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  Re: Castor Oil for Cataracts in Dogs

7 days ago
Posted by Jenn (Malaysia ) on 05/11/2022

Hi, can castor oil be used to treat cataracts in humans besides dogs?

  Re: Fenbendazole Dewormer for Cancer in Dog

7 days ago
Posted by RSW (OH) on 05/10/2022

You sound like a wonderful pet owner for whom any pet would be a treasure. I am so sorry for your loss. My cat was diagnosed with Mast cell cancer on her ear earlier this year, and we had surgery to remove it. They can also get it in the colon and spleen, according to what I have read. The vet operated before she tested it, because she seldom sees this in cats, so she was conservative in her surgery. I have been worried about this and have thought of giving her Fenben, too. Thank you for posting your experience, and I will be considering CBD oil and food supplements from a company that makes this for cancer in pets, but I may not use Fenben now.

Fenbendazole Dewormer for Cancer in Dog

8 days ago
Posted by Schnauzer's Mom (Los Angeles, CA) on 05/10/2022
1 out of 5 stars

It took me a long time to write this review because cancer does kill and you cannot blame on something you tried. But I later read on earth clinic or the facebook group for this med that fenbendazole isn't recommended for dogs that have kidney issues. Schnauzers are prone to kidney problems.

I bought fenben (panacur brand, as recommended by J. Tippens) on 9/19. My dog was dead within a month, on 10/17. I know it has helped PEOPLE but on the facebook group ( for pets) pretty much all the pets are put to sleep after trying this dewormer. And there aren't only schnauzers posted there. I only read 1 story that a dog beat cancer after taking panacur.

I think this medication might help human beings beat cancer, but not pets. Mind you, I was also giving my dog essiac tea internally and cansema (black salve) externally.

Cansema worked fast on literally pulling the tumor out of his paw pad, but the tumor was so big that it would take a while to remove the whole tumor (it was wrapping around his paw, I wrote about it on my post about castor oil and turmeric).

I suspect fenbendazole affected him in a negative way, because how come he had been diagnosed in mid 2020 and he was still eating and walking and after starting on fenben, he lost his appetite and became too weak to go for walks or even poop? He was losing his balance and seem uninterested in everything, even when someone knocked on the door.

I think people should not give this to their pets to treat cancer because the pet cannot tell you if it is affecting them internally.

I wish I had not tried fenben because my dog was still interested in going for walks and walking himself to drink water and eat his food. But I am not angry at his death, he would have passed away eventually, even if it would have been 5 years later. I am glad he isn't in pain anymore. I don't have another dog now.

  Erlichia and Colloidal Silver

8 days ago
Posted by Dog Lover (Duluth, MN) on 05/09/2022

Thank you so much for your help and support. This boy is my world. ♥️ We will continue on our protocol and am hoping for the best. We will retest in 4-7 weeks and when I get the results will report back. Thank you again for your support, it means so much. 🙏

  Erlichia and Colloidal Silver

11 days ago
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 05/07/2022

Dear Dog Lover,

That is very happy news!

Astragalus is a great idea. I use that in people for tickborne diseases.

I would probably do a full week of the full dose, then the smaller maintenance dose for several weeks. You are very attentive, and I am sure you will notice changes in your dog's behavior that would indicate a need to increase the dose.

Thanks for sharing your experience and protocol. It will help others in the future!

~Mama to Many~

  Erlichia and Colloidal Silver

11 days ago
Posted by Dog Lover (Duluth, MN) on 05/06/2022

Thank you so much! I have been giving him 1/2 cup of 10 ppm colloidal silver a day via syringe and he takes it like a champ. I have been dividing it into 3-4 doses per day. He is 9 years old. He is also getting Astragulas Complex. This is our 3rd day of the Colloidal Silver. He is eating well, active and wants to go on his walks. He still limps slightly when he gets up from sleeping but other than that the limp seems much less. How long would you think he should stay on the 1/2 cup daily dose of 10 ppm before dropping to the 2-4 tablespoons once a day?

Borax for Horses

12 days ago
Posted by Adelheid (Canada) on 05/06/2022

I have a horse with arthritis and would like to start a borax treatment. What dose is recommended for a horse of about 800 pounds?

  Re: Blocked Salivary Gland in Dog

12 days ago
Posted by DL (SETX ) on 05/06/2022

My dog, a miniature poodle, has salivary gland trauma due to a snake bite. He had it drained 4 times, then he had surgery down to the sublingual nerve. The surgery gets way more complicated when they go below that nerve, according to my vet. My vet charged $500, but they had quoted me $800. Unfortunately, my dog's surgery was not successful. We had swelling the next time he got groomed (due to pressure of noose around the neck). My vet explained that going past the sublingual nerve was a lot more technical and dangerous too. His solution is another surgery and then see how it goes.

If you read my comment reply to Janet above, you will see that my solution has been to not use collar restraint of any kind around his neck—he has to wear a halter for a leash to be attached. He also does not get the noose around his neck for grooming. Fortunately he is a very good dog, loves grooming, and doesn't require one around his neck—but they put it around his middle. I'll try to postpone another surgery with prevention. But I don't know how long that will work. My dog is 11 years old.

  Re: Blocked Salivary Gland in Dog

12 days ago
Posted by DL (SETX) on 05/06/2022

If the salivary gland is damaged, rubbing it in any way can cause it to swell up, retraumatize, have an "episode." I can't let anything near my dog's neck. No collar, no leash without a halter, no rough play with his sister, no noose restraint when grooming. All of it makes it swell up - then we have to go get it aspirated. My dog has already had one surgery down to the sublingual nerve, that was unsuccessful.

  Erlichia and Colloidal Silver

13 days ago
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 05/05/2022

Dear DogLover,

My dog was a similar size to yours. I was using 1/4 cup of 80 pmm silver in his water twice daily for Erlichia.

So that would end up being a cup of 20 ppm twice a day? Sounds like a lot...

I was making my own colloidal silver too. But I am guessing on the concentration. (Not a totally blind guess, but it might have been less.)

Plus, my dog didn't drink all of his water.

If your dog will take it in a syringe, you can get it into him more often.

Could you try a Tablespoon of your 20 ppm every hour during waking hours? And if that doesn't seem to be doing the trick, increase the amount?

My feeling was that I really couldn't overdose my dog on colloidal silver, but I could underdose...

Please let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~

  Erlichia and Colloidal Silver

13 days ago
Posted by DogLover (Duluth, MN) on 05/05/2022

Erlichia and Colloidal Silver

My 110 lb dog has Erlichia. I want to treat with colloidal silver via syringe. He is very easy to give things to via syringe into the mouth. Has anyone treated this size a dog successfully and with what dosage of 10 ppm? I have my own generator and could make 20 ppm if needed. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Wheat Bran, Digestive Enzymes for Cats

15 days ago
Posted by Janet (Annapolis Md) on 05/03/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I use wheat bran in my kitties food with digestive enzymes powder for cats. Helps constipation. I also make him chicken broth with carrots in broth while simmering. He loves it.

  Re: Activated Charcoal for Parvo

20 days ago
Posted by Jaelin (Paris ar ) on 04/28/2022

I have been giving my puppy charcoal and Pedialyte and water and he has parvo he is pooping straight blood out and he hasn't threw up anymore but he don't look good he was throwing up all night Tuesday and yesterday he pooped straight blood and it had a bad smell to it and we knew right then it was parvo I have given him three charcoal pills and he does not seem to be doin that good.

 How to Get Rid of an Epulis in Dog?

21 days ago
Posted by Vicki (Knoxville, Tennessee ) on 04/27/2022

I have a 8 year old minature schnauzer. She has a Epulis on her upper gum at her canine tooth. Is there any thing to shrink or get rid of it?

  Castor Oil for Cyst

21 days ago
Posted by Jarmila N. (Sweden) on 04/27/2022

Was cold working or it was needed to warm it?

  Re: Dog With High Liver Enzymes

22 days ago
Posted by Michelle (South Africa) on 04/26/2022

My Dachshund has been diagnosed with very high liver enzymes. ALP 1123, CGG gone up which is new and bile acids three times the normal range. My heart is shattered because he is my heart. Regarding the oral DMSO. Please help the info I have read says it should be used with caution in liver disease?

I am giving him NAC, Vit E, Milk Thistle, SAMe and starting with the burdock. He is nauseous because of the high bile acids. I have him at a Allopathic vet and a Naturopath. Please help.

 RE: Urgent Advice Needed for Dog That Had Intestinal Surgery

22 days ago
Posted by Jodi (Missouri US) on 04/26/2022

What medication is she on and did you research complications with "whatever the surgery was called" to see if those side effects were somewhat normal? If you are concerned like I would be as well, consider taking her to the University if you have one somewhat close to you, there your dog could get more specialized care. I am so sorry your dog is going thru this.

  Re: D-Ribose Cured Dog With Heart Murmur in 3 Weeks

22 days ago
Posted by Kris (Santa Barbara, Ca.) on 04/25/2022

How do I find out more about these protocols? How much D-Ribose is appropriate? Any certain brand?

 Re: In Need of Urgent Advice for Dog

23 days ago
Posted by Stephanie (Long Valley, Nj) on 04/25/2022

Hi Tnt,

You could talk to your vet asap, and ask for options, or you could get a 2nd opinion from another vet, or a natural type vet who also does surgery. When I was in the hospital for ulcerative colitis, they gave me IV antibiotics, which seemed ok, but if I take oral antibiotics, it makes my intestines worse. Sometimes there is no alternative to antibiotics when in an emergency situation, which your dog is in right now, but there are more than one type of antibiotics, maybe your dog needs a different antibiotic. If you don't trust your vet, you can try an opinion from another vet.

 Still In Need of Urgent Advice for Dog That Had Intestinal Surgery

23 days ago
Posted by Tnt (Australia ) on 04/25/2022

7 days ago our 12 year old dog had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a section of her large intestine as it had become strangulated through an inguinal hernia. Today we took her in to the vet who did the surgery and he said she has to go for a second operation to cut out the affected tissue and rejoin the healthier intestine back together otherwise she will die. She was good post op day 1 and 2 after, we were giving her antiobiotics and pain killers as the vet had instructed. Day 3 she was feeling very sick, she vomitted brown watery liquid twice throughout the day then at night after 1 hour giving her antibiotics she vomited blood clots.

We only just read about the negative side effects of nsaid on dogs after giving her 3 x 20mg tablets the vet gave us no leaflet with the tabs or warned about any side effects. We believe she suffered serious side effects although it is hard to know because of all the other possible factors that could have caused her sickness (anaesthesia, the infection itself, antiobiotics or pain killers). We are so worried about her and whether she will even survive the op - round two. Trying to stay positive, when she comes out tomorrow, can anyone please suggest an alternative to the antiobiotics and the nsaid the vets prescribe? We don't want to give her any pharmaceuticals for the reason that the operation is on her GI tract and we believe that these pharmaceuticals will further damage her intestines.

Please any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you..


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