, he might not make it, and if I do have the vet treat him, I won't make it if I get any covid germs. I can't quarantine him after the vet, because I have to take care of him. I am the .1% of people that can't fight the virus with multiple comorbidities. I really need to find a cure for him at home so that it will save both of our lives. I am so upset, and don't know what to do if I can't heal him at home. He still won't eat or drink, or go to the bathroom.

 Re: Urgent Help Needed for Cat Who Will Not Eat or Drink

1 month ago
Posted by karl buchanan (tularosa, nm) on 04/14/2022

5 leaf pet pharmacy sells a great kidney recovery protocol. As far as eating and drinking, animals will stop for a couple days when feeling bad and I hope yours has picked up again. The extracts are in alcohol, so I put the drops on bread crumbs and they dry out, then powder and add to food. Mine won't drink them, but don't notice a 1/2 tsp of bread powder in their food. Best wishes to you both.

Urgent Help Needed for Cat Who Will Not Eat or Drink

1 month ago
Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 04/14/2022

Hi earth clinic, my 12 yr old male cat won't eat or drink. I am very ill and immune compromised, so I can't have a vet come, because I can't share germs, I wouldn't be able to survive covid. But my cat will also die if he doesn't eat or drink. Possibly kidney failure, I think there are metals in my well water, which he has been drinking for 12 years. If its not kidney failure, then I am not sure what it is. If it was his mouth, I think he would show signs of his mouth hurting. He does have bad ears, fungal infection, dark waxy debris for years, and after the vet cleaned his ears in 2019, he has been deaf ever since. I just started yesterday using an ear cleaner called Triz ultra. And just started him today on earth clinic colloidal silver: 3ml 2x today. What else can I do at home? I am very ill, and have a swollen liver and stomach, and am dizzy, so it is hard for me to do much for him, but he is the only company I have, and he is my best friend.

Pet Rat Upper Gum Scab - Remedies Needed

1 month ago
Posted by Bunny B (a) on 04/12/2022

Pet rat question! She is roughly 6 months old. Seemed to quit growing literally and then 24 hrs ago I noticed a scab on her upper gum line. I noticed a scab or abscess right on her upper gum/teeth. She was eating okay but this morning she is really lethargic. Can I use Neosporin or peroxide?

She let me dab it with a warm rag but I wanted to reach out before I do anything else. It doesn't look pus filled and she doesn't seem to be slowing down on eating. 

 Re: Dry Skin in Dog - Questions for MtM

1 month ago
Posted by Sue (Worcestershire UK) on 04/12/2022

Hi Mama to Many, have had Skye on freeze dried food for about a month now. Coat generally much better but patches show no improvement. Also tried the Comfrey no improvement yet. Not tried the turmeric so far. Only alternative is to go to vets again I would switch but they would be starting from scratch (if you pardon the pun). Running out of options to get her some relief. X

CoQ10, Hawthorn Berry for Dog's Heart Murmur

1 month ago
Posted by Deanna F. (Fairmont, MN) on 04/11/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Our 14 yr old dog is benefitting from Coq10 (12mg) and Hawthorne Berry (6 drops) once per day to support a significant heart murmur. We'd like to increase to twice per day and eliminate the Enalapril and Lasix (once per day). Can we safely do I.e. Coq10 and/or Hawthorne B safe in these doses twice per day?

  Chaga Mushroom Dosage for Cats

1 month ago
Posted by Ria (Nevada) on 04/09/2022

Can somebody please enlighten me on the amount of Chaga mushroom extract to give to my cat? It's encouraging that it worked for animals, but the dosage is critical. Thank you.

 Re: Mysterious Cat Illness

2 months ago
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 04/04/2022

Hi JT,

Sorry to hear about your cat. Well, I don't know if this will help, but I'll put it out there.

I have a dog who is now 16+ with an anal gland tumor. For years, he would also get diarrhea like clockwork every few weeks. I could never figure it out and thought it might be related to his thyroid meds, which started to bring on the diarrhea cycle much faster as he got older. Then he was diagnosed last August with an anal gland tumor and the vet warned me that things would start to get backed up when the inoperable tumor grew and when it did, I should expect diarrhea or force it out with remedies because you don't want an animal to get backed up like that.

It's very possible that my dog had some sort of blockage for years and I never knew. At any rate, now I try to preempt the diarrhea by holding a hot water cotton compress (torn from a cotton roll) on his bum outside in the yard to help move things through. I do this 2-3 times a day. The vet told me to do a warm water compress for an impacted anal gland and it works fabulously well on getting a bowel movement in a dog.

The other trick I learned is that an ice cube on the bum for about 10-20 seconds will also cause the bowels to be evacuated asap. In my dog's case, a warm water compress doesn't always work, so this has become my recent step 2.

So I'm just wondering if your cat is getting partially backed up. It might take 3 weeks, just like it did with my dog.

Anyway, a stab in the dark. Hope you get some helpful answers!

Need Help for Mysterious Kitty Illness - Gets Sick Every 3 Weeks

2 months ago
Posted by Ena S. (OH) on 04/04/2022

I have a cat who has a mysterious condition: every 3 weeks, as if scheduled by a clock, he has vomiting and diarrhea. He has it for 1 to 3 days, then he's apparently perfectly healthy until the next episode three weeks later. This has been going on for 6 months, right after I moved from Houston to Westlake, Oh, right outside of Cleveland. I have spent over $1,000 at the vet on tests and exams, which have come back negative. At no time does he appear sick, or lethargic, nor does he have a personality change. I have changed his food, trying everything, including prescription food. To this date, I have not gotten any cause for this malady, nor any solution. Help.

  Re: Borax and Peroxide Treatment for Mange

2 months ago
Posted by Connie (Usa) on 03/30/2022


You do Not use a cup of the 20 mule team borax. 3 T (tablespoons) big difference!

My cat is a long hair orange&white big but sensitive cat. And I've used just 2 Tablespoons and had great results. A cup-8ounces; that's way too much fyi Read up for Ted's recipe. 4 c. Water/ 2 c. Hydrogen 3% peroxide/ 3 T. Borax (from laundry aisle).

You really should watch Deirdre's mange video on it ( because the water should be warm & borax dissolves only in very warm or hot water so you dissolve it first in that & let cool slightly while getting the rest of things together.

  Re: Boric Acid Vs Borax for Dogs

2 months ago
Posted by Cindy (Montana) on 03/25/2022

My grandmother raised kittens for 40 years and when they would get guppy eyes she would mix up the boric acid ( 1 tbls to a pint of warm water ), which she keep on hand in the cupboard, she'd wipe out their eyes numerous time in the day she used it for years with NO side effects to the kittens or us if we had something in our eyes that needed to be washed out

  Re: Do NOT get the Lyme Vaccine Shot for Your Dog

2 months ago
Posted by Terri (Fl) on 03/23/2022

I'm so sorry to hear this! Please give them activated charcoal to pull the toxins out of your dogs. This is heartbreaking...I'm so sorry for your dogs misery. Thank you for warning others!

Do NOT get the Lyme Vaccine Shot for Your Dog

2 months ago
Posted by Candice (Wisconsin) on 03/23/2022
0 out of 5 stars

I'd give the "Lymes vaccine" shot a zero. Negative if I could.

After both of my dogs had the second shot, that very week two bloody violent fights broke out between the two and it had never happened previously in 7 years. It was the vaccine of course tormenting their brains. They also started having violence issues and barking issues. They seemed to not be able to differentiate anymore between a threat and non threat. Now they just mindlessly get angry and elevate matters. They are vaccine damaged for sure in the brain. But also in their bodies: One dog has a cancer lesion now on her nose and other weird growths that were not there previously. I tell everyone not to get this for their dogs. I even stopped one lady from getting the second shot for her beloved pet. I talk to my students and many of their dogs have had this and many of them told me that their dogs have suffered seizures since this shot. I told them to go to their vet and demand that he reports it officially with paperwork that you get a copy of.

  Re: Dog With Pyometra

2 months ago
Posted by Sierra (South Dakota) on 03/19/2022

She isn't being bred, hasn't ever been.

Just want to know how long do dogs on the remedy discharge for?

Any estimate on days, weeks, etc.?

  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey for Dog With Pyometra

2 months ago
Posted by Jgny (Thousand Islands) on 03/19/2022

I would have her spayed, she surely isn't still being bred at her age, I hope.

  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey Saved Another Dog With Pyometra!

2 months ago
Posted by Sierra (South Dakota) on 03/18/2022

How long do dogs continue to discharge before getting better? It's been 5 days since we started giving my 8 year old golden retriever the recipe and she has discharged a lot of the infection over the past few days. She is doing much better- her appetite is better and so is her overall behaviour. *Touchwood* How long do dogs continue to discharge? How many days?

  Re: Essiac Tea for Cancer in Pets

2 months ago
Posted by Denise (California) on 03/17/2022

How wonderful that your dog is doing Incredibly better!

You may already know this, IF you want to add information to Wikipedia, you can. Individuals contribute to Wikipedia, that's how it works.