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  Re: Doberman Puppy Constantly Itchy, Please Help!

Sat, 10 Dec 16 17:12:06 -0800
Posted by Cydne (Florida) on 12/10/2016

I have a 9 month old female dobie. Which has itched the whole time I have to give her benandryl at night once the dose wears off she itching again. No sleep here. The vet said when she was younger she had yeast. Ok? To young to test what other allergy. I bath her with puppy shampoo for her problem. Then itching really starts bad. She eats the best dog food for her condition I add coconut oil. White bath room with black and tan dog hair rug!!!!!! Help Please

 Re: Best Way to Clean a Couch and Bedding Where Dog With Mange Sleeps?

Fri, 09 Dec 16 18:03:30 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 12/09/2016

Hey Jesse,

If your dog has demodectic mange -aka 'red mange' then you simply need to wash the bedding if it is soiled and you do not have to worry about getting mange yourself. If your dog has sarcoptic mange, then you can get this in the form of human scabies; the mites cannot reproduce on you, but they can make you miserable as they live out their life cycle. Mange mites typically do not survive off the host, but sarcoptic mites have been known to hitch a ride on people. The best advice I can give is to launder the bedding daily in hot water and use Borax laundry booster in the wash along with the soap. Launder daily until you get the sarcoptic mites under control. If you cannot take the cushion covers off to wash them, get some diatomaceous earth - either food grade or the kind for pests from the hardware store [not the pool kind, that is the wrong kind] and dust the couch with the DE - get every crack and crevice and apply heavily. Leave the dust down and cover the couch with a sheet or two and replace the sheets daily while you use the couch until you cure your dog of mange. Then you can vacuum up the dust from the couch and remove the sheet. Also consider dipping your dog in Ted's Mange Remedy and follow his protocol to rid your dog of mange.

  Re: Urgent Help Requested Regarding Essiac Tea for Cat With Lymphoma

Fri, 09 Dec 16 18:02:59 -0800
Posted by Sam (S.a Australia) on 12/09/2016

Thank you for reply.

I am desperate. The bad luck has hit this family for too long. A death of a family member every year from 08-2014. In 2014 I lost my soul kitty to intestinal adenocarcinoma. She was only 8yrs old. Then my cat at Mum's house the same year to lymphoma.

My pets are my kids too. I feel so awful and struggling with all this. My husband was involved in a serious truck accident early Nov. My mum (lives 9 hours away in different state has had op for cervical cancer) and we are trying to move house. My 5yr old daughter and I are distraught.

I am determined to kill this cancer and have him around for much longer.

He just seems so sad and getting skinner. Not eating much at all. Will lick up broth or gravy.

Thank you again.

  Re: Urgent Help Requested Regarding Essiac Tea for Cat With Lymphoma

Thu, 08 Dec 16 22:57:01 -0800
Posted by Sandra Wade (Usa) on 12/08/2016

My cat has a nasal tumor, too..only his is fibrosarcoma--they found it through a biopsy because the tumor now made a lump on his head. They biopsied the lump. My poor guy has the same symptoms as yours. Sneezing blood..nosebleeds..when the nosebleeds happen, I wet a compress and hold it on his nose (it's only on one side so far).

He does these reverse sneezes that sound like he's choking.

He also has watery eye on that side, and a third eyelid. It's so awful watching them struggle like this.

I ordered the Essiac for Pets capsules. I'm also trying turmeric in his food..I bought 700mg capsules. I break them up and give him 1/4th twice a day.

My vet(s) also gave me prescriptions for amoxicillin..this really helps cut down on the bleeding. It kills opportunistic infections. I now have onsiar--it's an anti-inflammatory and pain med. For his eye, I use Genteel drops you can get at CVS or Walgreens. And for his nose, try "Little Remedies"'s a saline wash for kids.

I also ordered fish oil supplements to try.

When I get the ESSIAC I'll let you know if it seems to be working. Pls keep us posted about your little guy.

Best Way to Clean a Couch and Bedding Where Dog With Mange Sleeps?

Thu, 08 Dec 16 16:41:08 -0800
Posted by Jesse (Darien Wi) on 12/08/2016

My dog has mange and sleeps in the bed and on my couch. How to I clean those?

  Re: Urgent Help Requested Regarding Essiac Tea for Cat With Lymphoma

Thu, 08 Dec 16 13:11:42 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 12/08/2016

Hello Sam,

I do not have experience with your problem, but I hear your plea for help. Things you can do:

Offer stinky food like canned tuna to entice him to take a bite of food. Keep him hydrated - this might mean fluids under the skin; being well hydrated may make him feel more comfortable. Continue the tea - consider dosing 4x day. Consider adding turmeric and vitamin C to his food if he will eat it - just use 1 capsule of each and mix well into the canned soft food. Consider the power of prayer and the laying on of hands to heal; hold him and comfort him and visualize Maloo sitting on a fine mesh net that passes through him and as it passes through it gathers up the bad cancer cells that cannot pass through the net. Imagine using the net to gather up the bad cancer cells in his body and head and pulling them out of his body and sending them in a tied up bag right into the sun. Consider holding him and comforting him and sending him all of the healing energy you have to help him fight. Consider dosing the Bach Flower Remedy 'Rescue Remedy' - dose for him with a little water as it has alcohol, and straight dose for you to help you both feel peace in this stressful time.

 Re: Urgent Parvo Remedy Help Requested for Golden Retriever Puppy

Thu, 08 Dec 16 13:11:16 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 12/08/2016

Hello Tina,

I am sorry to hear about your friend's sick puppy. If this were my 4 week old puppy I would admit him to the hospital immediately, because I would expect the hospital to be equipped with a heated incubator or heated cage of some sort, along with the proper IV fluids that in hospital would be administered on a routine basis 24/7. The virus causes the vomiting and diarrhea which results in dehydration which strains the organs which causes death from organ failure; if you can keep the puppy well hydrated you remove the stress on the organs which increases the chance of survival. 4 weeks is very young and too soon to be in a new home - was this the only puppy in the litter? If not then the entire litter is likely at risk and if they are not exhibiting the extreme symptoms as this particular puppy, the activated charcoal and pedialyte protocol should be started immediately. If you cannot afford the hospital stay consider asking the vet for the IV fluids and the needle and tubing to administer the fluids at home. Good luck and please report back.

  Re: Essiac Tea for Cancer in Pets

Thu, 08 Dec 16 11:04:38 -0800
Posted by Sam (Sa) on 12/08/2016

I really would like to know the same. Have you given it to your cat?

Urgent Parvo Remedy Help Requested for Golden Retriever Puppy

Thu, 08 Dec 16 10:59:38 -0800
Posted by Tina (Bangalore, India) on 12/07/2016

Hello Doctors!

I'm Tina. we live in India where the Parvo virus is increasingly threatening the love of our lives, our pets! My friend's 36 day old baby (golden retriever) has been diagnosed with this virus and we are going through a trauma as doctors around have asked us to given up hope. While we are hoping for a miracle of God's grace to help our puppy recover from this we are relentlessly also trying to get all the help we can to get him the treatment that he needs. It's been 3 days now. He's been having severe blood infused vomiting and diarrhea.

He has also not been responding very well to the IV fluids. He's currently at home with us and we take him to the vet twice to get the fluids. Should we consider admitting him in the hospital? Should he be given more fluids? What medicines can we use or give our baby to help his immunity kick back? We need help for our little baby. Please let us know your valuable opinion on how we should proceed. Looking forward desperately to hearing back from you. Regards, Tina

EC: Dear Tina,

Please read all the information (including posts from our readers) on Earth Clinic's Parvo page.

Activated Charcoal and Pedialyte are the top remedies.

Urgent Help Requested Regarding Essiac Tea for Cat With Lymphoma

Thu, 08 Dec 16 10:23:13 -0800
Posted by Sam (S.A. Australia) on 12/07/2016

I posted in here a couple of weeks back and have got no replies. I am desperate for some help and answers. Maloo my 8/9yr old cat was diagnosed with lymphoma. Not too sure which type. He was sneezing and had blood coming out his nose. Vet put it down to uri as he had one last year. He has also got fiv. Anyway after antibiotics which cleared the blood and sneezing for a week or two it came back. So back to vet and $1,600 later after nasal exploration and biopsy sent off I get a phone call to say it's lymphoma. I refused chemo. I have been reading all the great results of Essiac. So I started him on it. 5ml with 5ml water twice a day. He had a fair bit of blood come out first two days. Still sneezing and some mucus snot. Saturday just gone he came out with blood all over his nose. He started to eat after taking him off antibiotics which caused him to not want to eat. Put some weight back on. However last few days he has been so lifeless, lost weight again, fur looks dull and his third eyelids are coming out more and won't really eat.

Help!!!! Please what can I do? Continue the tea? Tomorrow will be his 3rd week on it. I want my baby boy to be around for many more years. Please

  Re: Cat Food and Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

Thu, 08 Dec 16 10:16:40 -0800
Posted by Lee (Tx) on 12/07/2016

Just some advice about kit kanoodle and friaries cat food. They are high in ash content and not healthy for your cat. They are not helpful in the prolong health and beneficial for any feline. The cheaper the cat food the higher the ash content that shortens the life and health of your pet. Try healthier food options like Orijen, Waysong, FROMM, Innova, Blue Buffalo, etc. they have wet and dry versions and are more beneficial in the life long health of your feline. Many cheap cat foods are processed from rendering plants. Meaning made from other dead animal parts. You'll find that in the cat food labels as Animal by-products. It's as for your cat. Please try and stay away from these cheap versions of cat foods that claim they are food for your cat. They are not and shorten their life and health. Enough studies have been done that price this. Leaving your feline susceptible to other health issues. Companies do not want the consumer to know and not enough people bother to do the research. Chewy's offers option in search to list allergies, uti, kidney, herbal, diet, weight loss/gain, iron, parasites etc and it will pull up the best foods that benefit these issues. They still sell the cheaper cat foods but the beneficial ones will list first. Product descriptions of what the ingredients are and what they help with. Look for ones that have probiotics, antibodies etc. I hope this helps. The cheaper the cat food the less healthy benefits they have for the cat. I rescue and have learned a lot of better beneficial foods for longer healthier life of your feline companions. Including apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, turmeric, food grade diatomaceous earth, bene-bac pro, wormwood, organic pumpkin, raw pumpkin seeds, worm clear, concentrated cranberry juice, fish moxi (yes, it's an antibiotic but you have to regulate dosage in water by size if feline and same as what you'd get from vet), some added to wet or dry food or water. All work for varies issues or maintaining better health, digestion, urinary, eyes, parasites. So, please stay a way from friskies, kit kaboodle, or other cheap cat foods. Just trying to provide better health options for your loved furbabies.

  Vaccination Side Effects in Cat

Wed, 07 Dec 16 17:24:15 -0800
Posted by Becky (Lincoln, Il) on 12/07/2016
0 out of 5 stars

I took my 8 year old cat in last Friday to get his yearly shots, since then, he has been vomiting his food up, everything and everytime. I Know the vet will never agree that there is a reaction to the shots, but if an animal doesn't do this regularly and then they do it after a shot or medication, duh, that is the cause. What can we do????

  Re: ACV Safe for Feline Respiratory Disease in Kittens?

Wed, 07 Dec 16 17:20:39 -0800
Posted by June (Dunmore, Pa) on 12/07/2016

Is it ok to use apple cider vinegar for my 7 or 8 week old kittens? One of them sneezes a lot. No other symptoms. If anyone knows and can let me know I'd really appreciate it.

 Re: How to Deal with Dog's Collapsed Trachea

Mon, 05 Dec 16 15:59:52 -0800
Posted by Booj (Chattanooga Tennessee) on 12/05/2016

I have a 7lb chihuahua with tracheal collapse, not sure how this helps with that but I am willing to try anything. But knowing how much to administer would help too, if you would be so kind.

  Re: Coconut Oil for Stomatitis

Mon, 05 Dec 16 10:33:23 -0800
Posted by Rosie (Cyprus) on 12/05/2016

How often and for how long did you need to use coconut oil? My vet also said the same treatment was necessary..... But I looked up alternative methods and came across your post. I was lucky to have some raw coconut oil at home and tried it immediately. My cat was not fussy licking his paws with some coconut oil on them. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  Re: Multiple Remedies for Dog's Allergies Only Worked for 3 Weeks

Sun, 04 Dec 16 23:05:43 -0800
Posted by Anna (Bc - British Columbia) on 12/04/2016

Have you tried bovine colostrum? it's the miracle cure in our house. My cat has almost doubled his life expectancy of 2 yrs. I haven't used it for allergies but I know it claims to work for them.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for a Cat's UTI

Sun, 04 Dec 16 19:12:57 -0800
Posted by Dina (New Springfield, Ohio) on 12/04/2016

Reading a lot about ACV, my question is how long do you continue giving the ACV to the cat with a UTI? Is it an every day thing or until the cat is urinating normal..

 Re: How to Deal with Dog's Collapsed Trachea

Sun, 04 Dec 16 19:11:47 -0800
Posted by Dawn (Phoenix) on 12/04/2016

How many eggshells?

  Re: Aloe Vera for Cats

Sun, 04 Dec 16 12:14:10 -0800
Posted by Jeb1 (New York City) on 12/04/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Recently gave this to my 16 yr. old female cat who is now having Kidney issues and after the first dose, she had a BM. Very impressed because it had been 3 days since she had a BM. Now if I could find something to reverse her Kidney issues, life would be perfect :)

  Re: Essiac Tea for Cancer

Sun, 04 Dec 16 09:49:31 -0800
Posted by Sandra (Philadelphia Pa, Usa) on 12/03/2016

My beloved cat has nasal cancer too, although his is fibrosarcoma (as detected by a biopsy). I just ordered a 3 mo supply of ESSIAC for pets, from Canada, but now I am reading it doesn't have sheep sorrel ROOT, only the leaves. I don't know how essential the root is. But anyway, you can get the Essiac for Pets capsules on amazon. There are also quite a few suppliers of the herbs, so you can make the tea yourself. I also ordered organic tumeric..I am gonna try putting that in my cat's food, too. I figure, he will probably die soon as nasal cancer is horrible, so I might as well try homeopathic methods that have worked for others.